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Exclusive: Avocado Launches Wholesale Distribution!

Avocado Caprice
During my trip to Poland, I met with Avocado at their flagship store in downtown Poznan and I've been smitten with their collection ever since. Their designs are alternatively restrained and celebratory, they have a steadfast commitment to quality and their bras are a reliably consistent fit. They're also a perfect example of what the "middle market" wants -- sophisticated sex appeal, crisp graphic details, a fresh use of embroidery, and modern, everyday coverage. Unfortunately, Avocado has also been one of the hardest brands to purchase, as their online shop didn't offer an English translation or Paypal and their boutique was in Poland, but that's all about to change! They're launching their wholesale business this month and if buyers are interested, their products could be in North American stores by the holidays!!

Avocado has assembled a wholesale catalog that contains six brand new lines and they've given Miss Underpinnings readers an exclusive first look: 

Side Notes: 

1) Avocado primarily specializes in full bust lingerie and they produce sizes according to the European system, which doesn't use double numbers (i.e. DD, FF). I'm currently a British 28G and in Avocado, I wear a 60H which is what I would take be in a brand like Chantelle. They're size range is inclusive, covering 60 (28") E/F/G/H/J/K/L; 65 or 30" E-L; 70 (32") D-L; 75 (34") D-K; 80 (36") C-J; 85 (38") C-H; 90 (40") C-G; and 95 (42") C-F.

2) Avocado is updating their website so it can handle overseas orders online (the payment system used to be bank transfer only) and accommodate English speakers. The transition isn't finished but as soon as it is, Avocado will let me know and I'll announce it on Miss Underpinnings.

3) In the next few weeks, I'll be holding my first contest on Miss Underpinnings and the winner will receive an Avocado set of their choosing!

4) If you're a lingerie retailer and are interested in stocking Avocado, you can contact them at

If you'd like more information about Avocado, I've covered them in the posts below and the Lingerie Lesbian wrote a great review of the Soir de Paris.

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  1. These are really beautiful. I'd be interested in trying one. I've also been wondering, is there any word on Samanta? I recall you mentioned in the past they were going to offer your readers some sort of deal, but that seems to have gone quiet. I'd love to get my hands on some Samanta bras, but so far it seems difficult and the postage was extremely expensive--almost he price of the bra!

  2. This is so exciting! That Reglisse set is so, so pretty: it's feminine and graphic and sheer and delicate all at the same time.

  3. The black Caprice set is seriously pretty- I'd love to get a hold of that with the high-waisted pants. The Valerie also. I like my flirty, 'young' bras but sometimes I'd like something sexy that isn't too grown up and these seem to fit the bill. I look forward to seeing the site when it's all set-up for English!

  4. Oohh this is extremely exciting! I'm enjoying how minimal Reglisse is.

  5. Oh, that's fantastic! I'll bet they're too narrow for me, but but... Caprice and Chamade are so stunning.

    1. Agreed! Those two are my favorites as well.

  6. is their website completely down at the moment? I can't access it

    1. Unfortunately, yes. There have been some delays with the English language version of their website but it should be up and ready for business very, very soon. I'll announce it as soon as I get the go ahead and I miiiight have an extra incentive to buy. Hint, hint. ;)


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