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Sneak Peek Monday: Prima Donna Twist "So Chic" (Or, OMG CATS!!!)

I met with Prima Donna a few weeks ago and left feeling as if I understood the brand's core principles. Of course, their commitment to fit, construction, and quality is undeniable, but their aesthetic remains in the realm of "universally appealing". Their designs are meant to feel familiar with what they've done in the past so their exceedingly loyal and enthusiastic fans may continue to rely on them. The look of their lines, from what I've seen, are consistently agreeable. Thus, when they pulled out the So Chic for Twist Autumn/Winter 2013, I almost fell off my seat. CATS!?!? From a brand who prefers subtle design finishes, they've made a CAT PRINT bra?! The company representative I spoke to was quick to point out that it "wasn't like them" and the So Chic would be made in a very small, limited edition batch. 

I don't care if they made 20 or 2,000, I'm proud they've stepped outside their box and c'mon, has there ever been a full busted bra with cats all over it!? 


  1. The bra is cute, but the KNICKERS!!! OMG!! WANT!!! And no lacy/picot crap?! Hooray!!

    Sorry, I got carried away by a piece of lingerie with an awesome fabric as the focus instead of itchy lace/picot/whatever all over it. This designer needs a big 'ol kiss on the mouth!

  2. Wow, I'm fabbergasted, as Tim Gunn would say. Van de Velde's brands are some of the most readily available full-bust options here in France and I've always been pretty underwhelmed by their production, but this is ridiculously cute and unique!

  3. I'm not a fan of funny designs, but this is adorable!

  4. I wore Prima Donna exclusively back when I fit their G cups because they were comfortable, but they were always expensive and boring. I gave them up when I grew larger because my local shop didn't carry their H cup. Now, at a UK GG, I'm out of their size range. Why did they have to come out with this wonderful print and colour combination now?!!? Don't I deserve this bra after all the beige, black and white Madisons I bought at 80 euros each? :(

  5. I want a cat bra! The knickers look really cute too, although probably not high-waisted enough for me. But man alive that bra is awesome. I'm going to look it up *hunts*

  6. I need this so badly. Why must I be out of their size range?!


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