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Lulu Tout, Exclusively at Figleaves

Since I took an extended break from blogging, there have been a number of exciting developments in the world of full bust lingerie. And I've got to hand it to Figleaves, their new in-house label, Lulu Tout, is definitely one of them! I had the opportunity to get a look at the entire collection a few months ago and I left the preview feeling mighty impressed. The collection includes three lines which all deviate into two separate colorways -- the teal green or grey Coco Lace, the electric blue or black Amelie and the monochrome or purple Fleur Rose. Granted, it's a small debut, but in so many ways, it's the budget brand I've been waiting for. Shall we oggle more prettiness?

I'm all for inexpensive products that look classier and more luxurious than they are (I get unabashedly excited about trips to Tarjay), but in the full bust size range, it's incredibly hard to find modestly priced lingerie that truly works. However, I've had great luck with the Midnight Grace line from Figleaves so when I learned the online retailer would be debuting a slightly more "middle market" DD+ collection, I was pumped. Lulu Tout was inspired by the whimsical loveliness of the great French brands like LOU Paris, Huit, Chantelle and the Francophile label, Mimi Holliday. Unfortunately, as enamored I am with that aesthetic, the $70+ price tag doesn't always fit into my budget. Lulu Tout resolves that conundrum with bras priced at just $38 and matching shorts or thongs for $24 and $25 respectively. Can I hear a "Hallelujah!"?! 

Coco in Emerald
If you're one of those ladies who long for green lingerie (I know you're out there!), then you'll be delighted by this version of the Coco Lace. And apologies, my amateur pictures have turned this colorway a little more blue than it is in real life so for a true look, check out the images in this review by Sweet Nothings.

Coco in Grey
Within each line there are two bra constructions, a three piece cup for DD-H gals and a vertical seam demi for our A-D sisters. Of course, as a frustrated half cup obsessed psycho, I'm envious of the style that doesn't come in my size range (First world problem, n'est ce pas?), but that's my only complaint from what I've seen of the brand so far.

Fleur Rose in "Nude"/Black
Okay, truth time: I was prepared to hate the Fleur Rose design. When I saw the collection, a few styles had already been added to the website so I had some ideas of what I'd like/dislike beforehand. The roses seemed a bit grandiose for my lingerie drawer so imagine my surprise when the beige-y transparent/black turned out to be one of my favorites! This set plays on the tattoo theme - a huge trend for Autumn/Winter 2014! - in a way that perfectly combines ΓΌber-femininity with a heavy dose of sass.

Fleur Rose in Purple
Amelie in Electric Blue 
And here's where my brain broke into spasms of lingerie-aholic joy -- the Amelie!! Right, I'm crazy for polka dots, sheer materials, flat bows and scallop details so when I saw this bad boy, I knew it was meant to be. Even though it's not usually one of "my colors", I think the electric blue is super duper pretty. But then again, the black is sooo classic! I WANT IT ALL, DAMNIT.

Amelie in Black
I can't forget to mention the practical information too: Lulu Tout's full bust bras are available in U.K. sizes 30 E-H, 32-34 DD-H, and 36-38 DD-G with bottoms from 8 to 18.

It's shameless to admit, given how many lingerie sets currently overwhelm my drawers, but I want one of everything! Puh-lease, somebody get me the grey Coco, the black tattoo Fleur and either one of the Amelies?? They'd make great, uh, Easter gifts...?

Sooooo, what do you think of the brand new Lulu Tout

Have you tried one of the styles? And if so, how'd you like the fit and look??


  1. I bought the Fleur Rose (size 32G). I loved the look and feel, and it fit almost perfectly (slight orange-in-a-glass, but I generally need very deep cups, so most women should be OK with the cup depth), and it's comfortable. However, there is very little support. I wore it around the house under a heavy top for a day, and didn't notice the problem. A few days later I wore it to work, and I could see my breasts bouncing around like crazy. I felt very subconscious about my breasts throughout that day, and I've now relegated Fleur Rose to wear-around-the-house status.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for commenting! K.Line's assessment agrees with yours so it's great for me (and any other interested parties!) to know that I might experience the same issue. And like you said, I don't always notice minimal support issues right away so it's good to have a head's up and be able to watch out for it.

  2. Great photos! I'm obsessed with this brand right now. I have the Fleur Rose set, the Amelie, and the Coco Lace. I love how pretty they are, and are well made. I feel that the cups run small though, so I would suggest sizing up in the cup or 2, depending on the shape of your breasts. The band is firm also. When you find the right fit, this brand is amazing though! I'm a 34FF these days, and I have the Lulu Tout sets in that size but they are definitely snug in the cups, while the band is very firm, so i might size up to a 34G next time!


    1. Amber, I'm crazy jealous! You already have all three? You're living my dream! :)
      And thank you for the fit advice, I'm going to order as soon as possible so that info will be a big help.

  3. I'm so, so impressed with Lulu Tout. The designs are classic, pretty, and wearable, and the price point is really fantastic. I'm interested to see what future seasons have in store!

    1. Me too!! They came out of the blue, but they've really blown me away. BTW, your review of the Coco is excellent! Love those profesh photos. ;)

  4. I've actually tried the Coco and, gotta say, I was very disappointed. I did review it on my blog: It's not so much that it didn't fit but that it provided next to no support. It's a cheap-feeling brand. I suspect it works well for young people (for whom the pricepoint is likely optimal) who have light, youthful breasts. Sorry to be the voice of dissent, but I cannot recommend it.

    1. K. Line, you're not the voice of dissent at all. Anonymous above had the exact same problem so this definitely confirms a possible problem for potential consumers. Your feedback really helps! It's too bad, but now I'll know to watch out for the minimal support issue when I eventually try Lulu Tout.

  5. I think, you should model them...

  6. Hi Cecily!

    I actually did a review of the Lulu Tout Amelie - check it out if you like :). I just started out a few weeks ago as a lingerie blogger.


  7. Hi Cecily!

    I actually did a review of the Lulu Tout Amelie :). Feel free to check it out. I am a brand new blogger on the scene - just started a couple weeks ago. You have definitely been one of my big inspirations in the lingerie blogging world!


  8. Ugh, why don't they go to 28 bands? I LOVE the Amelie in black. It's kind of retro, and I am so into the sheer fabric with the nipple-covering lace panel. It reminds me of the Wacoal Retro Chic Full Figure bra.


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