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July Wishlist: The Shoes

Modcloth (Miss L Fire) Tweet of Foot Sandal, $89.99 | Bait Footwear Penelope Pumps, $72 | Lola in the Sky Mercedes Loafers, $39.99 | Seychelles Freesia Flat, $79.95 | Marais USA Seaside Sandal, $100 | Grazith Darcie Heels, $120 CAD/roughly $115 USD

Yes, along with baked goods, lingerie, and mid century decor, I'm addicted to shoes.*

1) Huge sparrows on your feet!!! These sold out on Modcloth last year and are doing so again this summer so I'm scrambling to save up. They'd make any outfit a thousand times more fabulous.

2) I'm not sure I could rock these, they are awwwwfully high...the bows and wacky color are unquestionably adorable so I might throw caution and ankle health into the wind.

3) Everyone needs a pair of these, especially stylish and anxiety prone gals like myself.

4) Brown and mustard yellow are my power colors so with these sweet t-straps on, I'd be invincible.

5) Marais USA is one of my shoe brands I consider a personal white whale and yes, I have more than one. They're cool, simple, and I've never put this (or any!) pair on my feet.

6) I found these Israeli made mod heels on a Canadian website this morning and proceeded to make mewing sounds into Zack's ears when he was, I don't know, trying to work or something. I also tried to shove the screen in his direction so he could "just see for one sec" and he wasn't having it because he's seen my "collection". He must go, the man knows too much.

*I'll be publishing a few more wishlists in the next couple of days because Mr. Underpinnings and I are going on a mini-vacation to Cape Cod. We'll be down there, trying to get cool and celebrating my mom's store opening (Congratulations, Mama Bear!!). I hope you like these and please let me know in the comments what you've been lusting after this month! :)


  1. Okay, so I may be buying those t-straps! They look comfortable and perfect for a long day at the shop.

    1. If you do, you'll be in good company -- I just ordered them (moment of weakness!). :P

  2. PS. The #6 Israeli Gazith shoes are known in the states as Miz Mooz. carries if not all, most of the line. They are some of my favorites for a funky/retro/different/affordable pair of shoes.

    And I am really enjoying your blog. have discovered several new, to me, brands with small band sizes. Thank yoU!

    1. Ahhhh, that clears up SO MUCH! I should've known by their aesthetics too, they're so similar. Thanks for the tip about! I've just skimmed their selection, but it looks great!

      Thank you, Amy. I'm so happy to hear you've found new brands through Miss Underpinnings! That means so much to me. :)


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