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Curve NY: Freya Spring/Summer 2014

The Marvel in "Glacier" (March)
After all my whining and skepticism last season, I've come around to the "Deco domination" in the Freya collection. I've made peace with the change and admit that yes, it's a wise business move to produce more of what their customers are happily buying already. Or, maybe I've just gotten used to the fact that 65% of Freya's collection belongs to the Deco bra. Either way, Freya's Spring/Summer 2014 is full of several brilliant gestures, interesting new basics, and a few mind numbingly poor decisions. Shall we? 

Okay, I'm going to get the worst of it over with now because I've been dreading this...Freya has decided to pull back on their size range for the padded half cups. In the collection I previewed this week, there will be one style (the Patsy) that will offer 28" bands and G+ cups. I want to pause and break down what an idiotic decision this is: 

1. They only introduced this size extension in Autumn/Winter 2013 so they must've made this decision before releasing the sizes onto the market. The pale pink Patsy was the first to drop this month and the company had to have made the call before those ever reached customers. The only response they've received so far has come from retailers so they have no idea how consumers might react. They haven't given their own product a true trial run or allowed their market time to respond. 

2. The two padded half cups they added sizes to, the pink Patsy and the Fan-Tastic, are both interesting designs in their own right, but they're also singularly unique looks. I wouldn't be surprised if retailers were turned off by the pale-pink-with-greyish-green polka dots or the black and tan fan print. They could've gone ahead with those and introduced a proven and popular colorway (all red, navy and white, jewel toned purple) for more conservative buyers.

3. They've kept surprisingly mum about their new sizes in this style -- a move many of their fans have longed for! They were so quiet about this announcement that some of my fellow full bust bloggers didn't know it was happening. Instead, like Parfait announcing 28" bands and G+ cups, they should've reached out to us scrappy Internet girls who would've been happy to spread the news loud and clear. Parfait has also sent out samples for bloggers (of all sizes!) to try so women understand how this size extension has worked out or not.  

Then, there's good news: the fashion for Patsy this season is super fresh and cute. Patsy had begun to feel a little stale and I love the way they've revived it with little flowers, popping color contrasts, and those funky shadowed circles. Well done. 

Patsy in Ink (June) and Fuchsia (December)
Ooh La La (February)
When I saw this new colorway for the Ooh La La line, I knew there would be some true treasures in this collection. While the black version (due out in October) was sexy, I wasn't keen on the orangey bronze shimmering embroidery so this lighter, pretty confection stole my heart. It's also on trend for the season, serviceable as a basic, and sweetly understated. 

(MR. UNDERPINNINGS: Please take note it comes out the month of my birthday/our anniversary/Valentine's Day!!)

The Hopscotch left me a little "meh" - what do you think? 

The Hopscotch in "Multi" (January)
I disliked the Tropics when I first saw the preview of it, but it's much softer in person. I think it might be one of those universally flattering designs too -- I can see many different women looking fantastic in this bold design. 

Tropics in "Paradise" (February)
I've never tried the Freya Rio and I'm not particularly attracted to the overall design so someone needs to clue me in. For Spring/Summer 2014, the brand is promoting a  "Rio Revival" and will be releasing a new fashion colorway (the Crimson below) in addition to the white and black versions. Please explain this one to me guys, what's the hubbub about? 

The Rio in "Crimson" (February)
The Marvel is a mystery to me, the company seems skittish about it's release and they're quick to play down the anticipation of their new style. I'm bewildered because from what I've seen of the sample size (below) and on the hanger, it looks great! I heard they're "still tinkering with the fit", but since the Marvel has a third continuity color, I think it's reasonable to be optimistic about this shape. 

The Deco in "Lagoon" (January)

The Deco in "Cobalt" (January)
Here's where the excitement begins! I adore these next few bras. The Enchanted is a SS14 basic in white and beige and while the fit looks 'typically Freya', the catalog description boasts of "new higher underarm wires for greater coverage". Hmmmm, wonder what that means? I made sure to grab an awkward armpit shot so we could analyze. And if you'd like one from the profile side, I can put that up too. :)

The Enchanted in "White" and beige (March)
In Spring/Summer 2014, Freya rolled out a group of funky prints and while I think some of them are downright awesome, I'm worried they will not be the easiest to see or buy online. The e-retailers who buy these will have to make sure their zoom feature works! One such print is Thimble Cottage's "Mist" -- it's little houses!!! Since full busted ladies (I include my floral loving self in this) have long cried for more interesting prints, I think Freya has done a wonderful job hearing that and responding with daring ideas. It's like a German Christmas ornament or a scene from a fairy tale in the coolest way possible. 

