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Curve NY: Tutti Rouge Spring/Summer 2015

Tutti Rouge Spring/Summer 2015
Tutti Rouge is the ultimate "bang for your buck" brand, with some of the most modestly priced full bust bras on the market and tons of aesthetic embellishments that you'd usually only find with luxury labels. It's easy to tell that Jessica Prebble, the mastermind behind all this loveliness, takes incredible care with her designs, down to the tiniest detail. Each season, she [warmly!] haggles with her printmaker, ensuring her exclusive fabrics match her vision exactly and once they're done, the bras get the full "Tutti" treatment with matching bows, ruffles, ruching, and my personal favorite, eye drop-sized pink hearts. I wouldn't necessarily say that my personal taste is perfectly aligned with the T.R. look, but each season, this brand is so much itself -- unapologetically girly, frivolous and fun -- that I inevitably end up falling for each and every line. God dammit, Jessica, what kind of bewitching lingerie fairy dust are you sprinkling on these things?!

Tallulah Tattoo Half Padded Balconette in "Tattoo Print", 28-38 D-HH with matching Brazilian briefs, XS-XXL
This collection -- entitled "High Hopes" -- drew inspiration from the work of a prominent tattoo artist, Sailor Jerry, the musical South Pacific, and the optimism of the late 1940s and 1950s so it's fitting that the season's centerpiece print is the Tallulah Tattoo. Like much of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, I loved this! I was surprised by my reaction, considering I really disliked Freya's tattoo bra from a few years ago and after a long think, I understood why. Whereas Freya's concept seemed purely promotional (the brand's name scrolled again and again), this print is fuller and diversifies the text banners so that if I wore this around, I wouldn't look like a walking advertisement for Tutti Rouge. It's a playful, happy print that would be far, far less painful than truly inking up.

Tallulah Sunshine Half Padded in "Sunshine/Hibiscus Pink", see above for size range & matching option
I call yellow my "power color" so the Tallulah Sunshine gave me heart palpitations. The yellow that's come out with Spring/Summer 2015 is brighter and a touch more neon than the yellows we've been seeing in past collections (also, see: Curvy Kate's Lemon Fizz Dreamcatcher for SS15). On fitting and sizing issues, Jessica told me that the Tallulah shape has generally run a cup size large, but this anomaly will be rectified as of SS15.

Lilliana in "Pacific Blue" Half Padded Plunge, 28-38 D-J, 40-44 D-F with matching Brazilian brief and short, XS-XXL
This Lilliana color way, Pacific Blue, is straight up pretty. It was a hit with all the bloggers I was with and it seems like a product that would be great on the commercial level (i.e. appeals to everybody). Who'd hate on this bra? Only someone with a cold dead heart, that's who.

The Lilliana in "Sunshine Yellow" (see size range and matching options above)
I told you about my yellow thing, yeah? This Sunshine Yellow is the boldest Lilliana offering of the season and while it might be a divisive choice, I think it's hot pink accents and look-at-me color are terrific fun. More wanting.

The Lilliana Short in "Hibiscus Pink"
The Lilliana is Tutti Rouge's benchmark collection so next year, in addition to the blue and yellow styles above, there will be an all pink, black/pink, ivory, and pure white version. You'll have SIX different Lillianas to choose from! I'm partial to the lighter versions, there's something so fresh and light about this design in the softer hues.

The Lilliana in "Crème"
My Pick from the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection:

Janey Half Padded Balconette in "Tropics Print", 28-28 D-HH with matching short & brief, XS-XXL
Janey for the win!! As The Lingerie Lesbian put it: "If someone described this bra to me, I probably wouldn't like it". Freya's released a lot of bright oversized tropical prints lately and I've hated every one. I don't know what it is about the trend, but I just couldn't get behind it...until now. I think the Janey solves this visual riddle through it's additions. Usually, designers are cautious with a print like this and ensure that it's the focal point of the entire concept, but here, there's so much more going on and that seems to suit it. The ribbon-lace running down the bra's top cups, the under bust ruffle, and the brief's badass sheer cutouts heighten the drama on an already show stopping base material and it works.

