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December 2013

Santa, Baby...Bring Me Some "Day of the Week" Underwear

I've consciously skipped gift guides this year because I've realized 1) the pressure of the holidays make me spaz and I completely forget what my friends and family might like and 2) my friends and family ask for gifts that aren't on any traditional lists (No joke, Zack wants women's floral skinny jeans this year!?). But I know what's made my wishlist and there are a few people who'll be doing last minute holiday shopping (*cough, Mr. Floral Pants, cough*) so here are a few things I'd like to see under the tree. Day of the week underwear isn't exactly seasonal and I know that some crazy people find them silly, but Santa, let's get it on:

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Full Bust Lingerie Review: Ewa Michalak Sm Nana

The Ewa Michalak Nana is easily one of the best sets of 2013, one of the sexiest things I've ever put on my body and it's utterly unlike anything currently on the market for full bust women. The eponymous brand has had a strong season with the release of it's first babydoll, gorgeous new bridal pieces, and a fury of out-of-the-box prints. Over the summer, I read a few complaints (and might've done some complaining myself) that the soft cups they'd sporadically produced in the past had all but disappeared. The debut of their SM shape was a long awaited revival and since it's arrival, Ewa Michalak's sheer bras are a force to be reckoned with, both in fit and design. And with the exception of Miss Mandalay's Amelie and Cleo's Lori, they've blown right past the standard for sheer bras in Britain.  The Nana is the pinnacle of that achievement and in my opinion, Ms. Michalak deserves a round of applause.

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Full Bust Lingerie Review: Freya Marvel

Even if the Marvel was uncomfortable to wear (it's not) or a poor fit (again, it's not), this bra represents a giant step forward for the brand who has been timid -- if not terrified! -- of stepping outside their technical safe space. Freya delayed the release of it's first soft halfcup multiple times and seemed oddly hesitant to discuss it in any depth. This once game-changing company has clung to it's successes lately, stubbornly committed to mining every profit from their bestsellers rather than exploring new territory. The Marvel is a break from that pattern which offers longtime Freya fans a glimmer of hope that the company's confidence is slowly returning. If the Marvel is any indication, I can't wait for what surprises    the brand has in store for us.

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Full Bust Lingerie Review: Avocado Arielle, Caprice, & Greta

Avocado is one of my all time favorite brands so when they recently released a bevy of new styles I was beyond excited. Their designs work that rare balance between sophistication and spunk, their fit never fails, and since the co-owners are material nerds, their quality never disappoints. They don't follow the strict seasonal schedule that big brands like Freya do, with two separate collections in one year. Instead, these styles have been released and their future will depend on market demand: Avocado will either sell through a design, add an additional colorway, or continue production, but these decisions will be made based on the response from their customers. Of the three I'll be reviewing today, there's one set I'm crossing my fingers I'll see again in a new color. Can you guess which one before we begin? If you got to make the call, which one would you keep around? 

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Avocado Sale & Free Shipping from Wellfitting!

Avocado Kyoto
Two announcements showed up in my inbox this week that I've been dying to tell you about! Avocado has put some of their bestsellers -- including the gorgeous Kyoto! -- on sale. The Michelle, all the Nina colorways except the white, and both Kyotos will be €37 ($50.65) rather than €49.75 ($68.10) until 11:59 pm on December 8th, 2013

The new online boutique, Wellfitting, has also extended a flash promotional code to Miss Underpinnings' readers: Enter "missunderpinnings" for free shipping until midnight tonight (Pacific Standard Time).

Full Bust Lingerie Review: Harlow & Fox Eleanor

Last month, my mom and an old friend of hers dropped by my apartment for a visit and eventually, we began talking about lingerie. Specifically, lingerie that has emotional value and while it might not fit or be in the best condition, it's one of those things you hold onto because it's woven into the story of your life. My sister and I have long fought over this "vintage" Victoria Secret's robe and chemise set which belonged to my mom, who'd never really worn it. She had received it from the aforementioned friend, who was re-gifting it from her sister. The set isn't high quality and has little practical value, but it's important to me because it was of the first times I'd experienced lingerie that wasn't strictly utilitarian or bought in bulk from the Gap. It symbolized the type of mature femininity I idolized and to my preteen eyes, it was incredibly fancy.

When I previewed the Harlow and Fox collection, I immediately thought of my lingerie collectibles back home and how wonderful it would be to cherish those pieces and hand them down to my own daughter. I suppose it sounds strange to pass down underwear, but Leanna Williams' designs are as luxurious, evocative, and sentimental as any Victorian engagement ring or family china. Her line calls forth another era of lingerie -- silk! tap pants! dressing gowns! -- which I'm delighted to be transported back to.

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