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U.K. Lingerie Trip: Harlow & Fox

The Viola Tie Side Brief
Harlow and Fox will be joining the luxury full bust lingerie market in early November and while I was abroad, I was lucky enough to sit down with the company's founder, Leanna Williams, to discuss her upcoming debut. I've featured the emerging brand once before, in a sneak peek of the breathtaking Sophia robe, and the entire lookbook was published online by the Lingerie Addict. Over our chat, I learned that Harlow and Fox stands for timeless elegance, impeccable workmanship and will consist of six initial lines for sizes 30-38 DD-G. I was impressed with Leanna's commitment to quality and courageous design signature so let's dive in!

The Eleanor in "Almond"  Bra
The Eleanor Suspender & Classic Brief 
Close up of the Eleanor's center gore or bridge 
The Eleanor, above in the "Almond" colorway, is composed of custom dyed-to-match power mesh, reinforced tulle panels, Leavers lace from the same suppliers who made the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress and the softest silk band, cups, and straps. The side section pushes the bust forward and the structure provides a rounded shape, without excessive cleavage or push up. Leanna explained that she choose this particular color because it was "a neutral with a personality of it's own" and while many ivories can wash pale women out, the creaminess in this shade flatters all skin tones.

This Eleanor will arrive in the first shipment (early-to-mid November) and will consist of the bra, classic brief, suspender, French knickers, draped back nightdress and georgette robe.

The Alexandra Bra & Waist Cincher 
The Alexandra - Close up of the Waist Cincher & Classic Brief
The Alexandra features a foiled metallic sheen lace overlay, lustrous "oyster" silk satin, attractive flared straps and lightly cotton padded cups. Easily one of Leanna's riskier lines, it's already a proven hit: While we were sipping tea, another patron came up to us and asked where she could buy the set! She told us she had a dress in that exact color and had been searching fruitlessly for lingerie to match it.

The Alexandra will include the bra, classic brief, and waist cincher and like the Eleanor in "Almond", it will be available early-to-mid November.

The Eleanor in "Mink"
The Eleanor Suspender 
Wonderfully, the Eleanor reappears in a popping, extroverted and saucy "Mink" colorway. I love it! The rich, delicate brown of the silk lays so nicely against the creamy French Leaver's lace and the whole set ooozes an otherworldly glamour. This is the most fashion conscious line in the collection, but Leanna was quick to say that while she loves Old Hollywood, she didn't want her pieces to be slavishly vintage reproductions. She sought out unexpected colors that felt "intellectual and confident, as if they know who they are".

The Eleanor in "Mink" will include a bra, classic brief, thong and suspender and belongs to the second shipment in late January 2014 (Just in time for Valentine's Day!).

The Lydia Bra
The Lydia High Waist Thong
I wasn't ready for the Lydia since the promotional images are slightly misleading and suggest the pattern is slightly overwhelming. In person, the French silk jacquard print is lively, delicate and feminine, with solid gold accent panels to highlight it's regal swirls. It's the collection's only printed line and for Leanna, a more personal choice, as she finds herself tremendously inspired by interiors. The Lydia's modern salute to chateau living and the rococo movement couldn't be more sophisticated.

The Lydia will contain the bra, high waist thong, and high waist brief and will be out late January.

The Sophia 
The Sophia Bra
The Sophia fascinates me -- it's a relatively simple style that has an air of being very old, in the sense of opening up the attic of a Victorian mansion or stumbling upon a pack of war time love letters. The stretch Leaver's lace is edged with a narrow silk, the straps are flared, and the layered bows pull the entire collection away from the edge of becoming too precious. If the two Eleanors are the backbone of Harlow and Fox and the Alexandra and Lydia work as its passionate heart, than the Sophia brings it all together and turns a group of bras into a collection.

The Sophia has a bra, classic brief, mid waist brief (hits at the waist), suspenders and the most beautiful thing I've ever had on my body, the kimono. It will be the last to come out in March.

The Viola Longline Bra
Out of the entire Harlow and Fox portfolio, the Viola strikes me as the most simultaneously opulent and seductive. The solid gold silk panels, translucent mesh and fine lace cups are an enticing juxtaposition all on their own, but by placing these pieces on a longline shape, the design gets more mysterious and harder to categorize: it's a an early twentieth century cut that would look great on Catherine the Great, Cleopatra or any other forward thinking, independently minded woman.

Viola will be available in a longline bra, tie side brief, and thong and it'll be out in November.

Side notes: 

-Like Beaujais, Harlow and Fox belongs to the luxury section of the full bust lingerie market. Leanna's high price point reflects the craftsmanship of the production, quality of the material, thorough attention to detail and integrity of design so many elements are finished with perfect flat or French seams and center gore or bridge details are hand stitched for precision.

-As the Lingerie Addict previously listed, the brand's bras will cost £149-£189 (US $225-285), matching bottoms £95-£130 (US $143-196), and the kimonos retail for roughly £500 (US $755).

