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The Middle Market A Year Later And Why I'm (Still) Planning to Take Over Freya

This is how I feel when I think about Freya for too long.
There are times when I'm at Curve that make me want to beat my head into the wall until it's bloody out of pure frustration and disappointment. Seeing the soaring promotional images of Freya's Spring/Summer 2015 collection was one of those times and has brought me to the conclusion that my evil mastermind plan to take over Freya is the only way for us all to move forward.

I don't profess to know more than the experienced industry executives who are currently in charge and I could be totally, 100% wrong about who their market is and will be, but I do feel as if I see a future for them that they haven't glimpsed yet. Ironically, Freya's collection isn't that horrible because despite the circus-y nature of this upcoming collection, there are a handful of great designs. The problem arises once you hear who they see as their target customer and while that customer isn't bad and her taste isn't sub par, she's still a customer that everyone is going after right now. Cleo, Curvy Kate, Tutti Rouge, and Bravissimo's in-house label are all after the same audience! Freya -- who has ruled over this market since it's conception -- is shamefully battling the smaller brands for a share when they should be concentrating on who the next customer is and predicting what she will like.

Sixteen year old me would've been into this.

For the last few seasons, I've heard this lingo from company representatives about who their ideal customer is. They say she's a Victoria's Secret girl who has simply sized out of the chain, she wants to wear the same things her friends do, but it's less available to her because she's full busted. I'm down with their goals to appeal to this gal because I used to be her. Circa 2004, I would've given anything to wear the fast fashion trends I saw in Vicky's. I was 16 and like any teenager, wanted to fit in desperately so I longed for the lingerie my friends picked up at the mall. Props to the DD+ brands who are recognizing and catering to all the girls -- who are out there right now! -- wanting to find that trendy lingerie in their size. I commend you!

Freya's Minx for Spring/Summer 2015 looking quite Vicky's...or just plain weird

However, it's been 10 years since I wanted lingerie that matched my friends and looked like it came off the racks of Victoria's Secret. I'm a different person now and understandably, I want a different aesthetic than what I was going for a decade ago. Today, I have the confidence to craft my own look and while I know mass production will always limit that instinct to some extent, I'd like my lingerie to reflect the taste I've developed. I don't think that's such an outlandish request. Unfortunately, there is not a single mass market brand that's aimed at me and the women who feel similarly. Just as there wasn't a hot pink cheetah moulded t-shirt bra when I wanted one ten years ago, there's no whimsical, pretty and French-ified sheer bra when I want one now.

I'm talkin' swan garters, y'all! 
Oh, the travesty!

I know that you might be rolling your eyes at my lingerie "problems" and I get that. For the full bust world, I'm a fairly easy-to-find and widely produced size and as a blogger, I've had the opportunity to wear test hundreds of bras. I haven't faced the lack of availability that a 28J or 44D does and I'm not a person of color who struggles to find a basic neutral bra to wear below lighter shirts. With that said, I still find it downright ODD that there isn't a big DD+ brand I relate to or identify with. Sure, pieces of Cleo, Freya, or Curvy Kate appeal to me here and there, but it's only a couple of lines out of their entire collection and it's nothing I'm dying to get my hands. It's another story with companies like Miss Mandalay, Sunday Intimates and most especially, Avocado because with those, I want ALL THE THINGS! I'm perfectly content sticking with the boutique indies who are making products I love, but from a business or industry stand point, you'd think some behemoth brand would also want my money...

Avocado understands my soul. 
Or not.

There's only one option and it's not the sensible conclusion that I should just shop elsewhere or give up on my dreams of a brand that understands me. Oh no, the only thing I can do is become a lingerie ninja! I'll infiltrate Eveden, take the reins of Freya and turn this wild pony around, molding them into what this underserved, unrecognized customer is looking for.

Are you guys with me? 

C'mon, Frey Frey, what do you say? I've become unexpectedly free this autumn so I think this partnership must be written in the stars. We're meant to be.    

