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Why Doesn't That Come in My Size?! My Dream Clothing List

How cool would a DD+ bustier top be?! (This one is from Forever 21.)
I am so thankful to the wonderful DD+ clothing providers that this post feels like a whining betrayal. The offerings from Biu Biu, Pepperberry, Urkye, Midnight Grace, Campbell and Kate, Saint Bustier and DD Atelier should not be brushed aside lightly. Each brand does a phenomenal job giving full busted women garments that they couldn't find elsewhere. For my taste, budget and physical proportions, there's still something missing and this post will hopefully clarify the pieces I think are absent or undervalued. I'd love your input too - are you delighted by Biu Biu's casual tops? Or, would you like to see a particular detail on Pepperberry's fancy dresses? I want to dream your dreams too! ;)

Modcloth Rise & Pine Romper, $50
Whatever word you use for it -- romper, playsuit, jumper -- I want one. I've tried on tons and it's that ole changing room conundrum: if the waist fits, the bust is squeezed and if the bust has room to breathe, I've got a pouch around my middle. Typically, this is where my DD+ brands would save the day, as they have with white button up blouses, figure slimming tees, and immaculately tailored dresses (NOLI, I'm lookin' at you!). I wouldn't be picky about length, fabric, or neckline. It could be printed or solid, long legged or short, stretchy jersey or sturdy cotton, vintage-y or completely contemporary - I just want to run around in a stylish, sweetly fitted one piece.
Topshop Aztec Tapestry Pom Pom Corset, $56
Bustier Top
Once, when I was studying in the U.K., I returned a dress with a defined bust and the friendly Topshop guy asked me why. I was awkwardly blunt and told him it was too small for my boobs. He looked down, sighed and said, "Yeah, we get that a lot". Predictably, Topshop sells some of the best bustier tops around and I couldn't fit a third of my breast tissue into any of them. I might be an outlier on this request, but I think this style looks incredibly cool paired with full skirts, high waisted pants, or retro shorts. I'd love to see what the fashion-forward Saint Bustier and DD Atelier would make of this trend.

Like Sweets, I'd like to see a halter dress with a similar look/fit to this (sold out) Anthropologie one.

Fitted Halter / Cut Out / Halter Dress
On her Full-Bust Wishlist: Dresses post, Sweets asked for "a gorgeous strapless, halter or cross-back dress, cut straight through the back and curvy at the front". I SECOND THAT. I'm sure with enough time, extra return money, and patience, I could find one of these styles to work for me off the (regular) rack. But the full bust brands have spoiled me, I want to order my B/BB or C/RC and know that I'm guaranteed a dress designed with my body in my mind.

Darling Adelina Jacket (Sold Out)
1940s-Style Peplum Jacket
In addition to hoarding lingerie, I have a bit of an addiction to jackets. Why jackets? No idea, maybe because I'm constantly cold...? The blazers from full bust designers have been particularly snazzy recently, but the shape is becoming redundant. I would like a peplum jacket with a broad open neckline, trimmed waist, and wide lapels. Still classy and professional, but much more unique.
Modcloth "Your Lucky Daisy" Dress, $345 (I adore the details on this Eva Franco design!)
Give me DETAILS, or give me death! 
Echoing my last "dream" item on the lingerie list, I want to see more details on DD+ clothing. To examine the matter, let's take stretch jersey tops with a wrapped bust line because, as far as I can tell, every brand has one (The exception is Saint Bustier, but they offer an abundance of dresses with the same bust feature.). Kudos, to everyone, for designing these tops, understanding their appeal to full busted women, and getting a successful product out there. But the DD+ market is much more competitive than it was two years ago, it's time the brands prove to us why we should buy one item over another. I don't want to insinuate that I believe all full bust clothing lacks detail or personality, quite the opposite. I'm trying to call for more detail, signature, and personality. This is my vote in favor of scalloped edges, Peter Pan collars, sheer contrast paneling, ruffles, bows, prints, unusual shades, voluminous sleeves, eye catching buttons, and anything else those geniuses can think of.

And here's a few more kicking around in my head...
...cut the fancy crap! Who the hell is buying all these fancy dresses?! My life is not a revolving door of weddings, christenings, graduations and balls and if it was, I wouldn't buy a new dress for each occasion. other words, more casual dresses that aren't stretchy or overdressed for everyday living. More this, less that.
...prints can be fun and whimsicall (tiny apples!!!) or terrible mistakes. Please consider before choosing.
...never let the sweetheart necklines disappear.
...long sleeves 4ever! :)
...and finally, Asian-inspired prints rock my world right now.

