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Countdown to Curve: Looking Forward to Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 Curvy Kate "Madagascar"

Like a grab bag, Curvy Kate has a few lines each season that I'm into and the rest, well, I'm not. The Firecracker, the Portia's seasonal color way and Ritzy's Ruby version were all immediate personal favorites. And while I don't usually go for blue lingerie, the navy Princess and Roxie are delightfully preppy. On the flip side, the sparkle-y embroidery pieces and the sour candy colors  -- "frost" and "boysenberry" -- are ones I'll be skipping. I had my usual reaction to the previews for Spring/Summer 2015. They're a mix between pieces I want now and designs that, like the "younger" sets from Cleo and Tutti Rouge, are too bright or too precious for me. 
Spring/Summer 2015 "Cascade" and "Daisy" are too Barbi doll sweet for me.

Of the lines I'll be previewing at Curve next week, I'm the most excited to see the new zebra-printed Madagascar. It resembles Freya's recent Jungle Fever but by swapping out monochrome for a warm peach, the sheer material gives a softer and more feminine impression. I'm guessing that the "poppy" will also be flattering for me and my yellow undertones. 

Incorporating the same colors as the Madagascar, the Temptress is an interesting new foam-lined plunge style. I'm particularly curious about what the seemingly sheer components of the matching bottoms will look like. They're an intriguing pattern, almost like beach pebbles. 
Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 2015 "Temptress"

If you'd like to check out the upcoming collection, Curvy Kate has unveiled their catalog online. Check it out here. Oh, and there's swim


  1. The Temptress is my favorite! Sadly, I've never had luck with Curvy Kate bras and I've been reluctant to try more since the disaster that was the Carmen longline. But I might make an exception for the Temptress!

    I can't wait for your posts about Curve :).

  2. Which CK models do you think work best for full on top breasts? I once tried Tease Me and I just couldn't get a good fit. I'm normally a 32G in Panache/Cleo/Masquerade and Ewa Michalak, but I'm still confused about CK's sizing.

  3. I love the blue "Cascade". Thanks for sharing this article. Can wait to read the new posts....


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