Thimble Cottage in "Mist" (April)
The Deco Delight in "Dove" (April)
I prefer the subdued look of the Deco Delight and it reminds me of a Huit line -- the Huit is Biofitul. In the future, I'd like to see Freya's designs veer a little closer to Huit's so this visual cross over was a nice surprise. One "nit picky" thing -- I wish they'd continued the white lace through out the band. Does it look slightly unfinished to you?

The Bombshell in "Chiffon" (April)
CLAM SHELLS. With stripes!!! Exceptionally well done, Freya. 

The Gem in "Blackcurrant" (May)
The Flourish in "Blossom" (May)
I wasn't impressed by these two sets (the Flourish colorway above and Jungle Fever below), they felt like design missteps. The Flourish is a highly "designed" look with it's lace, scratch-and-floral print and multi-colored scheme, but it worked in Autumn/Winter 2013 because it was darker and thus, some of those elements were toned down. Since there's a higher contrast with Spring/Summer's Flourish, all the details are brought out at once and it ends up looking a bit overwhelming. 

The Jungle Fever has similar potential -- the monochrome, sheer, and zebra fabric is genius, the bows are alright and the embroidery is pretty enough. Like the Flourish above, it needs a quieter touch. If the embroidery consisted of two simple stripes, instead of that complicated Aztec business, it would've improved. If the embroidery was black and the bows were white, it could've been fun. I found the zebra AND the hot pink AND the shimmering silver AND the monochrome too much for me. 

Side notes: 

In the pictures above, only the sample sizes are represented so if the fit is off in these images, the bra doesn't necessarily fit badly. There are a limited number of pre-exhibition items made and while they do the best they can to match up model and measurement, sometimes it isn't perfect. 

I've included the schedule for these releases, but these deliveries are never guaranteed. Factories take longer than expected, companies change their mind about their own timing and very occasionally, a line won't perform and thus, gets cut from the season. 

At my meeting with Eveden, we missed the Deco Honey in "Topaz" so I haven't included it here. If you'd like, I could put up a promotional or trade image. What do you think? 

Also, if you'd like more specific information about which shapes (longlines, half padded, etc.) will be available in which styles, just ask! I'd be happy to take a look. 

The Marvel's beige option has changed, there won't be any circle pattern -- it'll be a solid beige throughout the cups. 

What do you think of Freya's Spring/Summer 2014 collection? Would you like to see the Bombshell and Thimble Cottage half padded bras available in 28" band and G+ cups or do you feel alright with the cute new Patsies? And of course, what was your favorite???


  1. I really like the Bombshell in Chiffon, but since I hadn't heard of the Bombshell, I'm guessing it doesn't come in my size. :( I also like Thimble Cottage in Mist, more for the style than the print. I'm not crazy over busier prints like that. Overall, it looks like they are doing well this time around! Thank you for all the pictures!

  2. I have a sinking feeling that the "higher underarm coverage" is just going to further alienate us petites. I love the look of the Marvel, but it looks suspiciously like an older model that didn't work for me.

    I do feel bad for the sub 28" band-wearers too, that sucks that they didn't even get the opportunity to vote with their dollars. I just can't understand the mindset about why a 26" or 28" band "doesn't exist" or whatever...far too many bloggers (and their commenters) bemoan the lack of those sizes. Do these companies pay any attention to their (potential) customers at all?

  3. Thanks for this awesome review. I have to say, I'm not generally impressed by Freya anymore. As I've said incessantly, I used to love, love, love the brand. But now it all looks same-y and dated. And the fit isn't as narrow as it once was (at least as it looks to me and as it fits me). I don't think I'd buy any one of those.

    1. Same here. I'm not into any of these. I have one style from Freya (the Jolie) which they have discontinued. I LOVE the Jolie briefs and shorts and I plan to stock up on them since I "match" them with Panache's Ariza in black and white since I don't like the fit of the Ariza shorts. Sigh. It would be nice to be tempted by more from Freya, but the brand is just not doing it for me.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. No more 28s? Sucky =( I much prefer the fit of Freya's padded half-cups to their unpadded bras.

  5. Sucks about the 28" bands. I guess we can only hope that the other brands jumping on the much awaited 28" bandwagon will have a lot of success and that Freya will take notice and rectify this mistake they made.

    Will any of the new decos be available in padded half-cups? The regular Deco style doesn't fit me but I'm madly in love with the half-cup style. I currently can't find any in my size except for the beige and black ones because they're all older models and my size is sold out. I'd be lusting after a Cobalt Deco halc-up!

  6. I'm rather partial to the Hopscotch - a little art deco/nouveau, and Clamshell - love the mix of patterns and the buttons.

    I always hate to see "higher sides" out there because I live in the short waisted/high set world; however, Freya doesn't fit me at all so I really don't have skin in the game. It's always unfortunate to see brands narrow their size selections.

    I do enjoy drooling and thank you, thank you!

