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Well hello, my name is Cecily! I'm the brains and boobs behind Miss Underpinnings!

I drink ridiculous amounts of tea and blog my (under)pants off. Miss Underpinnings is a full bust style and lingerie blog. I write about the pretty foundations for DD+ women, discuss body confidence and document my own evolving style. I like high waist briefs, garters, and anything handmade. I live in the Massachusetts mountains with my paramour/man pet and wayyyy too many Freya sets.


  1. Cecily
    I do enjoy your musings and have added your blog to my list of favourite bloggers on my site to share with my own readers
    Just keep doing what you are doing

  2. Hi
    We are a french blog in relation with Ewa Michalak.
    We have been told (by them) that you have made pictures of their factory. Is it so ? Could we get them ? We don't find them in your (very nice) blog ...
    (And of cours we inted to report about your blog that we just discover ^^)
    Marie Severine

  3. there il an error .... the mail is :
    Thanxs if you can find a minute to send the picture of the Ewa Michalak factory !
    Marie Séverine

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