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Guide to Samanta's Constructions

Samanta's Siva #922 & brief #500 (SS 13 Fashion)
Samanta organizes their bras by category (elegant, seductive, classic) and cup shape (shallow, deep, or very deep). They also recommend "matches" by indicating what type of tissue (firm, soft, small, big, etc.) works with a particular style.  Their fashion collections, which come out in the usual order, operate differently.  Unlike the British brands, who offer one or perhaps two constructions in a given debut line, Samanta offers several. The brand debuts fewer new lines overall, but with significantly more variety within those lines. For instance, the Siva fashion (SS13) has five different constructions. Or within the basic Papilio group, there are currently seven shapes available. They also guarantee that they put out one new construction per season so there's always something fresh to try.

For a quick breakdown, Samanta contains three sub-brands: Young, Pret a Porter, and Glamour. Young is the modern label, with fewer heavy embellishments and a modest price point. An individual Young bra costs 120 zl or just below $40 US. Pret a Porter represents the classic look of the original Samanta and is the largest branch of the brand today. The bras retails for 170 to 180 zl., or around $55. As the name suggests, Glamour is the most richly detailed, seductive, and their most upscale line at 250 zl. or $77.

I love Samanta's code system, but I'll admit, it's taken me a hot minute to figure all of it out. Below I've tried to sort it all out with images and a short description to match each construction. 


Papillio #A 122
Excuse the awkward look of my boobs - I had a nipple covering crisis. 

(AW 12 Fashion)
#A 122

The first construction, #122, is a classic three part cup and can be found in almost all the lines from Samanta. It's a deep cup with reinforcing mesh side panels in the interior and stabilizing embroidery throughout. The #122 is meant to push the breasts from the sides and lift them from the bottom. {Size range: 65 EFG, 70 DEFGH, 75 CDEFGH, 80 CDEFG, 85 CEF, 90 CDE}   

Papilio # 922 (AW 12 colorway, available in black, white & ivory)
#A 922

The #922 is nearly identical to the #122 and creates the same appearance, but it was engineered specifically for larger sizes. It has very deep cups, Samanta's patented foam straps, and an interior lined with soft mesh. {65G, 70 E-J, 80 D-I, 85 D-H, 90 D-G, & 95 D-F}

Enlil #142

(AW 12)
#A 142

The oldest shape for the brand, the bestselling #142, is a balconette (which we call a half cup or demi) and can be found in almost every fashion or basic range. With one vertical seam and shallow cups, it creates the "buffet" cleavage nicely. The thick embroidery through the cups act as a strong layer of support and both this construction and the next work best with firm breast tissue. Without a doubt, this was my favorite shape from Samanta and I'd like one from every collection, puhleese! But this, with the Modesta line's strap bows, would be heavenly. {65 D-G, 70 C-F, 75 B-E, 80 B-D, 85 BC}

#A 242

The construction above was created to serve the same purpose as it's predecessor, #142. Style #242 is a sheer balconette with one visible seam and is meant to create a "cakes"/presented decolletage. Unlike the #142, this bra doesn't feature as much embroidery and substitutes that layer of support with a soft mesh lining. Since this factor lowers the cost overall, #242 belonged exclusively to the Young sub-brand in SS 13. {65 D-G, 70 C-F, 75 B-E, 80 B-D, 85 BC}

Zorza  #222 (SS 13)
#A 222

Again, Samanta provides a sister bra to the first two styles, #142 and #922. Like the #242 model, #222 is a three sectioned cup employing embroidery above a mesh base. It's two remaining panels are reinforced. Unlike the other two half cups, it's a deep cup bra meant for bigger breasts. {65 D-G, 70 D-H, 75 C-H, 80 C-G, 85 C-F, & 90 C-E} 

Kirk #211 (Fashion SS 13)

#A 211

The #211 is one of Samanta's full coverage bras. With soft side support panels, strong wings, and their patented comfort straps, this bra is meant to contain and reduce movement. {65 E-G, 70 D-H, 75 D-H, 80 C-H, 85 C-H, 90 C-G, 95 D-F}


Weles #233 (Fashion SS 13)
#A 233

While it hasn't reached us yet, the ubiquitous semi-soft bra is tremendously popular in Poland. It's a sweet compromise for women who like the bump from below that padded bras provide and the sexy appearance softs manage. The brand produces two versions: number 233 is new to the Samanta arsenal, it's only available in the Weles fashion line, and it's cups are deep. {65 D-G, 70 C-H, 75 B-G, 80 B-F}

