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Curve NY: Freya Autumn/Winter 2013

Totally Tartan in Denim
Isn't the Totally Tartan darling!? As many of you already know, I'm a devoted lover of Freya. Sometimes, I feel like they're an extension of me. Like my child. In my mind, Freya is beautiful, brilliant, and can do no wrong. But as all mothers secretly know, their children aren't always perfect cherubs. Freya, it's time to talk about that time on the playground you pulled that poor girl's hair.

Freya made a few brilliant choices in their Autumn/Winter collection and the first one is most definitely the Fan-Tastic line. What other bra does this remind you of? I'll tell you -- none. The genius behind the Fan-Tastic is its pure originality and confidence. I saw a lot of full bust bras in 72 hours and many of them were similar, a few of them were outright copies, and a precious handful were compelling and unique. I doubt highly that this bra will receive the attention it deserves. From what I could gather, it's not a bestseller at the moment and I hope desperately that it'll hit an open-minded customer base. But it's not a "safe" design and it's not a floral print and it's certainly not one of those "magical fit" bras that throwback stores like to pick up. But for me, it's already a cult favorite.

Fan-Tastic in Noir
Freya's next act of pure brilliance was not a bra at all, but a size extension. Through the Autumn/Winter 2013 collections, all the Padded Half Cups will be released in 28-38 D-G, 28-36 GG and 30-36 H!!! I've been waiting for this and wanting it for so long, I had all but given up. It was the best piece of news to come out of Curve.

Marvel in Butterscotch
The Freya Marvel will debut during September in two colorways, black and butterscotch, and it's an entirely new shape from Freya. While it might look like just one more basic line, the Marvel has a side panel and is designed specifically to offer a rounded shape in a cut & sew bra. I think Frey-Frey is a little nervous about it since I've heard it discussed in surprisingly timid terms. Since the brand has gotten so many complaints about their 'pointy' shape, I think this is a great example of a company listening to their customers and trying something fresh. 

Marvel in Black
The Gem balcony is one of the comfiest bras I've ever tried. It's light weight, lifting, and feels breaked-in from the first wear. Since the collection is rather simple and straightforward, the current and future fashion options have to rely heavily on striking shades. Like my beloved China Blue, the Rouge hits the nail on the head.

Gem in Rouge
The Let's Twist Again is flirtatious, eclectic, and from the looks of it, a great fit -- all elements of a classic Freya bra:

Let's Twist Again in Midnight
Piper in Cornflower
Flourish in Tropical (LOVELOVELOVE this.)
Flourish Thong (So hot!)
I'd like to get one thing straight: I'm a fan of the Deco, I wear mine regularly, and I'm anticipating the Deco Shape in April. In this collection, there was too much of a good thing. There will be four fashion versions of the Deco, in addition to the basics, the wirefree bra, and the shapewear group. The Deco Spotlight and Charm are new in the autumn while the Honey and Hatty will be back in new colorways.

Deco Shape in Black
It was brilliant of Freya to release a wirefree version of their most popular bra and it was equally inspired to turn it into a shapewear collection, but this is starting to feel excessive. All these incarnations of the Deco are pretty and will probably prove quite popular. I worry that somehow this is an instance of a company resting on it's laurels. Despite their best efforts, none of their competitors have come up with a true rival to the Deco. I realize there are other options (And you may even prefer them!) but just like Panache has the monopoly with it's sport's bra, the Deco dominates the land of full bust cleavage. 

I think Freya can do more and aspire farther than a slight altering of their bestseller, don't you?

Deco Spotlight in Claret

Deco Hatty in Viola

Deco Honey in Jade

Deco Charm in Silver
Speaking of concepts that are smelling a bit stale, let's talk about Patsy. The first time I met Patsy, she was a nursing bra and then, a half cup collection which fell just slightly outside of my size range. Throughout the spring and summer, she'll turn up as a two brightly hued longlines and they're absolutely adorable. I wish I could say the same about the combination bizarrely named "Ballet Pink"...

These are my questions: 

1. It doesn't resemble anything else in the A/W 13 collection. There isn't one other bra that comes close to complementing this colorway.  How did it sneak in amongst all the bright lights/big city themed lingerie?

2. They've made this colorway a continuity right out the gate. Huh?

3. I like unusual combinations. I like polka dots. I like grey and pink. I do not find this bra aesthetically pleasing. The pink is too light, the grey is too green-toned...or brown? What went wrong here?