Side Note: I've written about what I call "the middle market" last September and made a similar argument for Freya to shift towards an alternative customer base. You can read that post here

Side Note: I've also written posts on how Freya is Eveden's weakest brand, the changes we'd like to see for the Deco, their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection and how they could improve their lookbooks and styling. I suppose you could say I'm a wee bit obsessed...but it's all part of the evil mastermind plan!

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  1. It puzzles me as well (why Freya is seemingly targeting college-age and younger for most designs). I am 32. I will be past thirty a heck of a lot longer time (I hope!) than I will be 14-22. What's more, I will actually have disposable income for this long period in my life! One would think that brands would be competing for it. Instead, I have one or two bras from Parfait, Fantasie, and Panache that I really want every season. And now only sometimes a Deco, when it's in a nice color. What gives? Young ladies seem to have all the choices!
    Then again, I have eleven non-sport bras, so perhaps there isn't a problem...

  2. I miss the comfort of vs, not so much the style. Gel encased wires in non sports bras, super soft fabric, acc elastic that didn't dig, chafe, or pinch, because it was tucked within that dreamy fabric.

  3. I couldn't agree more with this post. I consider myself to be part of the middle market as well and just find myself constantly disappointed with Freya. I've ordered and sent back too many Freya sets to count. I put them on and all I think when I look in the mirror is "meh" and that's just not how a woman should feel in lingerie. Flamingos and funky colored animal print don't do it for me. I like to think of myself as a woman with a classic and refined wardrobe and I like for my lingerie to reflect that as well, but it just isn't there in most of Freya's designs.

  4. Thanks for pushing this some more. Even as a fashion-envying teenager, I'd have picked a Nina or a Vedette over VS stuff any day. I end up with palm-prints all over my face every time Freya and my beloved Cleo roll out entire seasons fresh from the clown car. I get that some of the delicate little shapes from, say, Huit, won't work past a certain cup size, but what's to stop them using similar overlay fabrics and colors? Guys, swap out some of the blocky prints and washed-out neons for more sophisticated patterns and richer colors, and you can still be youthful and trendy.

    Completely agree with Cari about keeping the VS comfort features. I think a lot of people would be much happier in snug bands if the elastic didn't pinch and the wires didn't rub their ribs.

  5. Ugh. This Freya stuff is just awful. Animal prints are a huge, huge yuck for me and always will be.

    Avocado's stuff is gorgeous. I may just have to try that brand. Do you recommend any particular style for full on top breasts?

  6. I meant to also say the Freya stuff looks really cheap, too, meaning cheap as in low quality. I'm sure it's well made, but the photos make it look like something you'd find in the discount bin.

  7. wow, amazing what you are saying, You should consider yourself lucky that you have access to these brand in your country were i think freya etc are great bras as i dont really have access to go into a shop,i have to order them online, Some shop have them here but it cheaper to buy them online, I think they are great and find them a great brand to buy.

  8. This is so true.

    But what's sad: last year a polish bra-blogger, Kasica, had the possibility to get some insight of the design process in Panache (here's the original post )
    And then this photo made my heart beat so much faster :) but the description under the photographs says "not all ideas and plans will be realized... such a shame". Just from looking at this embroidery I knew I would buy it, but it was never made.

  9. I can totally relate to that. I am a 24 year old woman and these are no styles i am interested in. but i know lots of girls my age, who would love VS lingerie if it was available in my country. to me it just seems odd.

    i found that if you have a larger bust you will appreciate more "sophisticated" looking lingerie earlier, than if you could just go to the next HM and buy whatever neon/leopardprinted/polkadotted bra hanging there. Even if they were available i did so much lingerie research because of my big boobs that i just stumbed across AMAZING lingerie. not just fitting wise, but also in style and pattern.. i don't know. I just don't think its a good trend for freya to aim for less if they could so much more.


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