Regalis #925 (Fashion AW 12)

#A 925

This semi-soft style, the #925, is designed for a fuller chest and completes the 900 range with the soft #922 above. The straps are foam and cotton padded, but still look delicate to me. The photographs below show yours truly trying to fill a 65G and failing utterly. It was 1-2 cup sizes too small. Trust the  company's product descriptions, they're not fooling around. While the 65G in "deep" cups worked perfectly, I'd say I'd need a 65F or E to get the "very deep" cups to work. {65 FG, 70 E-K, 75 D-J, 80 C-I, 85 D-H, 90 D-G, 95 D-F}

Neptis #330 (AW 12)

#A 330

With a tiny center gore, shallow cups and narrow shoulder straps, this bra is meant for smaller or less firm breasts. Style #330 is finished through the band with special lycra fabrics, one vertical seam on the exterior, and an additional diagonal cut inside. With the pictures of the Neptis #330 below and the Regalis #925 above, it's easy to see that Samanta's 65Gs vary in depth. The shallow cups left me a little nervous about spillage, I couldn't fill the very deep styles, and the deep was just right (I'm the Goldilocks of Bras!).  But guys, ohmygosh my boooobs. I felt like a Bond girl. {65 C-G, 70 B-F, 75 A-E, 80 B-D, 85 BC}

#A 335

The #335 has a slightly bigger center gore than the #330, but the bras share a lot of similarities. It's possible to get either one with bump pads ("cookies"), they're both shallow cups, and most successful on shallow and wide sets boobs. The #335 is a bit more of a bra, the band's partially strengthened and it's centered in the middle, rather on the triangle that the #330 is.  

#A 333

Released as a padded push up option for deep cups, the style #333 has wider straps, a reinforced band, and the softest foam lined cups. Natalia told me that it was a new style for the company and had become a huge bestseller. When she handed me a sample of #333, I was psyched since I adore the Siva fashion (above). You might not be able to catch it in the photos, but this bra and I do not get along at all. The cups ran a touch too large for me and the center gore was not cooperating with my close set breasts. {65 D-G, 70 C-H, 75 B-G, 80 B-F, & 85 B-E}

Papilio #345

(The purple is a FW 12 fashion)
#A 345

The #345 is a padded balconette with two vertical seams that round and lift the breasts into a delicate "buffet" cleavage. It's intended for fuller cups/softer tissue and the straps are finished with lace or satin to reduce elasticity and movement. For the texture of the interior and the contoured cleavage, I loved the #345. It was easily my favorite padded style, but once back home, the band proved too loose on the sample above and the cups didn't stay pressed against my body correctly. {65 D-G, 70 C-G, 75 B-F, 80 B-E, 85 B-D}

Modesta #351

#A 351 

When I released photographs of this bra earlier, the reaction was enthusiastic. If you happen to fall into the 351's size range, it's an astonishingly comfortable bra. I held off wearing it for awhile because I thought I'd tumble out, but I stayed secure. I'd attribute it's staying power to the "silicone elastic" detail running along the band. The 351 is a special occasions bra too, it works as a strapless. The only drawback? My information doesn't give details about depth, although it's noted that the shoulder straps are narrow and another suggested style for smaller or less firm tissue. {65 C-G, 70 B-G, 75 A-F, 80 B-E, & 85 B-D}

And now the fun stuff...


This post is long overdue and I apologize, please let me explain what's been going on...Since their international site won't be active immediately, I needed to puzzle out how to get the lingerie over here since several commenters asked about trying Samanta. PaweĊ‚ Cieslewicz, their export manager, and I have been emailing about schemes to get y'all these gorgeous bras. His last email suggested a very, very generous offer to Miss Underpinnings' readers, but I need to confirm the details before I make an official announcement. I'll update you as soon as I know more! :)


Many of Samanta's styles have a keyhole configuration at the gore and those weren't as successful for me. I'm full there so my boobs like to push those wider features out. I loved their patented straps though, I'll definitely request them on every bra I order. They're amazing! I generally distrust removable straps, but that's a huge personal preference. I'll choose stable straps in the future too. Samanta belongs to the "comfortable band" camp and I'd say I'm impartial. The #122 and #142 were just right and the #345 Papilio was too large. For a great breakdown of this approach, Bras I Hate & Love recently posted this and this. Like every company I met with, Samanta had pleasantly narrow wires.