Who knows, maybe by August when it arrives, I'll have come around and be reviewing it here. I'm a changeable woman and I reserve the right to change my mind all the time. :)

Ooh-La-La in Henna
And an underwired body to match!
**Update for Miss Windie Gardie -- a close up of denim-like details from the Totally Tartan, as requested! :)

Totally Tartan Padded Half Cup in Denim
I hold Frey-Frey to high standards, I know. But they're a big brand, surrounded by full bust brands who are getting stronger all the time and they're design-focused, fit aware, and darn cute. With great power comes great responsibility. 

What say you? Are you a Ballet Pink fan and will you explain "it" to me? Anyone excited by the size exclusivity on the Padded Half Cups or the new Marvel shape?

If you could have one piece from the A/W 13 collection right now, which would it be?


  1. HOLY CRAP FREYA! I want like six of these! What a crazy good collection, jeez. My wallet can't take this.

    I'm really curious about how the Totally Tartan looked close up? Is the texture on the bra actually reminiscent of denim or something? I can't quite make out what it is, but I think I might LOVE IT.

    1. Hey Windie! Completely agree, they did a stellar job this season -- regardless of my Deco & Patsy whinings. I'm gonna be broke! ;)

      I have some photos of the Totally Tartan that I'll post here for you. I didn't add them because they're not great quality, but hopefully they'll give you a better idea. And yes, the colorway's called Denim.

    2. Thanks for the picture! I may even like the half cup more than the longline... I can't believe Freya finally listened and expanded the half cup size range! Couldn't be more pleased. Now time to get cracking on 26 bands ;)

  2. I (and DH) actually don't mind the color combination of "ballet pink" (I get the name for the pink portion but not with the grey-green, don't recall something in that color in my dance wardrobe). Not sure I can explain why though, and I really do not understand why it is a continuity.

    1. That's interesting to hear, I love trying to look at these designs from an alternative perspective. By the time it comes out, maybe it'll look more at home among the trends going on or it'll make more sense to me.

      The continuity seems a tad random but maybe I'm totally wrong on this one. Judging by the comments so far, it might be really popular.

  3. I love the Ballet Pink colorway! It's exactly my style--in fact, it's my favorite thing in this collection. It's just nice to see something in a pretty color that's not floral and I love polka dots. It's perfect! I realize that doesn't explain anything really, just that it appeals to some tastes.

    I like the Fan-tastic too, and I'm really happy that they're expanding their size ranges for the padded half-cups... if they really start coming in a 30H, I could wear one!

    Thirdly, I'm happy to see the vertical-seam Marvel bra. It seems reminiscent of the shape of Freya's plunge and sweetheart bikini tops, and I always thought it was weird that a shape that is SO amazing was only available in their swimwear.

    I don't personally anticipate buying any of the Decos, but I like the concept of having a ton of colors in a popular bra. I wish there was more of that in the full-bust market. I miss how brands like Victoria's Secret always have like ten fun colors in each bra. I'm happy to see motion in that direction.

    Thanks for this post! I love seeing the upcoming collections.

    1. I was hoping you'd comment, Bras I Hate & Love. We were talking about the uniform floral patterns within the full bust market so when I saw the Fan-Tastic for the first time, I thought of you!

      Good news: They'll definitely be coming in 30H AND the Ballet Pink will actually be the first to come out in August! With my critique of that colorway, I'm starting to see it's one of those bras that you either detest or adore. I felt similarly about the tattoo print of the Freya Ava. I didn't "get" it, but a lot of bloggers loved it.

      Your perspective on the Deco availability is interesting. Since I sized out of Victoria's Secret years ago, I've honestly forgot how they're collections work. After considering it, I think it might be easier for them to produce multiple colorways since they only have to produce so many sizes per option and if a design doesn't sell, they can discount it deeply...which isn't something the full bust brands always have control over since they don't sell directly to their customers.

      And I'm sure a lot of this is dependent on customer response too. If the Hatty, Shape, Charm, Spotlight, Honey, and basic collections continue to perform well with customers, I'm sure we'll see even more Deco babies.

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. any idea if they are expanding the size range on the longlines? I modify my 30G longlines to fit my 27" ribcage...would be great to get it in a 28GG!

    1. Abbi, I've just looked at the catalog again and reviewed my notes from the meeting. The size range on the longlines continues to be 28-38 D-G unfortunately. However, since there were far more longlines this season, maybe it's something they're considering for the future. We should cross our fingers -- I think it'd be a great addition and much requested.