-For those of us who may be outside the range of Harlow and Fox stockists, the collection will be available online, according to the release schedule.

-In the near future, there will be a Miss Underpinnings overview of the Harlow and Fox nightwear which -- believe me -- deserves it's own post! :)

What do you think of Harlow and Fox? 

How do you feel about the singular colors and strong use of delicate laces? 

Where could you see Harlow and Fox being sold? 

Do you think that full bust women want luxury lingerie just as much as their "core" or "average" size peers? Or, do you think upscale labels are redundant for DD+ women?


  1. I think this stuff is AWESOME. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

    1. Hahahaha, K.Line you crack me up. SECONDED. :)

  2. Honestly - I just reviewed the post again and it's the best combo of sexy and elegant - in larger bust sizes - than I've seen anywhere. Tell them I want to review this stuff!

    1. I'm happy to hear you so enthusiastic! It means a lot because your comments are usually quite direct and very grounded. You're in love. ;)

      I'll pass it along and I'm sure Leanna will look over these threads when she wakes up U.K. time.

  3. Wow, this brand is a little bit special! I love the look of Sophia but the whole collection is so sumptuous looking.

    In all honesty, I just couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money on a bra. I'd worry whether I bought the right size and have it end up at the back of the drawer. :-(

    Becky x

    1. Oh, I understand completely! Harlow and Fox isn't in my price range right now either but if I was getting married or received a raise, I'd go for a set to celebrate the occasion. Also, I would like to imagine that, at some point in my life, I'll be in the position where I *could* spend my money on luxury lingerie. Can't rule it out! ;)

      Sumptuous is a FANTASTIC word for the collection.

  4. The colors are not the ones I usually go for but I love the details and the materials. Beautiful, wish I could wear lingerie like thid everyday.

    1. Me too. Seeing the collection samples all at once was almost tactile overload.

      I wish the same thing! In my version, I live in a house with French doors, my professional baker husband, and boatloads of the fanciest, well kept vintage dresses money could buy. Because I'd have to leave my house with something on top of my luxury lingerie.

    2. LOL, I like your version, unfortunately vintage dresses are usually too big for me and my boyfriend doesn't know how to cook... but guess a baker husband would solve the first problem :P

  5. Once upon a time, I might have bought this kind of stuff, which also would have been back when I fit in their size range. Now I don't consider it worth it, given that I usually have to replace my entire bra collection annually when my size changes - long before most items are worn out.

    I just don't think it makes sense for me to spend a lot of money on things I won't get a lot of wear out of. This particular brand isn't to my personal aesthetic, either.

    1. Ae3nn, thank you for weighing in! I love to see another perspective represented in the comments because I'm sure you might not be the only one reading who feels this way.

  6. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! And Cecily, thank you for such a thoughtful and detailed write-up, it was such a pleasure to meet you!

    We sadly only have a very few sets we are able to send out for reviews this season, but Cecily herself will be receiving one prior to the launch so I do hope this will go a little ways towards giving a perspective on the fit, as well as the fitting advice and measurements that will be on our site once it's up.

    Looking forward to sharing more with you as the collection launches, and as the brand develops!

  7. Quite a few sets are in shades that could work as nude for various women of colour. If I fitted in the size range, I would be one of them ;-) I'd consider spending that much in a bra as a very special treat. The thing is... you really need to get the whole set in that case!

    1. Wow, I should've thought to include that! I talked to Leanna about her size range and like a lot of new indie designers, she wanted to get the fit right on this particular range and of course, she's open to expanding as soon as she can or as demand/feedback pours in.

  8. While each of these pieces is gorgeous, they are definitely out of my price range. Boo. :-(

    Also, am I the only one who doesn't really feel as though stopping at G counts as the full bust market? I mean, I'm a G, but from looking at other women I see around me I'm on the average to small side. And yes, I'm aware that volume is different, but I'm not one of those tiny band sizes either.


  9. Thank you for the sizing thoughts - this is an area we have found many of you have been really passionate about, and we would love to discuss it further.

    As Cecily mentioned, as a very small brand we want to focus on getting it right on this size range before expanding the options. The challenges of alternative sets of patterns, different fit criteria, stock carrying and manufacturing minimums all create their own limitations on being able to offer as wide a range as we know many of you would like to see, and we feel it is better to not carry those sizes yet, and focus on the 25 sizes in 30-38 DD-G, until we know we have the resources to create them to the standard deserving of our customers.

    Of course, as we develop and grow we would love to be able to offer further sizing according to feedback. We do have a questionnaire we've been running, and if any of you would like to contribute, we'd love to hear your thoughts of specifics of what sizes you want to see, what is important to you, styles and colours you prefer, everything!

    The survey is at if you have a few moments, and we look forward to hearing from you!

  10. Beautiful collection

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