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Curve NY: Empreinte Autumn/Winter 2013

Going into my meeting with Empreinte, I realized I had no idea what the brand was about. I knew it was a luxury full bust company that originates in France. I've also learned that they're known for their use of modern technology and traditional lingerie techniques. To be completely honest, I was a little nervous too. I felt like I'd been suddenly upgraded to the big kids' table! Really, I'm intimidated by anything French, luxurious and expensive whether it's a purse, cake, or bra. However after the meeting, I had a crisp understanding of the brand's vision and connected to their point of view. Empreinte believe that their lingerie should always enhance a woman's natural beauty and their products will consistently be elegant, sophisticated, and assembled from the best materials. It doesn't get better than that, right? Let's take a look at their fashion offerings for Autumn/Winter 2013:

Empreinte Ludmila in Rouge Impérial
The Ludmila, which will be available in rouge and noir, was the first line I saw from the first meeting I've ever had at Curve. After looking at this design up close, I'd have been happy to turn around and walk out. The background is inspired by historic Venetian tapestries and it took my breath away. But, the corset detailing? It took everything I had to refrain from hyperventilating. NOTE to RETAILERS reading this: If you stock Empreinte, PLEASE order from this line so I can come find your shop and buy myself the entire get up...even it if doesn't fit me! I know, I know. I'm a bad bra blogger. 

Rose in Noir

The Rose -- in Noir above and Orchidée below -- will be the second fashion offering from Empreinte. The visible criss cross seaming, Betty Draper roses, and the high waist panty all wonderfully nod to the 50's. I'm delighted by the giant rosette too, since it's a punch of humor or whimsy in an otherwise seriously sultry design. In terms of the Orchidée colorway below, my camera didn't capture the hues well. It's a classy and unusual combination in person.

Rose in Orchidée

When explaining their release structure to me, the Empreinte representative told me that each season, they offer at least two glamorous lines and one basic group. She explained that they intend for their lingerie to be accessible for every woman and they don't believe that their sophisticated perspective should stop with the "fancy" bras (my word, not her's!). The Capucine is that option this season and arrives with the VERY flattering Paprika shade.

Capucine Balcony* - Paprika

Capucine Full Cup*  - Ivoire
Inspired by Cabaret motives, the Ophélia is meant to circle back to the design themes in the Ludmila. The fanning throughout the Ludmila's upper cup matches the Ophélia's subtle Art Deco waves. This set probably won my heart with the bold ruffled straps and teeny tiny polka dots. Swoon.

Ophélia - Ardoise
From all the gushing, you can probably tell I'm in feverish love with most of Empreinte's collection. I have no opinions on their fit since I've never tried a piece on, but I'd like to say, this brand is worth the high price point. After a run down of their creation process and fabric research, I was awed. The materials may look delicate, but don't be tricked, they're built Ford tough. If you'd like me to post more thoroughly on that subject, please let me know! I'd love to dedicate a post to the "technicalities" behind bras in the future. Their lingerie is also an inspiring combination of sensuality, glamour and most importantly, they don't take themselves too seriously. 

I'm dying to know, has anyone tried Empreinte?? What was your experience? 

And, of course, it's important to note that this is a European grading system so the cups extend D, E, F, G, and H. Therefore, there are three double cup measurements missing (the DD, the FF, and the GG) which we're used to with the British brands.


  1. Empreinte are my go-to every day bras, folowed by Fauve.

    In terms of fit, they are the most comfortable bras I own - fabulous for every day, and they may be expensive, but they last very well ... so buy two of these rather than wasting money on dozens of bras that don't. The seamless Melody has wide stain padded straps, a very high satin side so not 'armpit fat' - it also has a beautiful natural shape under clothes.

    In terms of sizing - I'm a 30GG at Fauve, and a 30G in Empreinte as they cut generously.

    I really hope you do buy one of their bras, as it is always a pity no lingerie bloggers ever review them, probably as they are expensive.

    I buy them at Rigby and Peller - - where they are a lot more money, but I am happy to pay for the fitting service and their expertise. They can be bought for much less at Figleaves.

    1. Dorothy, you're the bearer of wonderful news! Looking through the catalog last night, I was a little horror struck that they wouldn't fit as I'm a British G and the European G is widely tauted to be considerably smaller. And I agree, if you calculate the price as cost-per-wear, these might be CHEAPER than less expensive lines. I'm also mad for Fauve. ;)

      Unfortunately, I've tried to be crafty and find them in the past on Figleaves and due to purchasing/exporting conditions, they're available only on the U.K. version. I'll hunt them down and put up a review as soon as possible!

      When I was in the meeting, they mentioned that the Melody is their all-time bestseller and certainly a leader in the North American market. It's wonderful to read a perspective that reinforces that!

