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Curve NY: Cleo Spring/Summer 2014

The Pixie in "Floral Print"
So far, I've analyzed two collections: Freya had some fantastic pieces, but the collection as a whole wasn't as focused as it could be and they announced a size extension set back. Masquerade, on the other hand, needed improvement and while they're not finished yet, their collection was stronger than the current one. I had a love-hate thing going on with Cleo's last season. I was attracted to their subdued and unexpected moves (the Lori, the neon orange/white Lucy) and turned off by their use of "juvenile" details. For Spring/Summer 2014, I'm much clearer: I think it's a solid collection full of what the brand stands for -- fun, flirtation, and an optimistic confidence in itself. With all that said, I'm not personally attracted to Cleo's entire look this season either, but there are a few stand outs. Excited??

The Lucy in "Red" 
We saw blue-tinted reds in almost every booth and I thought this colorway paired well with the popping cobalt bows. However, it's also a bit of a let down from the current season, the contrast Lucy felt much fresher and this tone-on-tone embroidery quiets the design again, despite the saturated hue.

The Minnie in "Red Spot" (above) and "Blue/Orange" 
For this season, many of the leading full bust brands decided to produce their bestsellers in multiple fashion versions so that their fans would have a beginning and end of season choice. Usually I felt that one recoloring spoke louder than another, but here, with Cleo's Minnie, I want both!

The Christina in "Blue/Orange" 
When Mr. Underpinnings and I saw Panache's new seasons, we were sitting next to two fabulous bloggers -- the Lingerie Lesbian and Sweets of Sweet Nothings -- and brilliantly, Sweets remarked that the Christina looks like a Masquerade bra. Masquerade and Cleo have very different aesthetics so this design's heavy reference to it's glamourous sister brand is a smart move. If they continued this way, it's an easy way to guide Cleo fans into Masquerade's realm, it's makes the transition from one to another smoother.

The Neve in "Floral Print" 
The Neve in "Hot Pink" 
The Neve in "Black/Magenta" 

Like many full bust women, I'm always on the hunt for a cool strapless bra that doesn't wiggle, remains visually appealing and will work under a range of necklines. The Neve Spot moulded plunge strapless is already on my wishlist. I love that Cleo introduced it in this polka dot and magenta combination and the Panache representative was extra confident discussing it's fit.

The Maddie Animal in "Animal Print"

Here's where it gets real: the Maya is a mistake. Even as I write these words, I know some of you are going to lovelovelove it and I'll stand my ground. I saw a trend at Curve that I don't even how to, '80s glam club wear or early Britney Spears? By this time next year, who knows, maybe I'll be wearing the trend happily but from where I stand, I'm going with "OH WOW! NO! WHY!?".

Continuing with this season's Floridian vibe, the Darcy will appear in a pink flamingo print. Mr. Underpinnings took all these pictures (Many thanks, King of Bras!), but the neon limey shade wasn't captured perfectly. It's a lot brighter and higher contrast in the flesh. I'm conflicted about this bad boy -- what say you?

The Darcy in "Bird Print" 
Squeee, aren't these next two adorable!? Again, this season I prefer the subtler designs from Cleo and want to avoid anything too sugary sweet or bombastically bold. I prefer the Minnie in terms of print, I'm dying to get into a yellow Marcie, and these two Lily colorways are charming. I'll pass on the funkier stuff -- I want a streamlined collection with sass.

The Lily in "Aqua/Pink" and "Magenta/Orange"
Ask and ye shall receive! I know that many of you have commented here that you'd like to see a yellow Marcie and here she is! Don't you love it when brands actually listen? Way to go, Cleo.

Disclaimer: I've had an hour and a half's worth of sleep so if this post sounds crazy, it probably is and I'm sorry. My brain will be better tomorrow, I promise.

OK, let's break it down. I've decided Cleo put out a reliable and unified collection for Spring/Summer 2014 and while I'm not into everything they represent, I cannot deny the charm of lines like the Minnie, Marcie or Lily. 

What are your thoughts? Last season, I felt Cleo's collection (the current one) looked like a "Delia's catalog" or a department store's juniors section. Would you say that assessment still applies or do you feel Cleo has something for everyone? And duh, what are you most looking forward to?


  1. Love love love. Hopefully a beige and black marcie are in our future too! The yellow is fantastic though - I'll be passing on some of the fall collection to wait for some of these!

