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Lingerie & Style Trip to the U.K.

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That's right y'all, I'm going to visit cute little Prince George! I've had to hold off announcing the trip (which has been super hard), in case my plans changed a million times (which of course they did). Also, I was oddly scared of jinxing it because I'm a ridiculous Anglophile and I can't wait for this trip. I studied abroad there twice, vacationed in London, and it's the home of so, so many great things -- tea with clotted cream and jam, Top Shop, the tube, Jane Austen, flippin' ridiculous theater, the Duchess of Tresses, and a smorgasbord of full bust lingerie!! Here are the deets:

-- I'll be orbiting Londontown for almost two weeks, from August 9th to the 22nd. As of today, I have one day trip on the schedule, to Bath.

-- If you're the kickass designer/owner/press behind an independent or retro reproduction brand and you're interested in seeing your company/line/handmade goodies covered on Miss Underpinnings, let's set something up. (

-- If you're a fellow lingerie blogger or fan, I'd love to meet up! Tea perhaps?

So far, I have scheduled meetings with the following brands:

I'm setting up this trip a little differently - I'm hoping to do 90% of my coverage while I'm over there so you'll have updates as I go along. There will be a bigger emphasis on style (Saint Bustier, Pepperberry) and a focus on retro or rockabilly reproduction clothing and lingerie brands. 

Now, I need your input: what would you like to see? Bras I Hate & Love used to do cool "from the fitting room" Bravissimo posts and I think I could manage that. ;)  Or, are sneak peeks more the thing? Reviews? I was thinking recorded interviews would be cool, especially with the indie designers. Yes? No? Let me be your travel puppet! :)


  1. How exciting! I'm so thrilled. I can't wait to see all of the photos and read everything you share!


    1. Thank you! Hopefully, I'll have a lot of reporting to do! :)

  2. Oh say hello for me to Frauke! I'm so gonna arrange a meeting with her once I get to UK in January ;)

    1. She's one of the nicest "Internet ladies" I know! I'm really looking forward to it and I bet you'll have so much fun. :)

  3. Lucky you! I've been to London many, many times. It's my favorite place in the world! It's been four years since I've been there; when airfares were cheap, we would go every year. Now with two kids and higher airfare, it's a stretch but I'm hoping to get there next year. Have a great time!!!! And yes, the theatre...not only is it fantastic, it's a lot cheaper than we pay here in the NYC area.

    1. Right!? I didn't want to announce it because it didn't seem real to me somehow, like I couldn't possibly have this much luck. It's my favorite place too -- I'd kill to live there. If you go next year, YOU'LL have the report back on the lingerie situation!

  4. Rigby and Peller too! Not what they used to be, but still the Queen's warrant holders and good at fitting ...

    There's a chain named Boux Avenue which seems to be sort of like Victoria's Secret but with a much better range of sizes (not GG or H, but E, F etc).

    Agent Provocateur have launched a younger range, stocked at Selfridges which has a great lingerie department - they stock up to a GG and some quite avant garde stuff.

    Liberty's also have a more fun lingerie department (but tiny range of sizes)

    Myla is a more understated luxe brand with better than normal size range, and several boutiques (if AP is burlesque / stripper, Myla is more an old movie staring Catherine Deneuve).

    And brands: Fleur of England and Damaris / Mimi Holiday both go up to a GG, as brands. Can't remember the name of the new young one stocked at Bravissimo, recently launched.

    Also, you might look into the web site It was British.

    For tea ... the Sanderson Hotel in London do a Mad Hatter's Tea Party themed tea which is as fun as it sounds.

    1. Hahaha, I'm way ahead of you! I've contacted Tutti Rouge (the younger brand at Bravissimo :P) and Figleaves, but I'm waiting to hear back. Fleur of England and Mimi Holliday/Damaris both preferred to meet during Curve so I'll have coverage on them a little earlier (fingers crossed I can write like the wind). I have something tentative with Boux Avenue - which I'm really excited about!

      I had NO IDEA that Agent P. had a younger range OR that they go up to a GG! A Mad Hatter's themed tea? I've got to go look that up now.

    2. Sorry - thought one post had vanished, so second was hurried.

      AP go up to GG in maternity, but think up to F in some normal bras - have not bought from then in 10 years as their sizes were all over the place.

      Meant Selfridges stock up to a GG - eg can find selection of 30GGs there, never at Harrods - and the younger AP line is currently just launched and only at selfridges.

      Teas in hotels tend to be expensive, more for tourists, but that is a fun one. Or The Mess restaurant at The Saatchi Gallery off Sloane Square does a lovely Nigella Lawson approved one.

      Oh, also Coco de Mer in Covent Garden - set up by the daughter of the woman who founded the Body Shop, they sell lingerie but also various erotic accoutrements from dildos to books by Chomsky - their view is that sexisness is as much about the mind as the body, and the host "salons" (will let you look at that section of the web site. Sounds strange, but it is much immitated, but they are the only ones who do it right.

    3. Oh and do the most gorgeous couture lingerie ...


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