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Fit Comparison: Ewa Michalak, Avocado, Comexim, Ewa Bien, Samanta & Corin

On Twitter last night, a reader and fellow blogger reminded me that I had talked about doing a fit comparison post for the Polish lingerie I've tried. I'm so, so sorry I haven't gotten around to this yet, I meant to conquer this months ago. I've been a bit timid because I absolutely don't want to sell myself as a Polish lingerie expert or dole out unhelpful advice. I also want to caution everyone that these sizes worked for me and to be honest, I don't know all the ways to describe my boobs that some bloggers refer to. But you can see my bust in the pictures and knowing your own shape, determine if certain suggestions would apply or be radically opposite. Either way, I hope you enjoy! :)

Currently Wearing:
Claudette Sophia Icon: 28G  
Fantasie Rebecca: 30FF
Parfait Charlotte (2011): 30G

Recently Fit: 
Empreinte Thalia (Underwire Balconette) & Melody (Underwire): 30E
Empreinte Melody (Padded Balconette): 30F
Prima Donna Twist A La Folie: 30F
(I tried all of these when I visited Aristelle.)

All of the sizes listed below are a reflection of how these brands fit and for most, I was fit by the owner, designer, or their fit specialist. In the case of Corin and Ewa Bien, I was in a company operated and/or larger stockist, with brand representatives signing off on every fit.

Key: Samples refer to the sets I actually own which were all given to me by the brands themselves. Tried means what it implies, while I was traveling, I was additionally fit into those styles. Finally, I've italicized all the bra or sets I'm wearing in the pictures.

Ewa Michalak: 65G (Padded) / 65FF (Soft) 
Samples: S Fiołek, Iwette, Lolitka (one unidentified red bra) & SM Malinka, Trefl

Of all the Polish brands I've tried, I've found Ewa Michalak's fit the most consistent, with Avocado coming in as a close second. For as long as I've been blogging, I've been on the cusp of a British 28/30" or Polish 60/65 cm band. I typically prefer the fit of the smaller size, to guarantee that if it stretches, it'll still work.  However, the Ewa Michalak 65 was absolutely, unequivocally perfect and it's one of the best 30/65 bands I've found.

If you wanted to directly compare it to a British 30G, you could say that the padded styles run a full cup size smaller and the sheer bras are a true equivalency. This is risky business though, as we know there isn't a standard sizing system and we all have a different shape.

Avocado: 60H (60G)
Samples: Carmelia (Padded) / Nina, Luna, Kyoto, Vedette, Creole (Soft)
Tried: Chloe, Haiku, Annick in Love  

Avocado has a range of bra styles which are characterized by one letter: A, F, K, etc. Each style offers a different construction, silhouette and degree of coverage.  Of the samples I received, there was one size outlier: I took a 60G in the padded half cup K/Carmelia. There were some lines that didn't work out for me, the Annick in Love has a strong, restrictive trim at the top whereas the Chloe wasn't as flattering as the others. Be warned, the Haiku is absolutely stunning and it runs significantly smaller in the cups than any of the other styles.

Some of the bands were looser than others, which I think came down to material and time spent as stock. There were very tight bands (Nina) through to looser ones (Creole), but most of my samples were consistently and comfortably firm. Of all the companies I spoke to, Avocado felt the strongest that bands should be firm as possible to offer the best lift and overall fit.

Comexim: 65H, ???
Samples: Nadin, Carmen, Geisha 
Tried: Jennifer, Basic

Oh gosh, I'm still unsure about what size would be best for me in Comexim. Before I went to their workshop, I tried the Jennifer in a 65G (too small in the cups) at Sophie Marel and the Basic at Dopasowana (Stuck between a 60H-HH). Anna, the creative director and co-founder, fit me into 65H and I asked her if they were a little large in the band. She gently disagreed and I chalked my reluctance up to ignorance of her products. 