Let's get disclosed: Samanta gave me samples of their bras -- #330, #335, #142, #122, #345, #211, #351-- for review purposes. If you'd like me to review any of those in more detail, let me know in the comments. I'd be happy to take more photos or give them a longer analysis.

Ohhhh, I can't wait to hear what you guys think! Are any of these constructions calling your name? Would you interested in ordering from Samanta? 

What do you think of their fashion?? Size approach?


  1. The sizing you posted -- were you converting the bras to UK sizing, or were you using EUR sizing?

    1. Hi Laura, great question. I'm going to do a "Polish 101" post about sizing soon because it's much more complex than I anticipated. Even within Samanta, their sizing works differently between 900 level and 100 bras, for example. Their cup sizing goes: C, D, E, F, G, H. Oh gosh, does this help??

    2. Looks like I'm sized out of almost all of them, except the ones that go to H and run large. A pity!

    3. Yes, it helps! Just means I'm sized out. Thanks!

  2. I love it!!! I still have a hard time understanding the construction and figuring out which one would suit me...but OH MY GOD GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL. I like Bond Girl bra and Fishscale bra. :D

    Can't wait for the good news!

    1. Slique, when I saw your comment, I couldn't stop laughing. You're hilarious. When I have news about how the products will come over, I can go over the constructions again, if there's interest or questions...does that sound good? :)

    2. Haha glad to make you laugh. :D

      That's perfect, thanks!

  3. Holy poop A#333 is like my dream style for bras... super plunging plunge. Unfortunately not in my size. And the padded plunges that DO come in my size still have a 3"-4" gore haha. I miss the 1" gored 34DDs from my Victoria's Secret days, and A#333 basically has the same shape as they did. How much deeper are the very deep cups? If they were like a 30HH deep or a little deeper...

  4. Terrific post! I'd be interested to try the 922. I note that all of the wires seem fairly wide-set and quite narrow. Do you feel they're adequately strong? I definitely think the 142 fits and suits you best though there are many lovely bras you've profiled.

    1. Thank you, K.Line! I'm so glad you liked it. Yes, I jived with the #142 and was delighted to finally find a sheer-ish half cup in my size.

      From what I understand in my emails & talks with Samanta, you can order whatever straps from them that you'd like. The shallow cups (i.e., the "Bond Girl" & the Modesta #351) come with narrow straps. The two 900 level straps are think/thin in accordance with the sizing, deep cups usually come with medium ones and then there's their patented padded straps, which are great. ALL of their bras are sold with detachable straps, but again, that's open to customization as well.

      Wires...hmmmm. I LOVED the narrow wires. I have gotten so poked and proded, with side panels digging in, that I have come to expect it. On my body frame, it was wonderful to get rid of that business. The wider wires were a different story. When the bands ran tight (#122) the keyhole/wider separation was okay, but the #345 was much bigger in the band and I struggled with the wideness. The best bras, in my opinion, were the #211 and #142 which were closer set & didn't have the keyhole.

      Oh wow, I've written a novel. I'll stop now. ;)

  5. Can you drop a hint about the company's 'generous offer'? I'm super excited now - Polish bras are my absolute favorites and I can't wait to try Samanta. :D

    1. Oh jeez, I'm worried I've gotten everybody's hopes up! Samanta has purposed a few things to me and we're in talks to finalize a solution that works...I promise, I'll let you know as soon as I know. :D

      (Totally agree -- Polish bras are the best.)

  6. I'm with obsessedwithbreasts; those 3-4" gores on a "plunge" is absolute BS. I want the Neptis #330, Beige w/embroidered roses, A335 (blue w/flowers), & the #122 purple all in the equivalent of a Panache 34G. ;-)

    I'm still clueless on the depth and fit thing. Do they not recommend any of these bras for firm breast tissue? And how do you determine which depth you need? I mean, I'd guess I'm probably more in the middle, but I don't really know without some sort of carefully spelled out guidelines... But yes, if they'd fit my very narrow & deep frame, I'd be very interested.

    1. Hey Obsessed/Country Girl, the general comment consensus seems to be that y'all want reviews & sizing deets. I'll write a post on the subject as soon as I can because it's a great question, "How deep is deep?"

      More information on the way! :)

  7. I'm still all about the Modesta 351. I've been in touch with Pawel myself and I'm dying to hear about the generous offer.

