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Full Bust Lingerie Review: Avocado Arielle, Caprice, & Greta

Avocado is one of my all time favorite brands so when they recently released a bevy of new styles I was beyond excited. Their designs work that rare balance between sophistication and spunk, their fit never fails, and since the co-owners are material nerds, their quality never disappoints. They don't follow the strict seasonal schedule that big brands like Freya do, with two separate collections in one year. Instead, these styles have been released and their future will depend on market demand: Avocado will either sell through a design, add an additional colorway, or continue production, but these decisions will be made based on the response from their customers. Of the three I'll be reviewing today, there's one set I'm crossing my fingers I'll see again in a new color. Can you guess which one before we begin? If you got to make the call, which one would you keep around? 

The Greta feels as if it's just fallen out of an Alphonse Mucha illustration; it's intricate swirling embroidery and ever-so-slightly circular lines make this set a piece of art nouveau perfection. The international art movement was characterized by nature-inspired pattens, just like the vine or leaf-like shapes through the Greta's upper cups, as well as curving lines, which emerge from the bra's middle seam. I love this set's overtly decorative details and how they've been balanced by bold stripes, without feeling visually overwhelmed (the short's band and the bra's plain straps and band give the eye a place to rest). I'd also love to see this set in dark green or burgundy!

Like the other black Avocado bras I've tried, the Greta's band is on the firmer side and the opaque material on the back of the band is impressively sturdy. The straps are split on the front and partially adjustable in the back, but as you can see in the photographs, mine slipped next to one another on my bony shoulders so they look like regular ones. I'm wearing my usual Avocado size above, 60H, which is equivalent to a U.K./U.S. 28" band. The Greta is an A model, with narrower and taller cups than the H and more coverage than the K.

My opinion on the Arielle changes depending on the standards I use; I raise the bar for Avocado designs so when I compare it to the sea of full bust lingerie available, it's a dream, but among the brand's recently released styles, it's the weakest link. The Arielle is an interesting mix of older Avocado styles and while it carries it's own subtle charm, it doesn't have the same striking appeal as it's predecessors. Although the embroidery through the top cups and gore is reminiscent of the brand's Kyoto line, the colors used here are so muted that they almost disappear. The raised stripe material is identical to the bestselling Luna and new Caprice, but it doesn't contrast as well with the swooping floral stitching. I'll give the Arielle credit for it's practical uses: I'm sure the embroidery's soft colors will be invisible under pale tops and it may be prettier on the body than I'm giving it credit for. However, for  a design made from the best ingredients, it still needs some salt.

The Arielle's band uses pliable fabric so the fit is looser than expected. I began wearing the Arielle on the middle hook for adequate support, something I haven't had to do with Avocado bras before. The cups fit perfectly in my usual 60H size (Side note: In the photographs above, you'll see a slight ripple in the seam which might suggest the cups are too large, but that tiny gape is actually caused by my awkward nipple covers!).

The Caprice succeeds where other beige bras fail -- it's a basic style that is as beautiful, mesmerizing and flattering as any fashion design. The best beige bras don't just cover, they enhance and the Caprice manages it with it's gold stitching and warm caramel color. It's a style with practical advantages (it will disappear under white tops or dresses), but it's also something that I'd like to show off when my clothes come off! The set's blooming, asymmetrical embroidery recall the art nouveau elements of the Greta and the raised stripes, bordering an open mesh and square polka dotted accent, return in a way that keeps the look fresh. With the same flourishing stitching as the Greta and stripes of the Luna and Arielle, the Caprice is a wonderful balance between Avocado's past and present.

The 60H fit perfectly and unlike the two previous sets, I didn't notice any anomaly in the band. The Caprice I received is an H model, which differs from the two other balconette shapes available (A and K). There are slight differences in the whole collection, but generally speaking, the H offers a compromise in coverage between the conservative A and revealing K. Both H and K have square necklines, although the width of the cups/wires is wider on the H. I don't find the width on the H uncomfortable or bothersome, however in a very technical, detail-orientated bra fitting world, the H model does meddle with my armpit area.

Avocado Arielle, Caprice, & Greta c/o Avocado 

For a special holiday treat, Avocado is running a gift voucher program this month! 


  1. But how do I buy? I am a 34G in Wacoals, for example. How do I buy my size in this maker?

    1. Considering Wacoal's, I'd say you could try a 75G. Have you been fitted in other brands? Because Wacoal's size calculator is not exactly great, and you might be another side in a british brand. They are closer to polish sizing. As an example I'm a 30FF in most brands I'd take a 65H (they use european sizing) in Avocado and a 70F in Ewa Michalak (they use european sizing for the band but they size small and british sizing in the cups).

      European sizing :

      British Sizing :

      US Sizing (not consistent so would generally not recommend) :

      Fench sizing :
      Cups follow european sizing (I'm a 80H)

  2. Hi Cecily do you know if Avocado, like Ewa Michalak, makes bras that are not available on the website? For example, if in a current style the desired size isn't available will they sew one?

  3. Oh my! These seem great. But I especially love the Avocado. But is this lingerie expensive?


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