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Curve NY: Freya Autumn/Winter 2014

Back in September, I published a number of posts on Freya and we discussed what we'd like to see in their future collections. My opinions on this newest collection are based on those conversations so if you haven't read them, it might be cool to check out one of the posts below:

While no representative of the brand told me this directly, the collection seemed like a response to the aforementioned posts and the awesome suggestions you made then. Are the Freya Autumn/Winter 2014 pieces mind-blowingly cool and radically different from what we've seen in the past? Um, no. But I think something has shifted and if it continues to go in this direction, Freya has enormous potential to be one of the "middle market" brands we've wished for. In short, the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is a vast improvement over Spring/Summer's and I'd like to see even bigger, more dramatic changes.

The Daydreamer in Ivory (July)

I had a knee jerk reaction to the Daydreamer which surprised me since the description alone would've made me grimace: one more busy Freya print with layers of pattern, including honeycomb, bright flowers, and romantic script complimented by polka dots and lime green buttons? It sounds as if it should be repellent, but I think it works.

The Freya representative -- who kindly showed us the collection -- commented that the Daydreamer reminded her of the Ada from a few seasons ago. There are some similarities I suppose, except that the Ada's print was insanely juvenile-looking and I hated it (I reviewed it here). The Daydreamer is hardly the classiest design, but it feels much more "current".

This line is a big one, there'll be a padded half cup (28-38 D-G, 28-36 GG, & 30-36 H), a longline (28-28 D-G), the balcony and plunge balcony standards (the former covering sizes 28-38 GG-J, 30 -36 JJ, K with the later 28-28 D-G), a matching brief, short and thong.

The Enchanted (continuity from July)
For Autumn/Winter 2014, The Enchanted will receive it's final colorway in black. I'm ambivalent about the black since it's a style that I'm guessing won't be particularly flattering on my shape (higher underarm coverage and I have no love for one another) and I really, really enjoyed the unexpected orange/white version which will be out in March as a part of the current season.  

The Ignite in Yellow (July)
I am not as enamored with these layered, multi-colored polka dots prints as Freya appears to be. We saw this pattern begin in Spring/Summer 2014 with the fuschia Patsy and the Marvel's first fashion colorway in mint and it continues into the next season with the Ignite. Meh.

The Rapture in Neon (August)
I'm pumped about the Rapture! Hahaha, oh wow. Never thought I'd write those words...Yeah, so I feel that the Rapture is symbolic of the changes in the brand because there was general agreement -- in the Freya series on the blog -- that it would be nice to see more geometric patterns. Low and behold, we have this line which fulfills that demand and ends up looking like a working man's version of Huit's "Backstage" line. Not that I'm complaining! The more Freya looks like Huit the happier I am.

The Rapture in Black (continuity from August)
The Flowerbomb in Spice (September)
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I loudly proclaimed my feelings about the Flowerbomb when Sweet Nothings, the Lingerie Lesbian, Zack and I were in the Eveden booth. To my utter shock and dismay, Sweets didn't feel exactly as I did (UM, what?!?! How dare she think differently from me!) so I've decided to list some of the reasons why I'm all about this:

1. I know the "Spice" is a lot to take in, but I think it would look at home in an Anthropologie store or any other place that peddles in funky, ever-so-slightly edgy and eye-grabbing prints. It's not a floral pattern nor is it straightforwardly linear one but it retains an interesting femininity.  

2.  Unlike this season's Jungle Fever with it's cutesy pink contrast bows and glittery embroidery, the Flowerbomb isn't over-designed. The color and print carries the line so it doesn't need any kooky additions. Freya, I applaud your restraint.

3. It doesn't strike me as particularly juvenile, which breaks up Freya's commitment to using the girliest patterns on their sheer bras (the Untamed's purple butterflies, the Ruffle My Feathers' cutesy oversized plumes, the Jungle Fever's zebra & hot pink combination).

The Pansy in Midnight (October)
The Pansy is one of the diamonds in the crown of Freya's upcoming collection, if not the crown jewel itself. The "photo-realistic" nature of these blooms is wickedly on trend, the black lace makes this line unbelievably sexy, and those colors are just spectacular. Winning!