    One question--do those nipple covers feel weird?

    1. Oh Allison, that's great. When I know what's going on myself, there will be an announcement -- only Zack will get the news before you guys and that's just 'cause he's lives in the same apt. ;)

      Nipple covers. Ok, here's the deal. I have worn silicone covers from a brand called Nippies since I started this blog. They look weird, they're surreal to take off, but you forget you have them on. Zack bought these above, from a local company called Braza...they remind me too much of band aids. They're okay in terms of comfort, but they left me looking real lumpy in the photos. I'd recommend covers though, if you like nipple coverage & soft bras.


  8. I am very interested in these bras. I've been so sick for years and just got diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease. The meds caused me to gain 30 lbs putting me at a size dress size 10-12 (because of the beast size) My bras went from 28ddd to 32 ff or g depending on the bra.

    I have not tried any of the polish brands because I've only just learned about them from some wonderful bloggers. The bras are all so beautiful and seem to be made for my body, round, forward breasts.

    All the usual brands the American stores keep putting me in make me look so wide when I actually still have a small rib cage and there's so much fabric!

    Ok, enough of my rambling. A coupon or discount would be so wonderful , being seriously ill in this economy is hard so everyone appreciates any that can be offered.

    Any suggestions for fit when we are able to order will be great too.

    Thanks so much.

    Maiden name was Palmowski. ;) guess I should have tried to get to know those third cousins after all. Too bad they are all boys

    1. Re-Purpose History, I hope you're doing well. I know sudden weight loss and gain, especially associated with autoimmune diseases, can be the most vexing element when lingerie shopping. At Bra and Girl, I helped a few clients who had similar problems and it was torture, not knowing how their bodies would change.

      As soon as I know more about ordering, I'll let you know. I can't promise a discount or coupon because I simply don't know what the final decisions will be. There will be an announcement on the blog as soon as I know. And of course, it seems as if everyone would like more info about sizing so there will be a deeper post in the future. Hope this helps.

    2. If there is no coupon or discount that's ok, the pricing is already better and gives us more options.

      Sizing information will be greatly appreciated and the most important. I'm so over shopping at the one small chain store that carries sizing that fits me. It's frustrating to not be allowed to shop the inventory and instead be stuck waiting for the fitter to bring me something which more often than not isn't what I've asked for in color or style and omg the prices. The fitters are just doing their jobs and are perfectly nice but either don't really hear me or don't carry what I'm looking for. So instead I've put off bra shopping for far too long.

      I still have so much to learn and it does seem like most shops here in the states tend to order styles that cover with fabric up to the collar bone. That's exaggerating a bit but not far off with some bras ;). Which means bra peek with the slightest lower neckline blouse, not a good look.
      I'm super super excited to find out more about these Polish lines.

      You know it's funny that I started looking for options because that local shop was sending me so many spammy emails for trunk shoes etc, never a sale or discount worth anything. If there was a sale it was for stock no one wanted. So ultimately it was spam that led me to find your wonderful blog. Thank you!

  9. The bras are beautiful! If you could post more pictures & reviews of the ones that are available in a J cup, that would be wonderful!

    1. I'd be happy too. Consider it on the agenda. :)

  10. Review them all please! I want to know it all! Even though they don't make 60 or 55 bands some of the styles are so pretty I could think about altering the band. Love the embroidery and the lift they seem to give.

  11. Such a great post! I'm in love in Modesta so may be you could tell me if I could fit it in A345 or in A351 being 32G in UK brands?

    1. Yes, of course. They'll be a thorough post on sizing soon. :)

  12. Just chiming in with more support for the sizing post. It's looking like I am sized out, but I am wondering if the "very deep cups" option allows some leeway? I don't think I fully understand. I'm about a 60L in Ewa Michalak, 28K Bravissimo, 60Nish in Comexim. Wouldn't mind adding Samanta to my list if possible. :)

    But either way, I really want to give all this info to my readers, so I will be keeping an eye out for all your posts, and when the series is done, I'd like to do a Polish bras feature with you as the highlight and a few posts from other bloggers as well. Great info, thanks so much again for all the effort, time, and money you have put in to taking this trip and writing the posts.

    1. Wow, Miss Shapen...I'm so flattered, it would be an honor to appear on your blog. Don't hesitate to email me with specific questions for your post! :)

      There's a ton of information still to come and sizing will play a big part of those future pieces...stay tuned!! We'll all figure it out. ;)


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