  2. You had me at "yellow Marcie babydoll." Holy cow.

  3. So much to love!

    Is it me or there's a lot of orange touches in the collection?

    I've lusted after a yellow Lucy for ages but I jumped on the online lingerie bandwagon too late and there are none left in my size. So the yellow Marcie is looking really good to me.

    As for the Lucy, I've ordered the white/neon orange one today. Almost as pretty as the yellow one :)

    I'm tempted by the Minnie or the Christina in Blue/Orange but I don't know if it won't be a bit of an overkill to have another bra with orange touches (in almost the same pattern too) on top of my future Lucy.

    And you're right, the Christina looks disturbingly like a Masquerade bra. As a matter of fact, I think it looks a lot like their upcoming Selene I'd loved so much in your other post.

    The Lily appeals to me as well. I'd lean more toward the magenta one but that's yet another bra with orange touches.

    Now that I've seen what's coming from Freya, Masquerade and Cleo I know I need to start saving up right away. These babies don't come cheap and there are at least 5 sets I'm sure I want to buy. And that's not even accounting for the other brands

  4. I'm anxious to try the Neve pink polka dotted strapless--it's cute but not "cutesy" IYKWIM. For me, strapless is pretty much my only option, even though I have to move the strap loops and re-sew the back hooks myself (because I have to sister size 'em). I just wish there were more cup size options in strapless--especially the plunge versions. We'll have to see how tall those CF wires are though before I start up the choir. ;-)

  5. I need them all!! That pretty much sums up my feelings. Except the Maya. I think my thoughts are more on par with yours about that; I agree that some people might love her, but that is sooo not my taste.

  6. This looks a bit more grown-up. I kind of freak out about wearing a bra when its model looks half my age.
    Unfortunately, many Cleo cuts are not for me- the tops of my breasts move around a great deal of the time and feel insecure. I did like the Maddie when I tried it on but wasn't crazy about the print. However, they may have convinced me with this orange number!

  7. Ooooh, yellow Marcie! And the babydoll! SOLD.

  8. Hmmm. Mixed feelings. I definitely don't feel as excited by this collection as the last one. I definitely agree with you that the Maya is hideous. But I felt the exact same way about the Bella that everyone else seemed to love (like: EW! NO! WHY???). In fact, I hated the Bella more than I hate the Maya.

    I love the idea of a flamingo print but I hate the colors in comes in. Maybe I'll come around to that.

    I also hate blue with orange.

    I love the Pixie, the yellow Marcie, and the red spotted Minnie.

    The Lily colorways look like a serious rip-off of Claudette to me... But they are pretty cute.

  9. I'm not liking any of this. Not one bit. Ditto for all the posts from Curve. What a bummer.

  10. The Neve in black/magenta. I want that. Really. And there's decent hope it will fit me...

  11. Do you know what the size range is on the babydoll?

  12. Just realized something else. Another season and STILL no flesh-toned Lucy. WHEN, WHEN are they going to make an unpadded nude bra?

    1. Huh, I never noticed how much Panache stays away from those! have you ever reviewed the Curvy Kate Gia? I'm not claiming it's super supportive or anything but I am ~a 30GG and I can actually wear it in my size! It comes in "Blush" which is a pretty pink-tinged flesh-of-the-palm tone. Smooth, silky, comfy, and reminds me of the Lucy a little bit from the front.

  13. Okay, and a third thing. I'm noticing Cleo is being pretty lazy with the colors of the Lucy and Marcie. What I mean by that is--last season they had a teal Marcie. This current season they're coming out with a teal Lucy. They had a red Marcie a couple seasons ago and now this collection includes a red Lucy. They had a yellow Lucy a couple seasons ago, and now a yellow Marcie. Considering that the two bras are really quite similar in many ways and are worn frequently by the same people, I think it would be great if they could have more variety between the two and stop repeating the same old colors that we all already own.

  14. Both lily colours, Pixie, and yellow Marcie (YELLOW MARCIE YES) are all on the wish list. Thanks Cleo, thanks.

    Though as a point of interest, I wish they would get more creative with their accent colours. I feel like if it's a light blue bra, the accent is always pink, If it's a red bra the accent is typically blue, etc. I would've loved to see, say, a green bow on the yellow Marcie, y'know? Something a touch less predictable.

  15. Oooh the Darcie, Lily, and that cute floral one are lovely! The Marcie is yellow is just too cute also.


  16. I am anxiously awaiting Darcy in Bird Print ♥


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