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I ♡ FRKS Lingerie on Etsy

I stumbled upon this Hungarian Etsy shop through one of my favorite lingerie blogs, Scarlet's Letter, and I haven't been able to look away since. FRKS Lingerie combines folkloric embroidery and ouvert panty details to create wildly original, delightful, and energetic designs. Sure, these panties are sexy but they also seemed to have danced out of some bizarre dreamscape where underwear can cast spells and explodes into technicolor fires on your butt.

Fairy Panty with Birds, $30  (Front)
It's not a party until someone flashes their sheer paneled, peacock embroidered, tasseled purple/turquoise/lime colored panties. Am I right!?
Panty with Flowers II, $30 (Back)
Because they're often made from black sheer, mesh or lace, ouvert panties often look unappealingly clichéd. I like sexually enticing lingerie, but I prefer designs which are less crudely obvious. Enter FRKS Lingerie's Flowers II panty which flips all those stereotypes around with it's wholesome white base, charming floral embroidery, and sweetly sassy ruffles. This isn't the Evil Stepmother's ouvert panty choice, it's what Snow White and Cinderella hide in the back of their drawers (C'mon, homegirls have to be prepared for anything!).

Neon Birds, $30 
Not ready to dive into full bum barring mode? The Neon Birds would be a great set of training wheels, as the keyhole is big enough to show off some crack, but it's accompanied by a comfortable amount of coverage.
Black French Panty, $35 

If you aren't keen on this color combination (which I am!), FRKS Lingerie offers the possibility of choosing colors from other designs or contacting the designer, Zsófia Farkas, to discuss a custom order.

Wolf Tale Panty, $30 
French Panty with Birds, $35 (Front)
This is the panty that started my hysterical love for FRKS Lingerie; I've never seen anything like it and like all genius designs, it feels as if I've been unconsciously dreaming of it my entire lingerie-wearing life.

I'm enchanted by the FRKS Lingerie world! What say you?


  1. Oooh! Those are too cute! I've actually been making all of my own panties for a couple of years, but I'm definitely going to have to incorporate some of these ideas for a fun change! :-)

    1. Oh wow, I'm impressed! I'm going to learn how to do that one day. And yes, FRKS Lingerie incorporates such fun details, they're an excellent source of inspiration! :D

  2. I love these panties! Yum, more ideas....

    To sew your own (since I'm wearing blue with silver stars on front and blue ruffles on my butt), Led with What The Craft has a great tutorial. I make mine because of my big booty, but small build means store panties bag or crawl up into a thong. Plus, any stretchy fabric you like (I might have fleece panties for warmth if I'm crampy or it's painfully cold outside as I'm in a windy area, so cold wind gets right through pants), in any style (hrm, do I want chicken panties as boy shorts or hip riding briefs or maybe a thong...) and I can line it all in cotton so I don't get icky yeast infections.


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