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Curve NY: Masquerade Spring/Summer 2014

The Celene in "Blush/Coral"
I didn't get a chance to publish a "where we left off" summary for Masquerade because of the hullabaloo over Curve and the U.K. trip planning, but I can sum it up in one word -- boringsville. The Autumn/Winter collection was a lot of what Masquerade has done before and if you wanted it served up exactly the same way, then you'll have no complaints. However, I love Masquerade and I like to see new lines and colorways that are spicier, fresher, and matured from what's come before. I'm happy to report Spring/Summer 2014 is better -- it still has quite a way to go, but I was impressed with the development and new direction.

The Antoinette in "Sky Blue/Charcoal"

The Antoinette's recent history is a fantastic example of how Masquerade has revived itself. This line arrived for a sequel in Spring/Summer 2013 in a raspberry and brownish grey colorway which I liked alright, but admittedly, it was a little weird looking. Then, for the current season, it'll arrive in black and a shiny beige which I felt was tired and overdone. Finally, we have the "Sky Blue/Charcoal" for Spring/Summer 2014 which I find unexpected, on trend, and mesmerizing. It's a brilliant, beautiful turn around!

The Ardour in "Heather" 
I find plunge moulded bras rather boring, especially after the explosion of the Deco this season, but the Ardour's "Heather" is quite lovely and unusual.

The Celene in "Blush/Coral"

I adore the Celene! This is "conservative" or "brand safe" lingerie done right -- Masquerade hasn't reinvented the wheel, stepped out in a bold direction or introduced a new shape, they've taken many familiar elements and unveiled a very pretty, appealing design.

The Orla in "Coral"

The Hera in "Blush/Ivory"
Although this isn't a bold or showy line and it's clearly intended to be a basic, the Hera belonged to a larger trend we saw at Curve: non-boring beiges. I think the standard for continuity collections has risen and everyone's feeling the competition. There were pretty pale pink or blue accents, more white options, and blush shades taking over the tan neutrals we've seen for several seasons. The Hera's polka dots and flirty trim were adorable and I was delighted to see this shift begin.

The Alice in "Teal"

...and this is where I think Masquerade reveals that they still need some work. The Utopia strikes me as an "obvious" choice, n'est pas?

The Utopia in "Teal/Black" 

The Angie in "Plum"
The Serenity in "Ivory" 

What's your take? Do you think Masquerade has brought a new confidence to their Spring/Summer 2014 collection? Do you have a favorite??


  1. Gorgeous! I'm especially smitten with the Celene set - love the colors! I've yet to try the Masquerade brand, so this new collection has me really excited about hopefully trying one of these upcoming designs. Great photos, by the way! :)


    1. Thank you, Amber! I can't take credit for the photographs, they're all Mr. Underpinnings' work and he was a trouper (1, 000s of bras later, he was still rolling). I'm going to RETRY the Masquerade brand -- I'll be waiting for this Antoinette and DEFINITELY the Celene.

      Thanks for weighing in, Amber!

    2. Oh my! Please tell Mr Underpinnings that we all say thank you! What a guy!

  2. I love the Celene! I'm definitely going to buy the set.

    The rest is pretty meh.

    Disappointed there's no Rhea out in a pretty new color. I adore that bra.

    1. I didn't notice the absence of the Rhea...but yeah, they skipped it in fashion colors. I'm glad you're into the Celene too, All the Pretty Dramas!

  3. I was left wondering about the Rhea as well. That bra has made me a diehard Masquerade fan. I wonder if the Utopia is the stand in? The Hera looks like it could be based on the shape of the Harem, one that I found to be an incredibly odd shape. I can't wait to see size ranges, but I already know there is a few that I love that I am out of the range. And the Ardour, if they could just offer it in a 28H, there would be some happy ladies who just can't get into the Deco.

  4. Antoinette is AMAZING. I've never really been a fan of Antoinette, but I'm putting that basque on my want list. The Ardour is a great colour as well, may have to give it a shot. Everything else is okay for me, but not mind blowing.

  5. What is your take on the Orla as a non-padded sort of half-cup bra?
    I'm not super stoked on any of these, but I generally prefer darker colors.

  6. The Orla coral, the Hera, and the the design and fabric.

  7. When and where are these supposed to come out? I really want the Celene!!!


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