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Curve NY: Curvy Kate Spring Summer 2015

Curvy Kate's Spring/Summer 2015 Collection
I had an extreme love/hate reaction to this season's Curvy Kate collection. Since I saw their offering on Monday, I've been trying to puzzle out why their designs inspired such extremes. Is half the collection a dud? Or -- more likely -- have I stopped being a Curvy Kate girl? Is this, like Cleo, a brand that I no longer relate to or "understand"? Have I "outgrown" them? Simultaneously, there's still an aesthetic vein in the girly British juggernaut that I find quite endearing. I also remember seasons past when they impressed me with almost every single piece and when I went online to find them, saw that many of those same killer colorways were completely sold out. Let's break down the love from the hate for Spring/Summer 2015:

The "I looooove that!"

The Temptress in "Poppy Mix", plunge bra 30-40 D-J [December]
The Temptress doesn't look like anything else I saw at Curve and that alone is commendable. It felt truly unique to Curvy Kate, they deserve mad props for originality. Secondly, this is a new padded plunge shape that was developed for a "sturdier" wear or, as the designer put it, "you can run for the bus in it". The brand isn't known for a super secure fit so that they addressed this issue -- and in such a challenging type of bra! -- is doubly cool. They understood one of their weaknesses, worked to rectify it, and addressed the issue publicly. Bigger commercial brands could learn a thing or two from the Temptress.

The Tease in "Black/Blush",  28-38 D-J [January]
It's a style that's been with the company from the beginning, but the Tease's new color way felt fresh for the brand. The Black/Blush for Spring/Summer 2015 is a wonderfully classic set and since Curvy Kate maintains such a deep commitment to being on trend, the straightforward appeal of this combination is exciting. When "classic" brands do "classic" collections it can get boring fast and the same goes for trendy brands, but Curvy Kate has proved that they've got a wider range of talents than they let on. And, just as Audrey Hepburn will never be out of style, boudoir-inspired sexy black lingerie will always be "in".

The Madagascar in "Poppy Print" 28-40 D-K [February]
I'm pleasantly surprised when a trend, that I usually oppose, is interpreted in a way that appeals to me. I like to say I'm anti-imitation denim or I'm anti-big ass tropical floral prints so when out of dozens of styles that fail, I enjoy an imitation denim or tropical floral design, it's a wonderful moment. There was a lot of brightly colored animal prints at Curve this time around and by the end of the show, it had me pulling my hair out in frustration. At this point, ubiquitous floral or animal prints have become so overdone that they now walk a dangerous line between offensively ugly, boring as hell or downright refreshing. I think Curvy Kate's Madagascar belongs to the latter category. Like Tutti Rouge's tattoo print, it's a hard-to-handle pattern that's clearly been placed in expert hands.

The Dreamcatcher in "Lemon Fizz" 28-40 D-K & 42-44 D-G [February]
Incredibly, yellow lingerie was EVERYWHERE at Curve and as it's my "power color", I can't get enough of it. It was also a surprisingly consistent shade of yellow that came off as relentlessly optimistic, energetic and upbeat. This trend won't be for everyone, but the sunshine-y hues definitely make me smile. Who could resist a colorway ("Lemon Fizz") that sounds like a fantastic summer cocktail?

The Portia in "Poppy" 28-40 D-K [February]
My yellow fanaticism includes any bras with yellow accents so the Portia's seasonal colorway went on my wishlist immediately. I'm also fascinated by untraditional or rare colors so this "poppy" red caught my eye. It's warm, orange tinged, and I imagine it'd be flattering on a variety of skin tones.

The Florence in "Blush" (black will also be available) 28-40 D-J [December]
As Curvy Kate's designer put it, there's a trend in the full bust sphere for more pared-down, quiet designs and this was the brand's attempt to tap into that. The Florence isn't knocking anyone's socks off and no one's calling it breathtaking, but this smokey blush stayed with me long after I'd left the company's booth. Like the classic Tease colorway and the redesigned plunge fit, it's something new from Curvy Kate. And, for those who are price conscious (and who isn't these days?), this new continuity range will be more modestly priced than previous C.K. lines.

The "Meh"

The Princess in "Cerise/Topaz" 28-40 D-K & 42-44 D-G [January]
The Cascade in "Topaz" 28-40 D-K & 42-44 D-G [March]

The Jewel in "Violet/Topaz" 30-40 D-K [March]
The Arizona in "Denim Mix" 28-40 D-K
The Firecracker in "White Print" 28-38 D-J [March]

The Soda Pop in "Cerise Mix" 28-38 D-J [April]
Here's the scoop: These bright colors have been around for two seasons now and British brands seem particularly enamored with them, but I don't get it. The girlish pink, turquoise, and oddly muted purple remind me of childhood and not in a happy, nostalgic way. Sure, I was into Lisa Frank's technicolor unicorns when I was a kid but now I'm in my mid-to-late twenties, I tend to avoid any colors that would look kick ass in Barbi's dream house.

