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Curve NY: Fantasie Spring/Summer 2015

Fantasie Spring/Summer 2015 Mae Basque 
With their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Fantasie is trying to cover all it's bases at once and time will tell if this is a reliably successful approach or if they are simply spreading themselves too thin. I'm leaning towards the former, as the lines seemed well-balanced between luxurious and utilitarian, embellished and minimalist, and fuller coverage and downright sexy. They're trying to offer something for everyone -- a goal many brands aim for and subsequently fail to achieve -- and I think they've hit that sweet spot. I'm quite pleased with the designs aimed at me and for those that aren't, well, they don't seem so bad either. But y'all will be the final judge, do you see something for yourself amongst their upcoming collection?

Allegra in "White" Vertical Seam Bra, 32-38 B-C & 30-38 D-FF & 30-36 G or Underwired Side Support Bra, 30-40 D-FF & 30-38 G-GG with matching brief, thong and short, XS-XXL ("Black" scheduled for November; "White" scheduled for January)

After it's debut in the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, Allegra returns with vigor for Spring/Summer 2015 in white and black, both of which are slated as continuity colors. They'll join the Butterscotch, another continuity, and the Rouge, a seasonal fashion, arriving around November.

Since Eveden has chosen to end their production of Fauve after Autumn/Winter 2014, there's been a big change to the parent company's roster and the shift is most evident in Fantasie. The designers decided to absorb Fauve's European sensibilities and luxuriously fine details into a handful of Fantasie lines, including the Allegra. The sheer vertical seam bra is reminiscent of French lingerie and the swirling, intricate embroidery is a nod to Fauve's signature opulence.

I feel as if I should be the perfect customer for Fantasie/Fauve hybrid designs, but the basic Allegras leave me wanting more. I remember liking the vertical seam bra in Rouge, although my notes say I also thought the side support version was "too much". It's all perfectly pretty, if a little ho-hum. There's something vaguely boring about the Allegra that keeps me from getting super pumped.

Side note: Black will be available around November and will include an additional item, a suspender belt in sizes S-XL.

Eclipse in "Viola" & "Ivory" Spacer Moulded Balcony Bra, 32-38 C & 30-40 D-F & 30-38 FF & 30-36 G with matching brief and short, XS-XXL (Brazilian thong available as well, XS-XL) ("Viola" scheduled for December; "Ivory" scheduled for January)
Born from their runaway bestseller, Rebecca, the first Eclipse should debut this month in Black, Nude Beige, and Ombre, a muted brown-grey which is much prettier than it sounds. The line expands in Spring/Summer 2015 with "Viola" and "Ivory" so you'll be able to choose from five different colorways by February. I think this line and it's rapid growth shows us where Fantasie believes it's strengths lie. Like the Freya Deco, Fantasie is now planning multiple fashions for Rebbeca, released the printed Rebecca Mirage and Nouveau for the last two seasons, and now, the wide selection of the modified Rebecca-inspired Eclipse. No matter what you else you might say about them, Eveden can spot a cash cow from miles away.

I shouldn't complain, I'm very excited about the Eclipse. The full cup Rebecca is comfy as hell, but since my frame is a bit small, full cup bras (especially Fantasie's) tend to look as if they're going to eat my chest. They're the Godzilla of bras! The Eclipse will be a better fit and look for me (and any of the ladies who have the same problem!) than the original, fuller Rebecca.

Side note: If you're curious, I tried the Rebecca in July 2013 and you can read my review here.

Rebecca in "Honeysuckle" & "Sea Mist" Spacer Moulded Full Cup Bra, 30-40 D-FF & 30-38 G & 30-36 GG & 30-34 H with matching brief, XS-XXL and thong, XS-XL ("Sea Mist" scheduled for December; "Honeysuckle" scheduled for April)
Sweet, on-trend colors for the Rebecca.

Rebecca Mirage in "Blush" Spacer Moulded Full Cup Bra (see size range above, no H cups available in the Mirage) with matching brief and short, XS-XXL (Scheduled for March)
I love the blush tones that swept through Curve this season, but I was so jazzed by the "Smoke Grey" Rebecca Mirage last season that I can't summon the same enthusiasm for this Spring/Summer fashion.

Julia in "Raspberry Ripple" Side Support Bra, 30-40 D-FF & 30-38 G-H with matching thong and short, XS-XL and brief, XS-XXL (Scheduled for January)
Julia in "Blueberry" (see size ranges above) is scheduled for December 
I like the Julia well enough. It's too much bra for moi, although I like the popping energy created by the mix between this detailed print and an excessive use of matching lace.

Susanna in "Fuchsia" Side Support Bra, 30-38 D & 30-42 DD-F & 30-40 FF-G & 30-38 GG-H with matching brief and short, XS-XXL and thong, XS-XL (Scheduled for January)
For the new season, the "Moonlight" blue Susanna will be replaced by this glaring pink mix. I don't usually like blue lingerie so I prefer the version above but it's no where near the top of my wish list.