  5. Ooh la la that Flourish! It's gorgeous! I wish I could have it. I like the Totally Tartan in Denim, too. Basically I just want to try some long lines (never tried one on - I touched one once, but totally the wrong size). I don't think I could wear a longline, but I do find them so appealing.

    I'd really like to try the Marvel, too. I like a lot of Freya's colors and patterns, but I dislike the cup shape on all but the Deco that I've come across, and a rounder shape is right up my alley. I wouldn't say no to that Jade Deco, either. I do wish Freya would hurry up and create the Deco in a better range of sizes. Considering how popular it is, if they expanded the size range they could actually have a total monopoly on that kind of bra. Too bad they suck at listening :(

    Still, increased size range in some of their bras is better than nothing.

    I think that Ballet Pink Patsy is hideous. It makes me think of the $5 bras you can get here that fall apart in ten seconds and only look good through beer goggles. I do think almost all of the other bras you posted are gorgeous though!

    1. The Flourish? The Totally Tartan? The Marvel? I'm right on board with you there! Dear Freya, could those come out tomorrow please? Okay, thanks. :)

      I'm not sure I would say they suck at listening. Maybe they have selective hearing? Haha. They've listened to the complaints about their cup shape and made the Marvel. They've listened to the requests for an extended size range in the Padded Half Cups and a year or so ago, they listened to the requests for 28" bands and GG cups in the Deco. I know these are all small improvements but I think that it proves that Freya's trying to be tuned into what they're customers want. And I'd completely agree with you on the Deco issue, it might've been smarter overall to extend the size range...rather than put out four fashion groups simultaneously. Hopefully, they'll get there soon.

      The Ballet Pink fell flat for me, but judging by some of the other responses here, maybe it's appealing for some people in a way we don't get? And the beer goggles is genius -- every bra is hotter when you're drunk. ;)

  6. Padded half cup in 34H! Freya you have found yourself another customer. I'm more of a Panache girl and I am not a fan of the pointy Freya shape and I was always sized out of any Freya bra that had a rounder shape. Padded half cups up to an H cup is huge news (no pun intended). You've made my day. Also I like the Ballet Patsy. I'd give it a try for sure especially since I'll now be included in the size range.

  7. I already own Deco in 4 colours, and will be clamouring for the Spotlight in Claret and the Honey in Jade. Just gorgeous. Not having been fans of their colour choices from the last few seasons, I've been patiently waiting for them to do something a little bolder since they made the red from LAST Fall/Winter (2012). I think these are great!

    Until Gem, Deco has been the only Freya style I could really wear (hence the multiples). I find the wires on their balconettes and half cups too narrow for my shape. After owning a few (Arabella, Millie, Darcy, Loretta) I found that I was always fiddling with the wires at the side of my body whenever I wore them because they made me uncomfortable, so I gave up on them. Just too uncomfortable. But GEM has what feels like a wider wire and offers slightly fuller bust coverage, which, for whatever reason, just suits my frame a lot better. This new red shade is irresistible. She will be mine.

    I also loved the fit of Piper from last season, but hated the colour. The cornflower suits me much more than their original pink shade.

    FTR: I'm curious about how the Marvel will do, though I like it much more in black than the butterscotch. And I think the Fan-Tastic is very well named because it's beautiful.

    I'm about to blow my wallet on this new Freya season, I think. Thanks for this advanced update on the new season!

  8. Oh sure, they expand their size range AFTER I get knocked up and no longer fit into a 30H! Hmpfh! ;)

    If they did carry my size I would definitely be looking at the Ballet Pink, light pastels look great on me and sometimes it's hard to find them at all in my size! Also the Piper in cornflower is gorgeous as well as the Totally Tartum in Denim, sigh...

    Right after I found out I was pregnant I had a chance to try on a Freya Deco in 32GG. At the time the cups were a great fit but the band was too big. I really would have considered buy it and altered it anyways, because it really was a comfortable bra and I love all the colorways. Unfortunately, when I was tried it in other colors besides the nude and they were too small in the cups! Bummer. :( I don't mind them making so many different colorways, I just wish the size range was more inclusive (I know it's getting there but it's still not enough for me!).

    1. June, it's like they planned it! Those bastards - releasing a half cup when you're out of commission in that department. ;)

      Looking through these comments, I'd say the crowd has spoken and they love the Ballet Pink Patsy and the Deco colorways. Color me flabbergasted...but it's helpful for me, I think, to see an alternative perspective. And Frey-Frey's doing something right if the pieces I didn't go for are as widely popular as they are.

