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My Top 5 Picks: DD+ Jackets

Denim jacket layering. Image via Pinterest (Source: Home & Delicious & Refined Style)
Way back in June, I made a list of the designs I'd like to see from full bust clothing manufacturers and low and behold, a few of my dream items have arrived! There are bustier crop tops from Made in Preston and Urkye has a 1940's-inspired peplum blazer, but there are also tons of other cool DD+ jackets floating around. After talking to you guys about layering and winter style, I started to think about wearing thinner jackets under thick coats or sweaters. It's something I've never done, but I always thought looked cool. I've analyzed the selection and these are my five favorites:

DD Atelier Denim Jacket, $87.50
I already have an unhealthy obsession with everything on the DD Atelier website, but at the moment I'm particularly lusting after their denim jacket. The lighter color looks so feminine and the fading has been done very well. Because they've never fit me or flattered my shape, I haven't worn one of these since I was a kid so styling it into the rest of my wardrobe would be really fun.

Pepperberry Ponti Biker Jacket, $110.87
Pepperberry brought the heat for their winter collection with a bevy of fancy frocks and several trendier tops, including this ponti biker jacket. I'm not usually a fan of theirs as I find their stuff a little too plain or matronly looking, but this moto jacket feels younger, more stylish, and it's much better suited for my admittedly casual lifestyle.

St. Bustier Portobello Biker Jacket, $535
Holy smokes, this "butter-soft" leather jacket is cool. Saint Bustier's luxury pieces are purely aspirational during this phase of my life, however that doesn't keep me from dreaming about the Almost Famous-levels of coolness I'd reach if I wore this number around town. I'm drawn to it's trendy oyster/greyish walnut color and quilt appliques, both of which soften the hyper masculinity of this style.

BiuBiu Ontario Jacket, $69.82
I wasn't into BiuBiu's Ontario jacket at first and I wouldn't categorize it as my "usual style" but I think it would make an amazing layering piece under a puffy coat. It's snuggly thick sleeves, longer length, and lightweight thermal lining would fight off those truly frigid temperatures of December and January.

Urkye Kameleon w granacie Blazer, $64.25
Like the rest of the Urkye collection, the Kameleon w granacie blazer is a delight. I could never buy a design like this from any massive chain either, as my bust will always need more depth above the waist band than the typical customer and if I sized up, the waist would be too large. It's a perfect piece to buy from a DD+ retailer and it's one of those items I can see wearing all the time since it's flattering, casual and the color compliments the rest of my wardrobe.

Et toi? Have you noticed the influx of DD+ jackets this season? Are you pleased with the selection or do you have a particular favorite? 


  1. I love that Urkye blazer! Such a flattering cut, and like you say, impossible to buy otherwise without the sizing all round it just not working. I think it would look great with a tweed pencil skirt or something similar, kind of smart and casual at the same time.

    1. Leanna, that outfit sounds perfect. I like that it would go as well with a tweed pencil skirt as it would with a pair of jeans. It would definitely "spiff up" any ensemble. :)

      Glad you like it!

  2. I bought a Pepperberry blazer on eBay form someone else. In the picture, the girl was swallowed up by it and I though she must be really tiny. Needless to say, it did the same to me, although it fit in the waist and bust. The shoulders were huge, the waist didn't match up with my own because the blazer was just so long. The length of the arms was ridiculous. I would like to see clothing made for busty petite people.

    1. So would I! I'm petite so it doesn't really help me out a whole lot that there's actually full bust brands out now, it's not gonna look pretty if the waist ends up on my hips, the shoulders are too big, the sleeves are too long... Yeah, you get it. I still have to be cautious when I decide whether or not to take a shot at a certain clothing piece, and I will have to consider altering it.

  3. Denim jackets were never really my style but I must say that I own a wool cape that perhaps counterintuitively, really works with my full-bust! It drapes over very nicely and lets me wear long, pretty gloves. Also, it is double-breasted which makes even less sense that it would look good, but it does. Some rules are made to broken.


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