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Santa, Baby...Bring Me Some "Day of the Week" Underwear

I've consciously skipped gift guides this year because I've realized 1) the pressure of the holidays make me spaz and I completely forget what my friends and family might like and 2) my friends and family ask for gifts that aren't on any traditional lists (No joke, Zack wants women's floral skinny jeans this year!?). But I know what's made my wishlist and there are a few people who'll be doing last minute holiday shopping (*cough, Mr. Floral Pants, cough*) so here are a few things I'd like to see under the tree. Day of the week underwear isn't exactly seasonal and I know that some crazy people find them silly, but Santa, let's get it on:

Stella McCartney Knickers of the Week available at Net-a-Porter in cream & black ($195, sold as a set of 7)
If day of the week underwear is cool enough for Stella McCartney, they're definitely cool enough for me. I've wanted one of her luxurious packs for a while and she's made multiple versions over the years with funky variations in color and embroidery (fruit motifs, anyone?). The delicate flowers and feminine font on these really appeal to me, especially atop the ruffle-trimmed, cheeky brief. 

Sassy Granny's Knickers Vintage-Style Days of the Week Panties ($100 for the 7 set or $17 for one)
I saw these on Pinterest yesterday and for a minute I panicked, thinking that it was a one-of-a-kind vintage set. Later, after I'd put my lingerie detective hat on, I found them on Etsy -- they're hand made to order, reasonably priced, and you can choose the colors you'd like included! This pack fulfills so many of my pin up girl fantasies, they've skyrocketed to the top of my Christmas wishlist.

DuduDaisy Day of the Week Panties, available on Etsy ($64.94 for a 3 pack or $27 for one)
What's classier than day of the week underwear? Underwear that tells you what day it is in French. Never mind that my French is pathetically rusty and I might not know if I'm wearing them on the right day, this collection is too cute to resist. Their fun prints, combined with the handwritten type, put a big smile on my face.


  1. Replies
    1. Riiiiiight!? I should've known these would be right up your alley. Impeccable taste, as always. ;)

  2. Oh! Oh! Those Sassy Granny knickers! I need those!

  3. que hermosas, las que estan en frances son las que más me encantan

  4. loving the top set - too cute!

  5. guuuuurl...where you been? Miss you! x

    1. I agree! I've been worried. Hope things are okay!

  6. Cecily, I love your blog! We are boob twins, so I think it's awesome that I can come here and find out, for instance, what size I need in Ewa Michalak. Please don't stop blogging!


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