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Lingerie & Loungewear to Get You Through the Blues

I'm digging her pajama bottoms.
Around Valentine's Day and Christmas, a million posts go up exclaiming which pieces of lingerie would make the perfect gift and God knows, I eat those up. However, what about the other 363 days of the year? Why aren't their lingerie lists for when you're unemployed or when you're mad bloated on your period or when your current "boyfriend" happens to be a fictional character in a tv show? Forget the sexy stuff and the cute frills or bows, I'd like to share what I've really been wearing for the last six months. Truth time, bitches.

Bravissimo Vest Top 

My grey one is sold out, but there's a hot pink racer back available in a multitude of sizes.
If these come in your size, do yourself a favor and buy one of Bravissimo's wirefree tops right away. I got mine last August when I went to the U.K. and I've worn it at least once every week since then. They're perfect for Netflix bingeing, lazy grocery shopping or any other time you're sure you're in for a long, thoroughly unproductive day. Remember that insanely soft hooded sweatshirt you bought in college? You know, the one with the name of your alma mater scrolled in all caps across the front? Yeah, it's like that, except it's for your boobs.

Maternity Sleeping Shirt

Again, the one my mom bought in 1987 is sold out, but the cute set above is from ASOS.
Did you think maternity loungewear was just for mothers!? Hah! Lately, I've been wearing the sleeping shirt my mom wore when she was pregnant with me. CRAZY, right?! I don't know how it's survived the last 26+ years, but it works. It's like wearing a cotton blanket around the house and it's so oversized, it covers my bum.  It also telegraphs that "I'm-definitely-not-leaving-the-house" vibe that comes with depression or a broken heart.

Black Leggings

Modcloth Ace of Basics Leggings in Black

When I'm in the dark times, it's as if pants have never been invented and leggings are the only acceptable thing to wear in public. Mine are so worn in that they feel like a second skin and when I inevitably end up eating meals in bed and spilling the contents in my lap, the stains almost disappear.

Panache Sports Bra

Panache Sports Bra 
I should do a proper review of this sometime because I love it, but damn, it's a little hell demon to get on. Once it's on though, it's not coming off! Like a back brace or orthodontia, the Panache Sports Bra fuses with my physique so completely that it doesn't feel as if I'm wearing it.  It becomes an extension of my own body, like Wolverine's claws or Spiderman's web shooters.

Your Ex-Boyfriend's Graphic T-Shirt

Urban Outfitters Tupac Trust Nobody Tee
I live in a wonderful small town where everybody's nice to one another and it's awesome, except when I hate the world and don't want to say hello to my third grade teacher in the pharmacy when I'm picking up my antidepressants. During those outings, I need clothing that nonverbally communicates my aggressively anti-social feelings and I've found that t-shirts with conferential rap lyrics work wonderfully. My hometown acquaintances are far less likely to approach me when I'm wearing a Tupac tee that reads, LIVE BY THE GUN/DIE BY THE GUN.

[Side note: I snagged my graphic tee when I was dumped and I have no regrets because Break Up Code clearly states that whoever wore it the most gets to keep it. Wearers keepers!]

Silk High Waist Underwear
Mary Green Full Brief Retro Panty -- I own these and while the lace got skanky because I (gasp!) didn't hand wash it, the silk still feels luscious. 
Like the slimming black leggings above, these high waist briefs trick me into thinking that my steady diet of ice cream, cereal, toast and pasta hasn't made me gain weight. Denial is for winners.

[Photo Credit: <a href="">Nathan Congleton</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>]

Your turn! What do you guys wear when you're depressed, sick, agoraphobic or otherwise indeposed?  


  1. Great post :).

    When I feel like crap, I usually wear my 5+ year old SoLow pants with silly graphics on the waist band and these cheapo Coobie bra knock-offs from Amazon that were supposed to be just for breast augmentation post-op:

    Rock on.

    1. Thanks!

      Isn't it awesome when you've worn something for so many years and it morphs into the WORLD'S COMFIEST THING?! There should be a noun to describe that feeling.

  2. Never mind if I'm depressed or not! When I get home I always dress depressed :-) I wear a pair of jersey yoga pants and a long sleeved Gap T (all colours of tops and bottoms welcome, none need match). Lately, I've added a lounge bra because I've hit that age and stage. That sort of depresses me...

    1. There's no shame in a lounge bra! If I had one, I'd wear that sucker everyday and I'm a crisp 26.

  3. Totally Mary Green. She has some pajamas (got them on the half off sale) that are my go-to if I just want to feel comfortable and expensive. I also love her cami tops.

    1. I'm with you there, she's got these sheer floral robes each season which I aspire to own.

  4. As much as I love to read about adorable matching sets and frilly things, this is probably one of my favorite lingerie blog posts ever.

    I love that you wore your mother's maternity shirt. One of my children likes to fall asleep while fiddling with the edge of the sleeves on the grody, age-old cotton t-shirts I wear as pajama tops. I'll make sure I save a couple of them to give to her when she's grown in case she goes through some tough times later on!

  5. I am appreciating this post about now too...I am currently 8.75 months pregnant and this has been a rough ride with bouts of depression along the way. I have been doing a lot of lounging in the last few weeks and after reading this post it occurred to me that I have been wearing the same pair of green "cheerleading shorts" for the last week...the catch? I have had them since I was actually a cheer leader at the age of 16 around, oh, 15 years ago. They look something like this:

    But don't be fooled, there is nothing like a good worn in waistband to make the fit perfect and comfortable. Oh and the waistband on these is exposed...back at the age of 16 we used to roll them down once to expose the waistband, but is seems like they've just gone ahead and cut out that step by slapping the elastic right on top.


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