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I'm Obsessed: Lucy B High Waist Panties & Girdles

Lucy B Sweet Tease Girdle, $72
One thing is clear: Retro-inspired or reproduction lingerie has gotten it's preverbal foot in the door of mainstream intimate apparel. Every brand that doesn't have a longline is scrabbling to make one and those who already produce them plan for more next year. Some independent brands, who are already seasoned and unique specialists in this area, have become much more visible through blogs and social media. The Lingerie Addict counts Kiss Me Deadly as one of it's friendliest sponsors and What Katie Did corsets are widely reviewed. I obviously adore the ethos of these labels, but you don't hear as much* about Lucy B, who happens to make truly incredible girdles, high waist panties, and babydolls.

Remember this (sold out) bikini I featured on my high waist mix & match bikini post? Yeah, that's Lucy B. Quietly stalking Looking around their online shop yesterday, I found a treasure trove of similarly genius high waist items, including a panty version of the cherry bikini. I've been pinning and sharing the crap out of them since, but I knew they deserved their own post. Dive into these cherries, gingham, leopard, and lace: 

Cherries Jubilee High Waist Panty, $42 
Fast Cherries High Waist Panty, $48 (Limited Edition)
And some other great non-cherry ones...
Picnic High Waist Panty, $48 (Limited Edition)
Tigress High Waisted Garterpanty, $58

Lace Mirage Girdle, $74 (Sold out in S & M)

Bo Peep High Waist Garterpanty, $56
Side notes: 

*All the garters you've seen are removable and the materials are good for shaping/smoothing. 

*While you might read less online about their products, Lucy B isn't off the radar: they're generously stocked on sites like Modcloth and Dollhouse Bettie. The Lingerie Addict has shared several of their lsets, reviewed a corset and published a designer interview in 2010. 


  1. I loooove Lucy B, too! Their products are amazing. I placed an order for some re-stocks and a new satin garter skirt for my online boutique just this morning! : ) Not only are the designs super fabulous, but the quality of their products is truly stellar.

    1. Ohhhh la la, a garter skirt! I'm glad to hear that about their quality, they look great through the internet but it's always reassuring to hear from someone who works with their products. LOVE THEM, in a sea of lingerie/swimwear, they definitely steal the show! :)

  2. Great write-up! I really like Lucy B, and their products are also made in America if that's relevant to any of your readers. :-)

    1. Thank you! I was psyched when I found your interview with the designer, your resources never disappoint. Yes, THEY ARE MADE IN THE HEART OF LA I believe and I can say from experience, their customer service is fantastic.


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