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I ♡ Egretta Garzetta's Etsy Shop

BISQUE color High Waist Panties, $23
August was one of the most wonderful and hectic months of my life and now that it's over I want to lie on my couch, binge watch Spiral on Netflix, and eat cereal...until Halloween. I'm exhausted and predictably, I'm yearning for lingerie that's cozy, quiet, and ideal for all the aforementioned "activities". Enter Egretta Garzetta -- the Latvian Etsy shop appeals to my minimalist taste and has quickly become my new favorite thing ever. It's full of unfussy and sophisticated briefs, which are handmade, available in high or low rises and retail for less than $30. Sighhhh....

Peach Puff Classic Panties, $23
I almost overlooked the Peach Puff undies because they're so delicate looking. I love the idea of using these as a neutral disappears-under-clothing option as I prefer peach or light pink to any beige or tan color. The semi-sheer material and the romantic vine pattern are both super sensual too. 

Pale Turquoise Briefs, $23
Tropical Floral Pattern Panties, $28
I've had an eye on the Tropical Floral knickers for months and while I realize florals have become obnoxiously overused (especially in full bust lingerie design!), these blooms remind me more of Jumanji than a gentile garden.

Yellow Ornamental High Waisted Panties, $18
I don't usually choose geometric or abstract patterns, but these got my attention with the color contrast and vibrant mustard yellow. Like the Tropical flowers, these add an interesting texture to an otherwise sweetly shy collection.

White Briefs with Meadow Flowers, $24
The Meadow Flowers are brand new and they have the same unassuming vintage-inspired beauty that earlier pieces invoke. These flowers are done on a soft mesh fabric which lays beautifully next to the opaque material too.

Size range: XS to XL | Shipping: $5 and $2 for any additional item

Aren't they perfect for a crisp Autumn evening with a glass of tea?! 

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  1. Etsy bietet immer mehr Auswahl an, das finde ich wirklich toll.


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