The Instinct in Magenta (November)
I tried to like the Instinct because brightly colored animal patterns were a hot trend for Autumn and there was something about the design that appealed to me, but in the end, it's too much for me.

The Icon in Storm (November)
Like the Pansy, Rapture, Deco Vibe and Flowerbomb, I'm antipating the Icon's release. It's an entirely new shape and I love the unusual combination of grey and hot pink. It's also a full bust adaptation of a Natori bra that -- like Kleenex or Jell-O -- has become synonymous with a specific style. In the intimates apparel industry, if you say a bra is "like the Feathers", it's shorthand for bras with padded cups and a sheer lace or mesh overlay that extends into a deep V through the straps. The Icon fit the model so well and Freya rarely experiments with their constructions so I can't wait to try it!

The Doodle in Hot Pink (December)
I heard someone call this line the "Saved by the Bell bra" and I think it's an apt description. Neons emerged as a strong trend across the show and particularly within Freya's collection, but I'm not feeling this print's Floridian vibrancy. However, the embroidered top cup is genius and if it was connected to something more appealing, I'd buy it in a second.

For instance, the upcoming Mimi Holliday has a line called the Fab which also featured pink embroidery against a beige transparent base. The Doodle isn't miles away from the Fab so I could easily imagine replacing Freya's funky printed pieces with mesh, making it an allover sheer design. But I wouldn't stop there, using the hot pink color, I'd highlight the bra's wire casing, seams and edges (mirroring the Fab's style below) and leave the brilliant embroidery as is. Presto! Instead of the Doodle's overwhelming kitsch, we'd have an undeniably cool and confidently sexy Freya bra.

Mimi Holliday's Fab brief 
The Deco Darling in Noir (Two Season Fashion from October)
Freya had two Deco triumphs this season and the Darling was one of them. The etched-on looking roses were on trend, the strapless's edges have been updated to rest securely against the bust and the entire line seemed very natural to the brand. Despite it's debut in October, it already feels like a Freya classic.

The Deco Vibe in Mocha above (September, with the Black), Blush is due in December and they are all planned continuities.  
I think the Vibe is the prettiest Deco line I've ever seen. It's simple. It's sophisticated. Incredibly, there's no racist "nude" option either, it will be available in mocha, blush and black instead. BOOM, score.

The Ohh La La in Flame (September)
I'm mysteriously missing images for three Deco lines -- the Charm in fuschia, the Spotlight in periwinkle, and a fashion colorway in animal print -- so I haven't covered them in this post. I'm pretty sure one of my fellow bloggers will eventually publish pictures of those lines so I'll be on the lookout and when they appear, the links will be immediately added. :)

I feel very optimistic about Freya after seeing their new collection. We asked for geometric patterns, 28" bands in their padded half cups, styles closer to Huit's aesthetic and an updated or rejuvenated vision. Freya hasn't addressed most of the size and construction complaints nor has it fully reached it's potential as a brand for us cool lady-foxes, but Autumn/Winter 2014 gives me hope that we'll see great things from them in the future.

So, what say you about this new offering?? 

Are you with or against the contested Flowerbomb? 

Would you like to see Freya stick with it's cuter styles like the Ignite or would you prefer a slightly different approach? 

Let's talk it out. 


  1. Y'know... I'm not quite sold on the Flowerbomb. It appears this is the day that our taste in undies finally diverges, haha.

    I completely agree with the way you brought Mimi Holliday into the discussion though. I just feel like if Freya could stop overworking many of their designs they'd have stronger collections.

    Also, I'll take a Mocha Deco and Pansy longline. AND YES DOWN WITH NUDE. So glad to hear about those colour names. Regardless of how much I like the collection as a whole, they are winners for that alone <3

  2. If the Icon is halfway comfortable, IT WILL BE MINE. Also liking the Deco Vibe, though I almost feel like the connector in the back is a cheater's route to fixing the straps from falling. I'm sure some will be grateful, but I still think it should be addressed at the pattern table. The Rapture, Daydreamer, Pansy, and Deco Darling should all probably find their way to my lingerie drawer as well--assuming they fit and are comfortable.

  3. Is the Rapture two vertical-seamed and lined, or unpadded with one vertical seam? I'm having a tough time telling between the neon and the black. It looks like a new construction, is it?
    I do appreciate how Freya's been making new constructions, even though the Marvel didn't work very well for me. The Icon could be interesting as well!