Unfortunately, once I returned home, I knew they were too loose in the band. The bra's cups, during the course of the day, would tip open and the band would ride up. Comexim's bands are made from very comfortable, yet elastic material which in my experience, stretched easily. They also make two plunge varieties -- one with a lower top panel and another with fuller coverage -- so I think I may be a 60HH in those with less coverage (I tried the fuller version at Dopasowana). I've contacted Anna for advice on this issue, but she hasn't returned my emails.

Ewa Bien: 65G, 60H
Samples: Pares B111 (Three Piece Sheer Cup) & B130 (Sheer Half Cup), Pandora B230 (Half Padded) & B130

Ewa Bien bras have a reputation of running very large in the band and when I spoke to the company, they had taken the feedback and were actively trying to correct the issue. They've added tougher fabric to the band and strengthening details to the straps. I was initially fit into a 65G and like Comexim, the 65 didn't work out. Happily, Ewa Bien sent out the 60H to rectify the situation and it's perfect. 

Samanta: 65G
Samples: Papillio #122 & #345, Enlil #142, Kirk #211, Neptis #330, Modesta #351
Tried: Regalis #925, Siva #333, Semi #335

I've posted a Guide to Samanta's Collections and to simplify, they make three different shapes with shallow, deep or very deep cups.  I fit into both the shallow and deep cups, but I feel more secure with the deep ones. The very deep cups are newer and were not offered lower than a G in the 65 band, which is what I would've needed to fit these.

I'd say that half of my 65 bands fit comfortably (Papillio #122, Kirk, Modesta) and the other half have loosened quickly (Enlil & Neptis) with one that's now too loose (Papillio #345). The cut out key hole detail, which seems to be a classic detail for the brand, looks terrible on me. Since my breasts are closer together, this open triangle gets pushed out and I can see the interior side of my boobs at the bridge/center gore.

Corin: 65F
Sample: Karen 
Tried: Beverly & Charlotte Half Padded, Xenia Padded 

When I tried the Beverly, Charlotte and Xenia in stores, the successful size was a 65G (Great bras BTW!) and at the end of my trip, I was fit by their company store in a 65F. I do have a contrast in cup sizing so I must choose between a bra that's too big or a smaller one which will open up. As I remember, it was this difference which led to the cup switch. It's well worth noting that the 65G bras were all padded or half padded and the Karen is a soft three part cup. It could be, like Ewa Michalak and tons of other brands, there's a size difference between padded and soft cups. 

The band is on par with my moderately loose Samantas and raises the question, would I want to see a 60 band from these companies to compare? The answer is yes, of course, but I'm comfortable now as is.  

Alright, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments! But please remember, I'm not an agent for any of these brands so if you have specific/personal fit questions, it's best to ask the companies directly and/or take a peek at their size charts.


  1. Great post, thank you so much! Poland has ALL THE AMAZING BRAS, but sizing is so difficult from overseas. I really appreciate it.

    1. Of course, it's no problem! I agree, Poland has ALL THE AMAZING BRAS. A big group of full bust bloggers should visit en masse!! :)

  2. Oh you did it again <3
    I too have been waiting for this post for a long long time.
    I have a question though - I have nothing to go on from your matrix, do you remotely know your cleo/panache size?
    Also, in what brand/bra did you feel most *safe*, contained, boobs of steel style? I found I jiggle in Ewas bras like crazy, and would like something that keeps me firm.
    Oh, there's more - could you do a wire comparison between brands? Width, height and firmness?
    Sorry for all the questions :)
    You look stunning as always <3

    1. Thank you, Vee. I do not own any Cleo or Panache bras at the moment which fit me, but from what I tried in Poland, I was between a 30F/FF in the Marcie and judging from the Panache styles that DON'T fit me now, a 28G in the Panache Andorra and Tango Plunge.

      I'd have to say I feel the most "safe"/contained in Miss Mandalay, Avocado's soft three part cups, Fantasie's Rebecca, and Freya's bras with a stretch lace top panel. The lace panel on Tutti Rouge's Liliana wasn't able to contain me, but I've never had the same problem with Freya's version.

