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July Wishlist: Lingerie & Swim

Empreinte Ludmila | Claudette (via Faire Frou Frou) Dessous Mesh in Pink Lemonade, $78 | Freya Deco Flamingo | Mimi Holliday Pineapple Express, $151.89 | Cleo Tilly Swim Dress & Bottom, $88 (but on sale for $69.60!) | Miss Mandalay Gingham Black Bikini, $114 | Unique Vintage Pink & Green Swimsuit (Image via Time Out Chicago), $97
1) Hahaha, this was the first design I saw at Curve last February and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. I'm crazy for the corsetry details, the fat roses, and the unstoppable colors.

2) I suspect this Pink Lemonade is almost entirely sold out, but it's soooo pretty that I included it just to look at it on the collage and sigh from the gorgeousness.

3) Two words: Kissing flamingos. 

4) Alright, Mimi Holliday, you have my attention -- I sit up and focus when you parade sheer polka dots, yellow lace, and silk chiffon in front of me.

5) When I saw the Tilly "swim dress" at a press event, I didn't get it. It's not a suit, it's a tankini...? On the hanger, it doesn't have a super powerful effect, but I've heard it's very, very flattering on.

6) This bikini is a Miss Mandalay classic and while my love for gingham has cooled slightly, I'd still like to give this design a spin.

7) My wild card! Who the hell knows how this would look on a full bust, but it's too funky and feminine and retro to leave off the list.


  1. Ahhh can I have your whole list?! I've had a deco craning lately that the longline failed to fill, and those flamingos look mighty tempting...

    1. Yes, you can have my whole list...just right after all this falls into my lap from the lingerie fairy godmother! The flamingos are ridiculous and a home run for me, kind of late 1950s/early 1960s Florida. Which, duh, I'm totally into. :)


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