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Sneak Peek Monday: Claudette Ouvert Bottom Cup Bra

Ouvert is a French word for 'open' and in the lingerie world, it's the descriptor used for panties that feature a revealed back. I tend to like more fabric (longline, high waist bottoms) rather than less so this trend has never appealed to me. And truthfully, when I saw the Claudette Ouvert line at Curve, I wasn't into it - I'm not a snake skin fan either. Since then, I've come around because no matter my personal preferences, the Ouvert set is a truly unique design for full busted women.  The "bottom cup" shape is meant to provide 55% of overall coverage so the nipples are contained, but barely. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that this straightforward and unabashed sexual feature has ever been available to full bust women before. Three cheers for Claudette.

There's a photograph of the eponymous panty after the break (Sacrè bleu, the buttons are all functional!):


  1. YES! YES! YES! I love snakeskin and I love barely there coverage! I'll pass on the undies though--the buttons don't sound very comfy, and I prefer my homemade panties to anything I've ever found to buy.

  2. I think that shape is very similar to Mimi Holliday super plunges shape. But may be size range will be wider (super plunges 28AA-FF, 30AA-FF and sister sizes till 38 if I'm not mistaken).


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