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Full Bust Bra Review: Ewa Michalak SM Trefl

You guys, I had to vamp it up! Ewa Michalak's Trefl practically begs for costume jewelry, vixen lipstick, and a saucy expression; it's a straightforwardly seductive ensemble and one of my favorite bras of the season. I was heartsick when their other soft style, the sheer half cup HM, drifted away but the Trefl more than makes up for the loss. It's genius, much fangirl raving after the jump:

Like the Curvy Kate Princess, the Trefl is a modestly priced set that looks much more expensive than it actually is. Mr. Underpinnings, who has a preternatural ability to connect designs to their manufacturers, thought it was one of Empreinte's styles. The luxury reveals itself in the details: the square rhinestore ornament (at the bridge) has a beige ribbon in it's center, but sits on a black bow. Through the front of the band, there's the smallest polka dots on slightly sheer mesh and the straps have an attractive raised ribbon stitching throughout. There's a floral pattern in the cups' lace, although it's so subtle, it looks more geometric than anything else. It's a well planned and beautifully executed set.

And it's that material -- the strong black lace through the cups -- which makes this bra a home run. As you can see from the photographs, the Trefl offers nice "soft plunge cleavage", but I don't feel loose in this durable fabric. I imagine that feat is hard to pull off for designers, to use tough lace that isn't tough on the skin, but Ewa Michalak has done it. From the first wear, I was comfortable and there wasn't a "breaking in" period. I'm wearing a 30FF in the Trefl and a 38 in the matching bottoms (the middle photo is the brief, the other two display the thong). Five months later, I'm still on the loosest set of hooks and eyes so I've found the band to run nice and firm.

Side note:

*When thinking of ordering from Ewa Michalak, there are two things to remember: her quality is superb and her prices are reasonable for the product she creates. With a 15 PLN ($4.60 US) discount, I ordered the SM Burek set a few weeks ago and after shipping and PayPal fees, I was charged $78. Since the American price for a single Masquerade bra is just as much, I'd call that a bargain. I realize the prices themselves aren't cheap per se, but her competitors in quality and design (Masquerade,
Fauve) charge much more and for much less.

*I apologize for the quality of these photos, guys. Zack and I tried three separate times to shoot this set and finally realized the details were a little hard for us amateurs to capture. There's no profile shot either, but the appearance and wire fit are exactly like that of the SM Malinka I reviewed last week. Please excuse these images, we're trying to learn how to do this as quickly as possible! ;)


  1. I think the photos turned out great! Love the red lip with the jewels as a nice touch. The shape and lift on this looks gorgeous too. What a beautiful set!

  2. I wrote a really different review of this bra (which does look lovely on you). My version was a good size too big and totally unsupportive in the fabric.

    1. Oh, gosh! That's too bad, would you consider linking to it here in the comments so everyone could read it? It'd be great to get another perspective here! :)

  3. I just want to stick up for Masquerade here! I have the Rosetti and the Rhea in both black and the antique ice. They are stunning bras, and I prefer softcups. While Masquerade is expensive through U.S. websites, there are several British websites through which I get fantastic deals. The shipping charges through these websites are reasonable too. For anyone looking for Masquerade/Cleo/Panache, I strongly advise you to go through British companies.

    As for the difference of opinion on the Trefl, I'm very intrigued. I'm awaiting my first EM set--the Malinka--so I'm very anxious to get a sense of the quality in person. I must say, there's something about the Trefl that I don't like, but it could be the photos online don't do it justice. It looks rather plain to me, both here and on EM's website. Hmm...I'm very confused.

  4. Okay, I just saw a few photos of the Trefl on Bratabase, and yes, I can see it is very pretty. The Bratabase photos were taken close up with very bright lighting, and that makes all the difference. If the Malinka works for me, I may just give this a try too.


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