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Curve NY: Miss Mandalay Spring/Summer 2015

Miss Mandalay Spring/Summer 2015
There are only two things I hate about Miss Mandalay lingerie -- that there isn't more of it and it's not more widely available. Since I had a lukewarm reaction to Curvy Kate's Spring/Summer 2015, I thought I'd post on a collection I really, really liked. I consider Miss Mandalay one of those "middle market" brands which roll out chic, fashionable lines for women who want lingerie that lies between the polar extremes of fuller converge conservatism and sassy girlishness. There aren't many DD+ companies who appeal to me as deeply as Miss Mandalay so I was overjoyed when I learned they would be at Curve. Although I wish the collection was bigger and everyone carried everything in every size, their seasonal offerings are super charming.

Layla in Ivory, 30 E-GG & 32 D-GG & 34 E-GG & 36 DD-GG, with matching short & thong, XS-XL (out now)
I won't lie, the first time I saw the Layla on Journelle's website, I thought it was an old style the store must've had laying around from eons ago. It looked so plain! But no, it was Lorraine -- Miss Mandalay's lingerie magician -- being smarter and more sophisticated than I could've foreseen. Once I'd seen the Layla up close, I understood it's subtle power. It's soft pinstriped sheer fabric, unsuspecting lilac bows and thin lace finishing comes together to create the most understated, chic design. In an era when full bust brands roll out loud, look-at-me collections with every bow and whistle imaginable, I'm deeply grateful that Miss Mandalay is there to remind us that sometimes "classy" means less rather than more.

Layla in Black, 30-38 D-GG with matching short & thong,XS-XL (out now)
While white was a trend for Spring/Summer 2015, black sets are my kryptonite. Which version of the Layla do I prefer?...It's too hard, I'll have to have both!

Windie Gardie has a fantastic review of this style over on her blog and as expected, she looks slammin' in the Layla. I was disappointed when I initially saw the size range because I usually grab 28" bands in Miss Mandalay's Amelie, but Windie said the band ran tight so I'm crossing my fingers that a 30" will work on me.

Amelie in Black, 30 E-GG & 32-36 D-GG with matching brief (XS-XL), thong (S-XL), & suspender belt (S-L) (Scheduled for September)
No joke, the Amelie is one of the best bras on the full bust market. It fits me like a glove, feels stupendous on and boy oh boy, it's one sexy little design. The stretch lace is comfortable and accommodates slight size differences or hormonal shifts and, in that way, it reminds me of the Panache Andorra. If you're a fan of one, you might like to try the other. They've got wildly different personalities, but I imagine that they'd appeal to the same woman.

I hope that American retailers pick up the Black and February's Blush version as "continuities". If a store like Journelle had those two classic colorways in stock throughout the year, I'd be one happy customer.

Amelie in Ultra Violet, 30 E-GG & 32-36 D-GG with matching brief (XS-XL) & thong (S-XL), (Scheduled for November)
The Ultra Violet doesn't rile me up in the same way that an all red or contrast colored Amelie would, but I understand that for purple fans, this will be a big deal. I just...I can't. There's been so much of this color each season and the trend doesn't show any sign of slowing down. On the other hand, if someone was holding a gun to my head and I had to choose a purple set, I'd pick this Amelie over all the rest.

Amelie in Powder, 28 E-GG & 30-38 D-H with matching brief & thong (see size ranges above) (Scheduled for February)
Who am I kidding?! I want ALL the Amelies, including all three versions debuting through this fall and winter. Quite honestly, Miss Mandalay could recolor this any way they choose and I'd still want it. But holy mother of lingerie, the Blush is pretty! I want this one in a bad, bad way.

Paris in Pink, 30-36 DD-GG with matching brief (XS-XL) (Scheduled for March)
How do you know when Spring is upon us? Easy! Miss Mandalay begins to churn out juicy versions of their old stand-bys, Paris and Paige. I loooove these too (Anyone noticing a pattern?). And I know I said I was sick of bright colors, particularly anything in the "Barbi" family, but these designs still speak to me. They're not overdone or aggressively saccharine, they're eye-popping colors on a tailored, straight forward shape.

Paris in Fuschia, 30-36 DD-GG with matching brief (see size range above) (Scheduled for March)
Paige in Raspberry/Peach, 30-38 D-GG with skirted brief & thong (XS-XL) (Scheduled for April)

Miss Mandalay is a small independent brand and at the moment, they're mostly known for their kick-ass swimwear (more on that later!) so I understand that their lingerie collection is more limited, but I'd love to see them grow into a place where they could churn out a wider selection. And, American retailers take note: I'd love to support my countrymen and buy Miss Mandalay on U.S. soil! 

Have you tried Miss Mandalay? Are you crazy about the Amelie like moi? 

Do you like the look of the Spring/Summer 2015 


  1. I LOVE the Amelie in powder! I am always on the lookout for blush colored undies since I can't stand the traditional "nudes." I haven't tried this brand. How does the sizing run? Is it comparable to Panache/Cleo sizing?

  2. This is so much more my cup of tea! Even those brighter colorways really stand out surrounded by their more muted sisters. I think the Paris look stunning and even sophisticated in those popping colors and I really really love the Paige in Raspberry/Peach. As I'm not that big into purple neither concerning the Amelie Ig go with Allison. The blush one look so beautiful and elegant... So I join her question: Do you know how Miss Mandalay's sizing compare to Panache/Cleo/Freya sizing?

  3. I LOVE the way Miss Mandalays fit me, but the shipping prices on their website is quite exorbitant. I'm patiently waiting for any free international shipping deals...

  4. How I've been mising your posts Cecily! <3
    It's each time like waiting for the new lingerie collections each season, cannot wait what's coming next and then - Boom! Splash of colors and new patterns, cuts, infos.
    Thanks for this post as well - and for all the ones to come!

  5. Miss Mandalaaaay yaaay! Oh I want so much of this collection. I hope you get along with Layla! I find it firmer than Amelie, but looser than Paige/Paris, if that helps :)

  6. A question if I may, is the cup on the Amelie quite projected? I have side heavy, shallowish breasts... and often have difficulty with really deep cups or cups that expect a lot of tissue up top.

  7. The blush Amelia is so pretty! Something about wearing blush pink always makes me feel so glowy and feminine, so I definitely want that.

  8. Is the Amelie not coming in 28 bands this fall? I will be so sad if it doesn''s my favorite bra.


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