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June 2013

Fit Comparison: Ewa Michalak, Avocado, Comexim, Ewa Bien, Samanta & Corin

On Twitter last night, a reader and fellow blogger reminded me that I had talked about doing a fit comparison post for the Polish lingerie I've tried. I'm so, so sorry I haven't gotten around to this yet, I meant to conquer this months ago. I've been a bit timid because I absolutely don't want to sell myself as a Polish lingerie expert or dole out unhelpful advice. I also want to caution everyone that these sizes worked for me and to be honest, I don't know all the ways to describe my boobs that some bloggers refer to. But you can see my bust in the pictures and knowing your own shape, determine if certain suggestions would apply or be radically opposite. Either way, I hope you enjoy! :)

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Full Bust Bra Review: Tutti Rouge Liliana & Betty

Chocolate and vanilla. Good and evil. Night and day. Like any interconnected force, Liliana and Betty exist in contrast with one another. As of the publication of this post, they are the only bras to debut from new British full bust brand, Tutti Rouge. I was sent samples of each from the company and I feel they couldn't be more different from one another. Obviously, as part of a larger integrated collection, they share certain aesthetic and construction details, but in my case, I feel in love and I found a foe. See which was which here:

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Exclusive Sneak Peek: Ewa Bien Autumn/Winter 2013

Ewa Bien Driada  
Last Wednesday, I was invited to see the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection from Ewa Bien in New York. The widely popular Polish brand was in town to meet with potential distributors and retail contacts in the United States, as they're eager to introduce their lingerie in North America. Their meetings, they told me, had gone well and their products were received with enthusiasm, but they hadn't received any orders yet. Some of the lines I saw for their next collection were breathtaking and I'd love to be able to buy them here. So, that leaves me -- and all the Ewa Bien North American fans! -- waiting with bated breathe for word that they've been picked up. The only people who've seen this collection are New York store owners and buyers, it hasn't premiered in Poland or any other international market yet so this is an exciting, exclusive look at their upcoming collection:

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What Are We Entitled To?

Lately, I've been thinking about how the full bust world has changed in the last five years or so. In 2008, I bought the Panache Superbra Porcelain T-Shirt Bra and I swear, I cried with happiness. Now? I scoff at beige contour cups and demand more intricate, fashionable, and unique styles. Since a spotlight has been shown on the full bust market, I can find pretty bras easily. Full busted women also have their own communities -- enormously popular Reddit threads, secret Facebook groups, and a modest chunk of the Internet which blogs about all issues DD and up. But, I've begun to think, has that left us with a few...entitlement issues?

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DD+ Outfit: BiuBiu NOLI

Hells bells, this is a lovely dress. I didn't always think so...when I saw it on Facebook, it reminded me of chic Star Trek uniforms. The first day I wore it, my mom called it, "Really 70s" and her assistant said I looked like Joan Jetson. It grew on me though and I finally decided I was really into the crisp tailoring, long sleeves, and pockets. I'll never look back! So many people complimented me on this dress that it got a little embarrassing (Despite what the blog may suggest, I hate being the center of attention.). Women were wondering where I'd gotten it and asking me how to spell BiuBiu. Well, it wasn't love at first sight with BiuBiu's NOLI dress, but it will be love for the long haul:

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Sneak Peek Monday: Crème Bralée Zoe & Colette

I've had many requests for inexpensive lingerie tips on the blog and for those of you who were searching, I think I've found a solution -- a modestly priced, wonderfully stylish new brand called Crème Bralée. I had a chance to preview the collection in New York City a few weeks ago and decided to share my personal favorites from their upcoming schedule, the Zoe and the aubergine Colette (available now in Mauve):  

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Friday Favorites

Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra in "Wild Pink" (New fashion color available in mid October!)
Squee, my Friday Favorites recap begins with the most exciting full bust news in quite a long time!
As I'm sure you might've already read (it's made quite the splash in the lingerie blogosphere!), American brand Parfait announced a major size expansion yesterday. Following in the footsteps of Freya -- who dramatically and suddenly added sizes to their Padded Half Cup production -- Parfait will be introducing GG+ sizes to three of their most popular lines: the Charlotte, Alexis and Sophia.  Select styles will be available in GG, H, HH, J, JJ and K cups and the Charlotte will come out in 28" bands. We'll be able to get our grubby mitts on these in early August. Hmmm, but I wonder, could this be a trend-in-the-making? I sure hope so...