  7. Must. Have. Everything.
    Wow, this upcoming season is going to be a gorgeous one for Freya! It's one wonder they have become one of my favorite brands. I am SO in love with that Ooh La La set. Oh and the new color patterns for the Patsy, so cute! The Bombshell bra is just adorable too, love the print. Oh I just need everything from this upcoming collection!


    Thanks so much for being freaking AWESOME at taking photos, Cecily!

  8. I hope that Bombshell & Jungle Fever will fit me properly. I must have both of them! But alas, I'm in that weird place where half-cups are all that seems to work well. :\

  9. Thanks! Awesome to look at.
    I am at the top of the padded half-cup size range so will attempt to take advantage of the Fan-tastic in 30H if I can.

  10. I'm sad to say I'm pretty disappointed. I'm disappointed in the size range, but also the designs. There is some pretty stuff here, but not one single design that screams to me that I must have it. Hopefully once the line comes out and bloggers start reviewing them I'll be more wowed.

  11. I've recently re-sized into a 28J Freya. I am disappointed that many of these styles won't be available in that size. I would be especially interested to try the Bombshell and Thimble Cottage styles as they look different than other Freya bras I've tried.

  12. Meh to the size range for padded half cups. I felt so excited by Freya for a few months there. I have a Patsy on the way and hopefully it will fit well and I can publicize that a lot to create interest. Unfortunately, I kinda got screwed by a terrible ebay seller, so it's going to take longer than I'd hoped.

    What is the size range for the Thimble Cottage? I love it, but I suppose just to G...

    I actually like the Flourish. The colors seem crisp, versus the previous colorway which seemed washed out to me. I agree there's a lot going on, but that's pretty classic for Freya.

    "Higher underarm coverage"... isn't that exactly the opposite of what everyone wants? Huh? Am I missing something here?

    I have to admit that I'll always favor form over fashion, so the cutest balconette from Freya wouldn't catch my attention because I know it will be pointy. That's why I had such high hopes for them expanding the half cup size range, and for the Marvel. (I LOVE the white and blue marvel.)

    I think Freya has almost sort of passed its prime as a G+ brand. I still think their swimwear line is the most progressive G+ brand that exists, but their bras just don't deliver. No idea why they can't use the genius of their swimwear constructions in bras. All they need to do is make a bra in the cut of their plunge bikinis with the vertical seam and they'll be stars again.

    1. Higher underarm coverage has been more useful as I've gotten older- my tissue has gotten softer and wants to escape anywhere it can.

  13. I really do like the look of Deco Delight. I find Deco can look a bit boring, I love detail on my bras, so to see the lace touches on a Deco is really refreshing to see. I really like grey too so the colour is perfect.

    I'm also loving Gem in blackcurrant, it's a nice shade of purple you don't normally see.

    I'm not impressed with the decision regarding the half cups. I'm fed up with not being able to have one and I won't bother with Patsy because I don't like the fit. I'm not feeling the new design Patsy either. Boo. :-(

    Becky x

  14. I think I may be in the minority, but I love the blossom. I like Freyas longline bras and I enjoy the pretty lace and unusual cutaway look of the blossom

  15. If they Patsy is still in the extended size range (I hope so?) I'll probably want to pick it up! I like the colorway. But you know what I'd LOVE? Thimble Cottage "Mist" or the clamshell print Bombshell in my size (I suspect 30H in the half cups since they tend to run small, but normally I wear 30GG). I love the padded half cups (in fact I just got the Patsy in ballet pink because I've been lusting for one but with the funky sizing in that line I've never been able to get a padded half cup that fit), but I also love quirky, unique prints-- I'd rather have (and am far more likely to spring the money to own) either of the other cool patterns they are offering in half cup, then another polka dotted Patsy (even though I love polka dots).

    I like the Enchanted in beige, if it has a rounded shape like it appears on the model. I like the subtle light blue accents and bow-- for me, I've had a hard time finding skin-color non-padded bras with a good shape, but I generally prefer un-padded and like to have at least one beige bra. The general feel of the colorway to me is more like a subdued Cleo style, more fun and young... but more useful for my particular needs. It's a potential "must have" for me, if they shape looks as good as it does here.

    I like the Gem colorway, but I'm still bummed that I missed out on China Blue. The Marvel looks nice, but I'm not crazy about white bras, so it depends on reviews of the shape and comfort.

    Everything else is "meh" to me. I don't like the un-padded plunge or balconette shape for Freya (too pointy for my taste and they don't look great on me), and I'm really not a fan of embroidery on the top of the cup-- why does everyone DO that? It just looks fussy and overdone to me, and makes it stiffer/ more likely to cut in or show under clothes. I'm over my personal Deco obsession-- I'd rather have well-fitting, well-shaped unpadded bras, since I'm not big on wanting to have any more cleavage than I already do, and molded cups are such a pain to wash and dry.


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