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Sneak Peek Monday: Kris Line Letizia

While I was unable to meet with Kris Line in person, they were kind enough to send me detailed brand information and...tons of photographs from their upcoming Autumn line! Their current collection has limited availability in North America, but they'll be showing again at Curve in August so maybe we'll see them at our favorite lingerie retailers soon. This line from A/W 13, the Letizia, is one of my personal favorites - who knew a paisley-like print and taupe could look so hot?! It'll come in a semi-soft (above) with an extended size range to KK and their brassiere shape, which is a padded plunge style.

One Comment

  1. This is great news! I hope their KK cups will fit me! Their Ks were a little small. Will you please list the band sizes as well?


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