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Let's Check Each Other Out on Etsy

Among my friends and family, it's no secret that I have a preeeety obsessive personality so Etsy -- with it's seemingly endless treasure trove of indie boutiques -- is my kryptonite. I spend an embarrassing amount of time each week looking through what's new from my favorite shops and hunting for like-minded people to follow. Etsy recently launched their Pinterest-like "Pages" feature so I've also been curating like a crazy woman with collages on such topics as vintage clothing, personal stationary and of course, lingerie. Are you guys Etsy lovers too? And if you are, please let me know in the comments so I can check out what you're checking out! If you'd like to peek at my profile, it's here. :)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: The Sunday Intimates' Retail Website Launched Today!!!

You guys, it's UP. It's finally here: Sunday Intimates, an amazing new brand from California, launched their website today and their Spring/Summer 2014 collection is now available for pre-order! No joke, I want it all. All of it. Every damn piece -- from the floral kimono to the glittery gold longline bra to the polka dot pajama set -- feels as if it was made just for me. If you haven't heard of this indie company yet or want more information on the darlings behind this brand, I highly recommend you peruse Sweet Nothings' exclusive interview with them. I also had a chance to try on this season's designs during Curve Autumn/Winter 2013 show so if you'd like to know what I thought of the comfort or fit, take a look at this post. :)

Lulu Tout, Exclusively at Figleaves

Since I took an extended break from blogging, there have been a number of exciting developments in the world of full bust lingerie. And I've got to hand it to Figleaves, their new in-house label, Lulu Tout, is definitely one of them! I had the opportunity to get a look at the entire collection a few months ago and I left the preview feeling mighty impressed. The collection includes three lines which all deviate into two separate colorways -- the teal green or grey Coco Lace, the electric blue or black Amelie and the monochrome or purple Fleur Rose. Granted, it's a small debut, but in so many ways, it's the budget brand I've been waiting for. Shall we oggle more prettiness?

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Curve NY Autumn/Winter 2014 Trend Report Collaboration with Sweet Nothings

I'm the nerdy one on the right going "Uh, what now?".
Last month, I was lucky enough to attend Curve with the beautiful & crazy smart Sweet Nothings and after a string of fervent and caffeine-induced discussions, we decided to collaborate on a trend report! That post was published this morning on her eponymous blog so if you're curious about what colors, prints and shapes you'll be seeing a lot of for Autumn/Winter 2014, head on over for a peek. For instance, anyone here a fan of blue lingerie? ;)

Curve NY: Freya Autumn/Winter 2014

Back in September, I published a number of posts on Freya and we discussed what we'd like to see in their future collections. My opinions on this newest collection are based on those conversations so if you haven't read them, it might be cool to check out one of the posts below:

While no representative of the brand told me this directly, the collection seemed like a response to the aforementioned posts and the awesome suggestions you made then. Are the Freya Autumn/Winter 2014 pieces mind-blowingly cool and radically different from what we've seen in the past? Um, no. But I think something has shifted and if it continues to go in this direction, Freya has enormous potential to be one of the "middle market" brands we've wished for. In short, the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is a vast improvement over Spring/Summer's and I'd like to see even bigger, more dramatic changes.

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