  4. The Icon is super cool! I'm not sure if it will be for me because I'm really short and it *might* almost reach my collarbones... If I have some extra cash to spend I might try it! :)

  5. OK, I'm one of the ones who's been very dismayed by Freya for the last couple of years and I am encouraged by this collection - as long as the construction has returned to former days and the materials don't seem cheap and flimsy. I'm going to give many of these styles a try-on. Thanks for the post!

  6. Freya's been stepping up their game, although I do still wish they did something about the stretchiness and vanity sizing of their bands - has there ever been an official comment regarding that?

    Out of these, I'm definitely going to buy the Icon. The Doodle doesn't deserve it's pretty embroidery, the pattern is one hot mess!

  7. Yay, glad you're back! SO thrilled to see all of these photos. I'm liking this collection better than I did last season, while some styles aren't my style, a few of these are quite lovely. I must own the Rapture, Icon, Ooh La La bodysuit, Pansy, and maybe Flowerbomb!

  8. Glad you're back as well.

    I have to say, I'm disappointed by this collection to the point of needing to use the UK term, 'gutted'. The last few collections Freya did may have frustrated me in terms of sizing and construction, but they ENCHANTED me visually. In this collection, there is not one thing I have a strong positive feeling about.

    The Doodle is abhorrent--the ugliest bra I've ever seen, other than the almost identically heinous bra that Cleo is bringing out around the same time.

    The Icon is cool-looking, and it's great to see a new construction, but I'm nervous about the ostensibly one-piece cup. I'm guessing it's just to G anyway?

    The Pansy is pretty nice--a good twist on florals and actually brings something new, but it doesn't make me gasp the way something like the Thimble Cottage did in the last season.

    I'm sad to see Patsy missing, and the only bra with an identical cut that I see here is very tacky (the Instinct). The Daydreamer is a similar cut, and cute to the point that I would buy it since it looks like it goes to H in the padded half-cup. But again, it's no Thimble Cottage, nor is it a ballet pink Patsy or a Hazelnut Lyla. That magic is just missing from this collection. With Freya, I want to at least CRY about the bras that don't go to my size or don't work for my shape. The look has always been there for me, it's just the constructions that were lacking in the past. Now the fashion is missing as well for me.

    I'm horrified that they've stopped making the Marvel (it seems) after so little time. It's the best bra I've ever tried and I wear it every day. Freya wins me back only to break my heart, it seems... And I was excited at first to see the Rapture, which in the coral color looks like a similar cut. But in the black cut, it looks like a same-old balconette with side support. Which is it? The answer will make or break my devotion to Freya. And do you know what the size range is?

  9. Freya's contour bras and I don't always get along very well, but I'm willing to give it another try for that Pansy Longline. I've been super into photo realistic prints lately and that's a lovely take on the trend.

  10. Wow, this is the first time where I actually like most of Freya's offerings. I particularly like The Daydreamer, Neon Rapture, and The Icon. I'm excited for The Icon!

  11. Lovely! One of a kind designs. It could be the best.
    strapless bh

  12. I really love the icon. That's exactly what i want! But the rest is not really my taste. Too colourful and girly.
    I'm looking forward to sexier styles of the Deco.

  13. Thank you for this detailed review.
    I am definitely ordering the Icon for my shop, Revelation!

  14. I like Icon, Rapture and Enchanted, although I would need more information and reviews before purchasing any of them. GREAT to have you back!!

  15. OMG... The Ignite in Yellow looks like a passion-fruit threw up on a bra and someone thought it was pretty. O.o

  16. One of my favorite parts of the collection (rather boringly, I suppose) was the Deco Vibe. I feel like our demographic craves neutrals so much that having a variety of flesh-tone alternatives would work well. On a personal level, I love the Pansy because of the mix of dark blues and purples. Rapture looks promising too. I think I mentioned your "Middle Woman" blog to like six companies, so you either deserve credit for them changing . . . or they may send you hate mail. :-D

  17. Some of these are really pretty! I really love Rapture and Daydreamer.

  18. I love the bra especially the first one.
    Bra tape

  19. *sigh* I wish their longlines went into higher cups, and that their 28s extended into H cups with the half-cup styles.


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