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Hear Ye, Hear Ye: The Sunday Intimates' Retail Website Launched Today!!!

You guys, it's UP. It's finally here: Sunday Intimates, an amazing new brand from California, launched their website today and their Spring/Summer 2014 collection is now available for pre-order! No joke, I want it all. All of it. Every damn piece -- from the floral kimono to the glittery gold longline bra to the polka dot pajama set -- feels as if it was made just for me. If you haven't heard of this indie company yet or want more information on the darlings behind this brand, I highly recommend you peruse Sweet Nothings' exclusive interview with them. I also had a chance to try on this season's designs during Curve Autumn/Winter 2013 show so if you'd like to know what I thought of the comfort or fit, take a look at this post. :)


  1. Seventy dollar briefs for the Monday collection made my eyes as wide as dinner plates. I understand the prices for indie bras and maybe patterned fabric briefs, but I'd pair other shorts with the basic bras...
    The kimonos are very pretty. Wonder where I can find out their length...

    1. Faustinelli, I think that Sweet Nothings will be reviewing one of their kimonos soon and since she's a taller lady, I'm sure she'll have thorough information on their length. I agree, $70 for briefs can feel like an abrupt splash of freezing water to the face, I'd ideally like to get the sets, but mixing and matching leaves me feeling extra creative too. Either way, it works out.

    2. Faustinelli, the sample kimono I had over the weekend was about 33 inches/34 cm long. Hope that helps!

    3. Not 34 cm. 84 cm. It's still early here :)

  2. this looks nice but quite pricy for me, especially sinc eI haven't quite found the right fit yet at all.! regardless they only carry up to size 34 H, .... no 36-40 anything... weird?


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