Eloise in "Sorbet" Side Support Bra, 30-40 D-FF & 30-38 G-J with matching brief and thong, XS-XL and brief, XS-XXL
Scheduled for February 
THANK THE HEAVENS, Fantasie managed to step up it's print game by A LOT. For Autumn/Winter 2014 (a.k.a. the season that's currently showing up in stores), the patterns are a complete and epic disaster. There was the childish, mod-inspired Mollie, the abstract and oversized peonies on the Abigail and the downright trippy car wreck called Evelyne. Everything's changed for Spring/Summer 2014 with the solidly pretty Julia, watercolor Eloise above, and my personal favorite, the Alicia that you'll see below.

The Eloise's shimmering soft tones, muted pastels and Monet-inspired color palette fit in beautifully with this season's balletic trend. I'm totally onboard with this new shift and find it 110% fresher than the unavoidable brights and neons that have dominated the fashion market lately. I also realize this trend isn't for everyone; it's unapologetically feminine and elegantly "antique-y" which won't jive with every Fantasie fan, but no matter what you think of it, it's a definite upgrade from what the brand has put out for Autumn/Winter 2014. Let's drink to that.

Elodie in "Peach Blossom" Side Support Bra, 30-40 D & 30-42 DD-F & 30-40 FF-G & 30-38 GG-J with matching brief and thong, S-XXL (Scheduled for February)
The intelligent, sensible, and distractingly beautiful lady who showed me the Eveden collections said that she "might be the last person who gets excited by the Elodie". It's an ancient, pillar-of-the-brand line that, until recently, was regulated to the back of the catalog where the unexciting stuff is. For Autumn/Winter 2014, the Elodie got a sharp contrast color makeover which revived the tired design and the new enthusiasm has spilled into Spring/Summer 2015. The "Peach Blossom" is part of the ballet trend I mentioned above and while it's not as shocking a change as the "Magenta" was, it's still far more exciting than what the designers have done with the Elodie in the past. It'll also work well as a beige alternative for lighter complexions.

Mae in "Champagne" Padded Half Cup Bra, 32-38 C & 30 D-G or Side Support Bra, 30-38 D & 30-42 DD-F & 30-40 FF-G & 30-38 GG-H or Moulded Strapless Bra, 32-40 D & 30-40 DD-E & 30-38 F-G &30-36 GG or Basque, 30-38 D-G with matching brief and high waisted brief, XS-XXL and brazilian thong, XS-XL (Also available suspender belt, S-XL & garter, S/M & M/L)
Mae in "Champagne" scheduled for February; Mae in "Lipstick" scheduled for May 
Le sigh. Mae, you beautiful puddle of gorgeousness, what am I going to do with you?! Like the Allegra's Fauve DNA, the Mae is a bridal "hybrid" with ridiculously luxe touches and unsurprisingly, a higher price point to match. The "Champagne" colorway contains a wide selection of pieces so it feels as if Fantasie is confident that the Mae will become a hit. Well, it's already got me! The Italian floral print is flocked so when you touch the material, you can actually feel the pattern. The color combination looks like something out of an Edith Wharton novel and the smaller embellishments leave it looking more sophisticated.

Side note: In addition to the "Champagne" fashion in the photos, there will be a "Lipstick" fashion with a light pink base and bright pink flocked flowers. It's a smaller collection, without the basque, high waisted brief, suspender belt and of course, garter. When I visited Eveden's Manhattan headquarters, the "Lipstick" had been taken to the Las Vegas Curve show so I wasn't able to snag any pictures. :(

Alex in "Black" Side Support Bra, 30-42 D-FF & 30-38 G-J with matching brief, XS-XXL (Both continuity colors scheduled for March)
Alex Close Up
The Alex above and the Jacqueline below are two sides of the same coin; they're new designs with fuller coverage and they're intended for a slightly older or more conservative customer. The Alex retails at a lower price point and was so popular with buyers that Eveden decided to add a beige option to the white and black basics they'd planned. I'm crazy about art nouveau touches (see: the Panache Dahlia) so I liked the Alex a lot.

Jacqueline in "Black" Full Cup with Side Support Bra, 30-40 D-FF & 30-38 G-H with brief, XS-XXL and short, XS-XL (Both continuity colors scheduled for April)
Jacqueline is for the fancier side of the Alex customer and with it's bagged out seams and Jacquard styling, retails at a higher price point. Fantasie envisions this type of customer buying multiple Alex basics for day-to-day purposes and when she's looking for something more high end, scooping up the Jacqueline. I'm repulsed by anything that glitters so while the fabric is crazy soft and bagged out seams are ideal for a smooth feeling against the body, I'll be skipping this style. And that's okay, since I don't think I'm it's target customer. The Jacqueline's brand new shape promises "side support with fuller coverage in cup and underarm" which isn't a feature I've been missing.