The Nichole Non Padded Bra in "Mint" (will also be available in "Hot Papaya" & "Crème") 28-38 D-HH, with matching Brazilian brief & short, XS-XXL
Similarly, the Nichole wasn't a Tutti Rouge design I was feeling, but the new mint color way introduces an entirely new personality. The softer contrast, between the mint and ivory, changes everything for me.

The Beatrice Tie Side Knicker in "Spotted Mint", XS-XXL with matching padded plunge, 28-38 D-HH & short, XS-XXL
Tutti Rouge's padded plunge bra, the Beatrice, will return with the continuity "Crème" and this new "Spotted Mint" perfection.

What do you think of Tutti Rouge generally? 

Have any favorites from their new Spring/Summer 2015 collection? 


  1. I'm so glad you're back, and hope you're doing much better overall--obviously, the generally faceless bra-obsessed hordes of the internet (of which I am a long-term member) were worried.
    Regarding this post, I usually find Tutti Rouge to be a little too saccharine for my tastes, generally, but they've hit a sweet spot with me here. I have the same thoughts as you on both the Nichole and the Tallulah. The color sense for them this season is a little more Mimi Holliday, but in my price range, which I'm extremely grateful for. Thanks so much for posting this!

    1. You're welcome, of course! I'm glad to be back among my people and by people I mean the "generally faceless bra-obsessed hordes of the internet" so I consider myself in good company. :D

      I get what you're saying about fact, I think that's a word that is applicable to several full bust brands these days. I like the inexpensive Mimi Holliday feeling too and Tutti Rouge often strikes me as a brand you've got to "see to believe". Real life photos help 'em translate across the digital wires.

  2. I shouldn't like Tutti Rouge. It's so bright and cute and not me... So why do I like it so much?! I really do like the color of the Pacific Blue especially. Thank you so much for posting about Curve NY. It's so cool to read about. I hope you had a lovely time there!

  3. I LOVE that tattoo print bra. Love! And that mint one is great looking too, if a bit embellished. Tutti Rouge doesn't really do it for me, generally, because most of the bras are padded. Also, they seem cut for a wider root and less-projected breast than mine. But I might have to give the tattoo one a try!

  4. That Tallulah Sunshine is gorgeous! Definitely my favorite. It reminds me a lot of Mimi Holliday designs.

  5. Oh, I do like those softer tones and contrast! Specially for the Nichole as I'm not such a big fan of padded cups or too girly designs. I don't know how they do it but Tutti Rouge manage to combine all those frills and candy colors with a very adult feeling. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pics. Great review as always!

  6. Oh my gosh, you met Jessica! So exciting! I'm obsessed with every design, especially the Tallulah in that beautiful pink lemonade color. Everything looks amazing, from the Janey to the new Liliana and Nichole colors. I'm hooked!

  7. The Liliana Pacific Blue colorway reminds me of the Cornflower from one of their previous seasons. Do you know if Tutti Rouge has fixed their stretchy band issues? My 36G Lilliana's band stretched to 40.5 inches and my Sophia was almost 40! Even after securing the bands with ribbon and sewing, they stretched out at a shocking rate, so I've been super hesitant to try them again.

  8. I really like the look of some of their stuff, especially the Queenie bra in graphite black. The problem is I've heard so much about their inconsistent sizing and fit problems I've been reluctant to try them--shipping back to the UK is very expensive!

  9. Tutti Rouge is not a brand I am interested in wearing, due to the lace and ruffles and hearts. However, I do like their different designs, like Tallulah. The Liliana is interesting because for a long time it was rare to find a semi-soft bra in the US/UK. Their bras don't look like anyone else's!

  10. Ah how it breaks my heart! That I am relentlessly in love with Tutti Rouge's girly aesthetic, but alas the shape is so, so wrong for me. Tutti Rouge/Miss Mandalay design hybrid + Polish fit = my ideal brand!

  11. Love my Liliana in cornflower so much!! I hope they kept the same cupsize (didn't adjust) because it is a perfect fit. Same band size issues as others though and so hard to get in Canada... wish i could find a place to try on before buying or where returns didn't cost a wee fortune.


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