    2. I suspect you might have to go down a cup with them - as I am firmly GG, sometimes H (when travelling, PMS, retaining chocolate, etc). So when Rigby and Peller put me into the Melody 30G I was thrilled - but when I asked to see what else they had in a G, they broke the news to me ... The plunge version only goes up to an F, but they fitted me into that as they said it was the best they could do for a plunge. They also do lovely bikinis.

      I'm not sure if you actually saw the Melody, but it is a marvel of construction - one almost feels as if one is not wearing anything. And unlike Fauve, where I need two sizes to cover time of month etc, the Melody somehow works for both.

      I know a few people sell them on eBay, once you know your size; ditto it's a great place to get Fauve out of season bras at bargain prices.

      Another really good "luxe basic" brand Rigby and Peller do is Prima Donna, which is cheaper.

    3. Hey Dorothy! First of all, "retaining chocolate"?! Hahaha, I love it.

      I did see the Melody in person when I saw Empreinte, but didn't manage to grab a great photo of it. I was actually quite surprised because in pictures, it looked like "a lotta bra" and a little, um, mature. The bra in person is much more sophisticated, rich, and a real marvel of bra wizardry.

      I'll definitely check out ebay too. For all the bra stalking I do, I always forget about them. Duh.

      It's so funny you mentioned Prima Donna, I saw them earlier this evening! I'm really taken with their styles and again, a bit worried about where I might find their fashion colorways in this country. Gorgeous brand.

  2. The only review I've seen of Empreinte was on Bras I Hate & Love's blog. Her sister did a review. I wish I could do a review for you, because those bras are gorgeous! I'm out of their size range, though.

    1. Laura, I'm in total agreement. Their bras are beyond lingerie, they're art! I'll have to find Bras I Hate & Love's review so I can check out the guest post. I believe Darlene at Hourglassy has also tried them. I can't wait to really see what their sizing is like too. British Gs are meant to be bigger, but it's usually British brands tauting that.

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. I wore Empreinte almost excusively in my late teens, because it was the only "full-bust" (they didn't make H cup at the time and I'm not sure about the G cups, I remember the fitter altering F cup bras for me) brand available. The quality and support were excellent. I could only affort about two bras evey year and I made sure they last! Of course, this was 15 years ago, so things may have changed, but between age 17 and 20, all my bras were either Chantelle or Empreinte and I remember prefering Empreinte. I also remember the brand using customers to model their sets in a leaflet, which was not a usual practice at the time.

    1. Les Gros Bonnets, I'm glad to hear another enthusiastic response. When I was in the meeting, I was concerned that they're too pricey and no one would be interested. I also find the history behind the evolution of full bust lingerie to be FASCINATING. Many of the brands have mentioned how old certain companies are or how their fitting came to be. It's really hit home that ALL of it is sooo new. Props to Empreinte for being on board from the beginning!

  4. I just started wearing Empreinte last week and I am a total convert. The Lola, particularly, is perfection. Comfortable, supportive. The back band is awesome. It's firm, it doesn't move at all. The cups are super close set (no wide or high gore) and I have close set, "balanced" but deep breasts (neither full on top or on bottom, more in the middle). I do find the brand fits large. I went down a cup size. Mind you the Lola cost me 225 CDN dollars, so it is NOT cheap. The undies were 125.00 (I didn't get them and I always wear sets but I could not justify that charge). I did get the black bra and have other undies that can be well-matched. I also got the Kaela - very round shape (I prefer more pointed, in truth) but good for seamless needs as the pattern doesn't show through. That one was less pricey, but still $$, and the undies were 95.00 (got those because the bra can't be matched otherwise).

    1. K. Line, this is wonderful to hear. They were a real mystery to me before I saw the collection. I believe that the Kaela and Melody are big bestsellers in North America. There was some snickering about how on the other side of the pond, we love our contoured cups. And the price point...yes. When I see those big numbers, I definitely gulp and I'm willing to throw down major cash for quality lingerie.

      Looking at Empreinte in person, they looked like they'd last until the Apocalypse. The structure, the technology, the lace techniques...the brand is ultra-focused on these factors and that was evident in the design. So, if a Freya bra lasts me a year/year and a half and Empreinte lasts me three, I'm okay with that!

      Glad to hear from another convert. :)

  5. I am moving from Prima Donna to Empreinte. I am tired of spending ton$$ in Prima Donnas and the bra band stretches too soon. I change bra everyday ( pants too ) and PD bras only last me 4-6 months.

  6. I am going to move from Prima Donna to Empreinte. I change Prima Donna Every single day X 7 per week and prima donna bras stretches out in 4-6 months. I hand wash with Forever New every 3 weeks and hanf to dry in my bathroom. I grew up wearing La Perla that why I have the good habit od hand wash all my intimates. Since I am only a DD I still able to wear La Perla and Agent Provocateur.


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