      Size extension seems to also be an important element of this response. Hopefully, Eveden's reading this (*WAVES*). And I'd agree, I bet that Ballet Pink would be divine on you. At least it'll be waiting for you when your boobs are post-baby?

  9. Miss Underpinnings, I had the honor of meeting you at Curve NY in the Eveden Fit School. Thank you for your undeniable passion in this subject in a world that seems to have lost it's passion in many things. I too have the strong passion for all things lingerie so it is always very exciting to read each entry for your point of view. I personally am a HUGE fan of FAN-tastic. Cannot wait to see it hit the stores!

    1. Wow, I don't know what to say. This comment means so much to me, I'm not sure I can capture it in words. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is passion for the whole shebang - fitting, pretty things, and making women fall in love with themselves. I'm glad you're a comrade. I'd be nothing if it weren't for the women who've inspired me in this business and I know you're definitely one of them. Let's fight the good fight. :) And have loads of fun while we're at it?

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks, Darci! More on their way...

  11. You know, I used to feel exactly the same way about Freya that you do. Serious love. But I've found the last few seasons have been hit and miss on fit, wire length, quality of fabrics and manufacturing. I've sadly lost my faith in the brand (why I've branched out to Empreinte recently). I think everything is getting cheaper and, as a result, they're using cheaper materials and construction methods. I can't tell you how it pains me to think this. I thought the fit of the Gem (I got the first wave robin blue) was horrible. I had to go down 2 cup sizes and a back size and the thing still fits so-so. The fabric is scratchy too, IMO. And I was SO excited about that one. I won't be buying another Freya online. If I cannot try it on first, I won't take the risk (though formerly just about every model fit me well).

    BTW, I kind of love pointy. I think the fact that you can't find anything that isn't round is sad. Just learned from someone in the biz that her impression is that Empreinte is trying to make it's shape rounder to suit the popular trend. Too bad for me.

    1. I like pointy too, K. Line! I'm a big fan of the Gossard Retrolution and the Curvy Kate Lottie for just those reasons. And I wouldn't worry, I think the Marvel is an experiment and it might not go over well. Who knows.

      I hope Freya will strengthen itself. This is a great collection and I love a lot of these lines, but it didn't feel like it had quite as much mojo as some other brands I saw.

      I'd agree with you on quality as well. Looking at the Empreinte bras, they were SO strong, SO rigid and in terms of technology of fit, superb. I wish there'd be a meeting in the middle somehow though. Bras that weren't $200, but were strong designs and quality in their own right. Perhaps in the future...?

    2. Trust me, I really agree. I managed to find a UK friend to send a package with my (second) Empreinte Lola to. I just heard they've discontinued that bra and, even with that brand, the Lola really fits far and away the best on me. (BTW, I tried the Ophelia in the black/mauve colourway and it's beautiful but more substantial than the Lola, which seriously looks like gossamer but fits like a corset.) Anyway, you can't ship Empreinte to North America (gotta buy it from NA vendors) and I found this bra for less than half the price I'd have paid in a shop in Toronto. FYI, it was still 100 bucks. I can scarcely afford to throw that much more disposable income at a freakin' bra after what I've recently bought, but when you find the perfect bra, I've learned you do what you must.

  12. Hey, I was just wondering what sizes the Oh-la-la body comes in if you happen to know?

    1. I sure do. The body's size range is 30-36 G, but I have a hunch that if they're successful with it, it'll be extended. It's out in October. :)

    2. Ooops, I'm a klutz - the cup range is D-G.

  13. Whooo!!! I'm thrilled to hear they're expanding the size range of the padded half cups. I don't get along with any of their soft cups or the Deco, so I had written Freya off completely. But I was at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and decided to give Freya another chance, since the Marina half cup was beautiful. I tried a 30FF, since I couldn't find a 28G. So comfortable and shapely, and the band was almost soft and fuzzy on the inside. I was super psyched to order it in a 28G, but when I asked about it, the saleslady told me it didn't come in a 28... Noooooooooo!

    So then I tried a longline in a 28G, but it was too small in the cup. WHAT. Thwarted again!

    But now all is well. I just have to exercise some patience, and a 28G half cup will be mine. Or possibly several will. :)

  14. Ola,my name is Luciana.
    my measurements in inches:
    30 'back
    39' bust
    30FF freya would be good or not?


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