To get to the bottom of this mysterious fashion phenomenon, I asked a British person if this was really what the Queen's people were into and she told me that this color palette is easy to find in mass market shops back home. So, I'd love to hear feedback from everybody about this. Are you British and totally in love with the fashion above? Or, are you American and don't have the same associations I do with these colors?

The Dita in Black [December 2014]
I'm opposed to lingerie that sparkles or reminds me of glitter so the metallic foil through the Dita doesn't light my fire, but it's pretty enough. I could see ladies who don't share my hesitation really enjoying this one (Hi, Sweets! Yes, I'm talking about you...). 

The Bardot in "Black/Violet" Balcony Bra & Babydoll 28-40 D-J [December]
I will never, ever turn down a black sheer design and I wasn't expecting to be as enticed by the Bardot as I was, however I overdosed on purple a few seasons ago. 

The Ritzy in "Black/Poppy" Padded Balcony Bra & Babydoll  28-38 D-J [December]
There's nothing wrong with this Ritzy and I think the Black/Poppy suits this line well, but I went NUTS over the Autumn/Winter 2014 Ruby/Spice so any follow up was guaranteed to be slightly underwhelming.

The "No, Thanks"

The Smoothie in "Violet" 28-30 D-J & 32 D-HH & 34 D-H & 36 D-GG & 38 D-G [March]
Remember how I said I had overdosed on purple and hated brightly colored animal fabric? And, how I said I'm not into Barbi's shade of hot pink? And, how I'm not the blogosphere's champion of padded bras? Yeah. Roll that all together and this vegetarian girl is looking at the lingerie equivalent of a pulled pork sandwich.

So, lovelies, thoughts? I feel I've been slightly hard on C.K., but I also feel they've had far stronger collections in the past. Disagree? Agreee?


  1. First of all, I hope you're having fun at Curve!
    I too love the Lemon Fizz color. It's bubbly and fun even if the Dreamcatcher detailing isn't my thing. I'd prefer the Cascade in Lemon Fizz! The girly pinks/blues/purples are also way too much for me. Maybe it's an American preference indeed...maybe even a Northeast thing? This is also why I have never craved Tutti Rouge.
    The Temptress doesn't wow me with its overlay, but I always love a secure plunge bra.
    The Dita and Bardot- wow. I do prefer the Dita because I do like myself some metallics, and an unlined plunge sounds like fun.
    I don't find this collection any more or less appealing than past ones, they've always had a few pieces I liked and quite a few I felt were not for me. I do appreciate that they're trying new cuts and styles over the seasons, though!

    1. I had tons of fun at Curve! Thank you, Faustineli. Yeah, I'm with you there on the Lemon Fizz Dreamcatcher - the details don't light my fire, but the color is unstoppable. I like your theory about brights and the're right on the money about it possibly being a regional preference for colors. I'm sure many of the colors I didn't like would fit right in, say, Miami. I'm glad to hear you like the Dita & Bardot, you and Sweet Nothings are in agreement there! :)

  2. I'm not British but I tend towards the crazy colours and prints (think Cleo). That's what I LOVED about Freya way back in the day (when they were interesting). But even I am a bit worn out on bright turquoise patterns and pink. A while ago I swore off pink and I've stuck to it. Just after my last Cleo, I swore off anything with bright blue.

    1. Yeah, I do think it might be a case of over or two is fun, but when each brand has three or four zingy bright colors, I'm quickly over it. Thanks for commenting, K.Lline!

  3. It's funny how the Soda Pop reminds me exactly of Cleo Jessie, just like how the first Firecracker colourway reminds us of Cleo Melissa...

    1. Since the full bust lingerie world tends towards the conservative and safe/guaranteed to sell side of things, styles and color ways from across various brands can begin to swirl together. I also thought that the Bardot's combo looked like an old Freya Arabella too.

  4. And I found the Dita reminding me of the Freya Ook La La... :)

    I agree with K.Line that one thing are bright colors and yet another repeating the same blue, pink, etc. candy colors over and over... In that respect before CK seasons may have been stronger, since this one does not breath the freshness I saw on the Tutti Rouge collection.

    Concerning the design/colorway of the poppy Temptress and the blush/black Tease Me I totally go with you Cecily, but then I'm not a huge fan of padded bras. I can imagine me wearing a bra like the blush Florence (but this one is hardly more than a safe basic) and I really do like the Dita and the Bardot. Seems I'm not at all a Curvy Kate Girl in the end. =)


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