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I'm Obsessed: Past Avocado Catalogs

Can Can
After I scanned the image of Avocado's Mimosa bra for yesterday's post, I flipped through their old catalogs and became newly mesmerized by their older styles. The brand's founders told me that their aesthetic has changed since the earlier days, their lingerie continues to be whimsical, but it's much sleeker and comparatively pared down. They found that their lingerie sold better with fewer embellishments and have gradually reduced the number of three dimensional details. While I love their current refined styles, these designs are some of the best the full bust market has ever seen. They show their own artistic perspective, are unafraid to be a little kooky and clearly, retain an astonishing beauty. Bigger brands, those stagnating in the land of the padded plunge, should sit up and take notice:

Soir de Paris (This style is still on their website, it has limited availability, but it's on sale!)
All images are Avocado's and if you'd like to digitally peruse the older catalogs, you can find more loveliness here.


  1. Replies
    1. My eyeballs oozed out of my head when I saw it all in person. Like looking at the lingerie sun.

  2. They still have a few sizes of most of those if you look in the right section :-)

    ie Kabuki here

    1. Dorothy, you're officially my Avocado advisor! That entire section is AMAZING and you're breakin' my heart because there's no 60H!!! I would kill for the low necked Annick in red...or the Mimosa...or the Can Can. Ok, ok, I want one of each. :)

    2. LOL - I have been debating over the Kabuki which is available is a cup too small (or extra cake on the plate, as I've been telling myself for months ...)

  3. Yes, but they have Libertine left in your size - so I am officially jealous

    This is search -

    Choose 'stanik' (bra) in the first drop down, click on your size and then 'szukaj' (search) at the bottom right - it will tells you everything available or to order in your size including end of line items (the items in this post)

    1. A Libertine, Really?! For helping with my search, you're my favorite reader of the day. It's been perplexing the heck out of me whenever I went over to covet their stuff. Thank you!


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