Would you change anything about the full bust market? Is there a design you see everywhere, but doesn't seem to be fit for a full bust?


  1. JACKET JACKET JACKET I want that jacket. Also, I know prints are really polarizing, but I generally come down on the side of "loathe" when it comes to Pepperberry. They just feel so dated and frumpy to me. It's so great that there are bust-friendly clothing companies, but I want them to do more! more more more!

    1. YES!! I love that you back me up on that jacket. :)

      I almost wrote, "Dear Pepperberry, whoever is choosing your prints is on drugs" but refrained (well, in the post itself!). It's silly that they'd think it'd be okay to release a collection with, what, FIVE different print families - flowers, tribal, etc...and the scarf print maxi that I linked to!? It overwhelms the model wearing it!! And she's a Amazonian glamour blonde - how could it EVER work on someone who is more petite?! I feel as if they're on the right track, but still have so much more work to do. (MORE MORE MORE!).

  2. Try Trashy Diva, Pinup Girl Clothing or Heartbreaker Fashions for DD+ halter dresses and other gorgeous casual dresses.

    1. Hey Allison! This may sound strange, I deliberately left out Trashy Diva, Pin Up Girl Clothing, Heartbreaker Fashions, etc I know that many DD+ bloggers have had great luck with those brands but I'm entirely unfamiliar with their lines...not out of disinterest, I covet their dresses!!! I have no reliable information or experience of them so I thought I'd analyze only the lines that specifically target the full bust body type.

      But you're right, it'd be a great place to start. :)

  3. I agree: more casual stuff please. I don't even want more dresses, because I rarely wear them, but I understand some women wear dresses more than I do. I have quite enough formal clothing.

    I'd love Asian prints too. In fact, one thing I have wanted for a long time but never been able to find is a qipao. I love the way the neckline and buttons go, and I think it would work really well for a busty woman if only it was cut with sufficient fabric.

    I'd like a romper and a bustier too although I don't have much interest in the rest of what you posted. Strapless and halterneck will never work for me. But I am interested in cutaways which are deliberately designed to show the bra in a flattering way, like the one that Lingerie Lesbian wore recently. Now that fuller figure bras look a lot nicer, it would be nice to let them peak through in a way that looks deliberate rather than unintentional.

    I'd like some more jackets although peplum is not for me. I'm looking forward to Urkye's; it looks really stylish.

    I want some more summer tops which aren't formed from two pieces of fabric crossing in the front. Most of Urkye's stuff is like that, and it winds up showing the top of my gore. That is not my favourite look at work. For many years I've been wanting one of those shirts that has elastic across the bust and an empire waist. You see them everywhere and they never work for me because the bottom of the elastic hits at about nipple height. This would be such a simple thing to make for the full bust market! BiuBiu's Prado shirts last summer had the bust and sleeves, but then had a straight line down from the bust.

    Lastly, I want fun colours and prints for summer. Some basics are nice, but I feel like I've got quite enough basics now, although winter clothing are worse. I feel Pepperberry overdoes it on cluttered details, and BiuBiu patterns are very often not to my taste. Urkye doesn't use patterns very often.

    I am still very grateful to Urkye and BiuBiu (the others are too pricey for me) and it's a whole lot better now than it was, but that doesn't stop me from wanting other things.

  4. I'm going to completely disagree with your last point, I want more plain, classic clothes in solid colours, red, black, white, navy, green etc. I would like to see more full bust companies do high necklines, this can look great if done well. At the moment Pepperberry does these awful children's party dress neckline because so many people complain about the cleavage. I would like low cut necklines or crew or boat necks. I would also like more sleeve choice. I'm fed up with t-shirt sleeves and hate cap sleeves, just above elbow looks more elegant and with a boat neck makes a plain T shirt look a bit more stylish. I would also love loose, silky shirts. I could probably buy one on the high street but would still need to size up massively and the fit would be off, more room in the bust and tapered at the waist but still soft and loose, to be tucked in.

    1. Hahaha, disagreement is good! I dress relatively conservatively or "classically" most of the time and I'd love red/black/white/navy options too. I suppose though, that I feel Pepperberry has tried their hand at this and it ends up looking too dowdy for me personally. Saint Bustier has done a few things you might like, they have looser/billowy shirts and more varied necklines. DD Atelier has been playing a bit with necklines too. Elbow length sleeves?? I will sign that petition. My complaint with ANY dress, shirt, blouse, etc. is that I'm freezing and I agree, those sleeves are such timeless, elegant touches.

      Thanks for weighing in, Lynsey!


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