      I will absolutely do a wire comparison, if you'd like. It will take me a hot minute, I've got a small back up of reviews and collection previews and I'd like to post some DD+ outfits, but I WILL get to it. :)

    2. Thank you <3 I think it would be very useful as Ewa Michalak declared her wires to be among the wider ones in the market o.O
      But I can be patient as I always look forward to anything you write :)

  3. Thanks for the comparison! I'll definitely be referring back to this when I inevitably end up trying more Polish brands :)

    Also, the interesting thing about the SM Ewa Michalak bra I have is that the cups looked way too small when I took it out of the package, but when I put it on it was a perfect fit. Did you experience this with the SM Trefl?

  4. Thank you so much for this post, it is wonderful and will bookmark it for future reference. I'd also second a wire width review as I need narrow wires like those sold by Polish bra companies and would love to know more about Avocado. With Ewa Michalak stopping at a 60 band now, it is nice to know that I do have an option outside of just Comexim. Many thanks again!

  5. I have only tried Ewa Michalak & Comexim. Ewa seemed a better fit for me as Comexim may be too narrow. Of all these Polish brands, can you comment on which ones you liked the best? Which gave the best rounded projected look?

  6. Hi there, I've been an avid reader of your blog for the last few months now and I just I just started a fuller-bust lingerie blog over here: and had a shout-out to you as one of my inspirations to start one. You are obviously super-passionate about what you do and you provide so much really accessible information about an area that can sometimes be a little opaque that I couldn't help but be inspired because you have had no small part helped me understand how a bra should fit and what my true bra size is. I think your info on Polish lingerie brands is probably the most comprehensive on the net. I'm curious, I've been obsessed with the Haiku for a while now and I'm thinking of ordering it, but I'm hesitating because I'm a little concerned about the fit. You mentioned that it was significantly smaller in the cups, but I was sure how much I might need to size up by. I'm somewhere between a 28GG and a 30G, so that would make me about a 60J or a 65H right? But would I still need to go up a cup size for the Haiku?

  7. Hi!

    I would like to ask you about cup sizing in Ewa Bien,if they run true-to-size in soft bras. I usually wear 65D (in other unknown brands from my country), because I have 67 cm underbust and aprox 85 cm bust measurements, but I saw just one soft bra in this size, on their site..

  8. Hello, I would just like to comment and say thank you. Thank you for these reviews and thank you for NOT airbrushing them to death. As a 17 year old with a fuller-for-my-frame bust and a yo-yoing weight, I find myself constantly finding flaws to pick at. Looking over your reviews has not only helped me with finding bras that will work for me, but helped to me realize how critical I am towards myself. I have yet to look at your photos and say, 'Ah, but the elastic waist digs in just a touch..' or 'But there isn't a three finger wide gap between her thighs!' or anything even remotely of that nature. I see a beautiful and confident woman, giving advice and helping people. And yet those remarks are exact criticisms I've given myself, convinced that 'real women' or 'beautiful women' look perfect, with full breasts that never sag, perfect cleavage, tiny waists, thin but 'good' thighs, flat tummies, round hips-but not muffin tops and perfect skin. In reality I know this not to be true, but it has taken wonderful blogs like this to help me to realize it when looking at my own body. So thank you, so, so much.

    1. Mika, wow. I cannot even describe how much your comment means to me. When I began blogging, I thought of it as a way to "pay it forward". I'd been so inspired by blogs like Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Invest in Your Chest that it had changed the way I perceived my body and helped me to become more confident. I wanted to inspire others and continue in this spirit of body confidence so I consider your sentiments my greatest accomplishment on Miss Underpinnings. I've never been prouder or surer of what I do than the moment I read your comments. Thank you. Thank you for sharing, thank you for reading, thank you for reminding me why I do what I do. Your words mean the world to me.

      And when you look at your body, remember that real women come in all shapes and sizes. You're beautiful, just as you are.

  9. Ewa's size goes: A B C D DD E F FF

    while Comexim and Samantha are: A B C D E F G H

    Assuming I'm a 60 FF for Ewa, do I take size 60H for Comexim and Samantha??

    Thank you.


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