Alicia in "Blossom" Plunge Bra, 32-38 C & 30-38 D-G or Side Support Bra, 30-40 D-FF & 30-38 G-J with matching brief, thong, and short, XS-XL (Scheduled for May)
Shall I count the ways I love the Alicia?

  1. • The colors are bold, but are well balanced by the white base so the combination is attractive rather than overwhelming. 
  2. • The embroidery matches the bra's fabric (something the Fantasie designers were focusing on this season) which "completes" the design. 
  3. • The embroidered top cup has a lot of negative space -- the unadorned mesh material -- where the eye can rest.  
  4. • It'll be available in a plunge shape which means that it's a Fantasie bra that won't look like it's attacking my boobs. I know this reason is on the selfish side, sorry not sorry. 
  5. • Those flowers are part of a larger trend story I enjoy; they circle back to the soft painterly prints we've seen elsewhere for Spring/Summer 2015. 

So, yeah, you could say I like this one. [Yells: "Alicia, get on my bodaaay!"]

Side note: In addition to the "Lipstick" Mae, the Ivana in "Rosewood" and the Natalie in "Samba" were unavailable when I stopped by the showroom so they're missing from this review. I apologize and as soon as they return to the NYC office, I'll ask that they be photographed, emailed over and I'll update the post.  

Side note: I didn't cover the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection that I mentioned repeatedly here so I've included links to lines that have debuted online and you can see the entire group in detail on Stanikomania's Flickr

I think Fantasie did a terrific job juggling it's customers' tastes, budgets, and fit requirements. The prints were an unbelievable improvement, the seasonal colorways were attractive and Fauve was successfully integrated into the Allegra, Mae, and Jacqueline lines. 

What do you think? 

Is there something in this collection for you?


  1. I know this is no surprise to you, Cecily, after my PROLONGED WHINING ABOUT IT: why are Eveden's lookbooks so, so terrible this season? Half of these collections look brand new to me because I literally can't tell what the colors/patterns look like when I'm looking at the books. I'm pleasantly surprised by most of them, fortunately, but I also strongly agree with you re: Rebecca Mirage: the grey one that's showing up in stores right now is so, so lovely and perfect for the shape/style, and this beige version leaves me cold. Thank you for such great coverage!

    1. Oh my god, you have no idea! When I saw the Alicia in person, I was like, "Wait, what?!" because we had looked at the books and hadn't found anything as appealing as that. Also, it's very weird -- I was going through the Huit catalog and there are 3 or 4 more pages of promo images where, you know, you can see what you're looking at. I can deal with the small font and plain product images, but the lack of true lookbook images leaves their catalogs sorely lacking. I want the old books back! :(

      Rebecca Mirage - right!? The grey/black was haaaawt and I'm definitely not feeling the blush EVEN THOUGH you know I'm all about the blush right now.

  2. Not a huge fan of the collection overall, but I do like the Eloise and Elodie. I am attracted to those subtle vintage colors. I'm just feeling kind of jaded by everything released by Eveden lately. Nothing really WOWS me at all.

    1. Florence, I'm right there with you! While I gravitate towards some designs over others, I really wish they'd step up their game. And hip hip hurray! for vintage colors like Eloise and Elodie. :)

  3. I am all over the Eclipse. I do like Rebecca but it's so nice to have a lower coverage option.
    I continue to be surprised at my excitement for Allegra. Simple and sheer. Reminds me a bit of Panache Confetti, except there's a vertical seam option which seems pretty tasty.
    One thing we do agree on is love of art nouveau on bras. I adore my Dahlia, and Alex also gets a thumbs-up.

    Another thing I noticed is that both Panache and Fantasie are discontinuing their luxury lines to integrate some with their...I guess flagship lines? I suppose the market for luxury full-figure lingerie is a tricky one.

    1. Woo hoo! Another Eclipse fan!! I like your reference to Panache Confetti, it fits and boy, you are testing my archival bra knowledge with that one. :) Art nouveau for the win.

      Faustinelli, I think it's FASCINATING that Panache pulled Masquerade and Eveden cancelled Fauve in THE EXACT SAME season! I don't think that's a coincidence, but the ramifications and what it says about the market is really, really interesting to me.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ugh! If they'd only go down to a 28 band, I'd be ALL OVER the Allegra. Like cheese on a pizza. I'm also pleased with what they've done with the Elodie because I'm pretty sure I've been actively ignoring it in the past.

    (Apologies for the deleted comment, I think I may have replied to another commenter instead of just commenting)

  5. I never thought about being a posible target of this Eveden brand, so I do not feel dissapointed by this collection. It's the other way around. First time I'm considering ordering a Fantasie bra. I really love the Allegra with vertical seems, although I prefer it in its red version. And those art nouveau designs and soft vintagy colors do catch my eye and I would very happily try the Eloise, Elodie or Alex.


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