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Why Doesn't That Come in My Size?! My Dream Clothing List

How cool would a DD+ bustier top be?! (This one is from Forever 21.)
I am so thankful to the wonderful DD+ clothing providers that this post feels like a whining betrayal. The offerings from Biu Biu, Pepperberry, Urkye, Midnight Grace, Campbell and Kate, Saint Bustier and DD Atelier should not be brushed aside lightly. Each brand does a phenomenal job giving full busted women garments that they couldn't find elsewhere. For my taste, budget and physical proportions, there's still something missing and this post will hopefully clarify the pieces I think are absent or undervalued. I'd love your input too - are you delighted by Biu Biu's casual tops? Or, would you like to see a particular detail on Pepperberry's fancy dresses? I want to dream your dreams too! ;)

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I'm Obsessed: Past Avocado Catalogs

Can Can
After I scanned the image of Avocado's Mimosa bra for yesterday's post, I flipped through their old catalogs and became newly mesmerized by their older styles. The brand's founders told me that their aesthetic has changed since the earlier days, their lingerie continues to be whimsical, but it's much sleeker and comparatively pared down. They found that their lingerie sold better with fewer embellishments and have gradually reduced the number of three dimensional details. While I love their current refined styles, these designs are some of the best the full bust market has ever seen. They show their own artistic perspective, are unafraid to be a little kooky and clearly, retain an astonishing beauty. Bigger brands, those stagnating in the land of the padded plunge, should sit up and take notice:

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Why Doesn't That Come in My Size?! My Dream Lingerie & Swimwear List

Marc by Marc Jacobs Taboo Retro Maillot in Envy Green (Photo via ShopBop), $210
We all have our wishlist items -- styles that we're eyeing, saving up for, or anticipating (Freya's 28" band half cups, anyone? Or, the slew of babydolls coming in the fall?).  But what about the items that aren't on the horizon, or even discussed as possibilities, that we see available for our smaller busted compatriots? Earlier this year, two of my favorite bloggers -- Sweets of Sweet Nothings NYC and Windie Gardie of Undiegamer -- published their own Full Bust Wishlist and Lingerie Wishlist for Things Yet to Exist. I wanted to throw my top five "most dreamed of" lingerie and swim ideas into the mix. I'm planning on doing another one, for DD+ clothing I'd love to see, and please let me know in the comments what your lingerie and swimwear dreams are!

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Sneak Peek Monday: Claudette Ouvert Bottom Cup Bra

Ouvert is a French word for 'open' and in the lingerie world, it's the descriptor used for panties that feature a revealed back. I tend to like more fabric (longline, high waist bottoms) rather than less so this trend has never appealed to me. And truthfully, when I saw the Claudette Ouvert line at Curve, I wasn't into it - I'm not a snake skin fan either. Since then, I've come around because no matter my personal preferences, the Ouvert set is a truly unique design for full busted women.  The "bottom cup" shape is meant to provide 55% of overall coverage so the nipples are contained, but barely. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that this straightforward and unabashed sexual feature has ever been available to full bust women before. Three cheers for Claudette.

There's a photograph of the eponymous panty after the break (Sacrè bleu, the buttons are all functional!):

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Full Bust Shopping in Northampton, MA

Yesterday's Outfit (Please excuse all the dorky face-making in this post!)
Zack and I drove out to Northampton yesterday and while he was away at band rehearsal, I bopped around for this style post. Trying things on is the best way to learn what flatters you, what your style is, and what to look for in the future, in terms of construction, material, and color. I'm sharing my findings with you, to highlight my favorite Northampton stores (There are still some missing too!) and in the hope that it's educational for your next "hunting mission":

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I Want Her Lingerie Job: Entrepreneur Andrea King, of Aristelle

I first fell in love with Burlington, Vermont's new lingerie store, Aristelle, when it was closed. Zack and I had arrived at night and took a quick stroll down Church Street, the city's pedestrian-only downtown center. Out of all the boutiques we passed, Aristelle stood out: it's irreverent window displays, the high quality sets on each mannequin, and the sign's elegant font did me in.

When we visited with my sister the next day, my love turned into a little bit of an obsession. The product mix was eclectic and unusual, with esoteric big brands next to independent labels. The dressing rooms, decorated with body positive messages; the simultaneously sophisticated and down-to-earth atmosphere; and the friendly, enthusiastic fitters were all wonderful.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with the owner of Aristelle, Andrea King. With the transcribed interview below, everyone can get a peek behind the (fitting room) curtain and see the nuts and bolts of a bra fitting boutique:

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Sneak Peek Monday: Kris Line Letizia

While I was unable to meet with Kris Line in person, they were kind enough to send me detailed brand information and...tons of photographs from their upcoming Autumn line! Their current collection has limited availability in North America, but they'll be showing again at Curve in August so maybe we'll see them at our favorite lingerie retailers soon. This line from A/W 13, the Letizia, is one of my personal favorites - who knew a paisley-like print and taupe could look so hot?! It'll come in a semi-soft (above) with an extended size range to KK and their brassiere shape, which is a padded plunge style.

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