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Comexim began production in 2004, after Anna and Krzysztof Matczak noticed a gap in the lingerie market for small band and large cup bras. Eager to fulfill this demand, they hired a professional construction expert and created their company with the intention to make their clients' wishes come true. They are absolutely committed to customer satisfaction; as Anna said, she's "happiest when her clients are happy". When asked about her design perspective, she was similarly inclusive and replied that her vision of design develops alongside her clients so it may be the best possible match for each party.

Mrs. Matczak speaks fluent Spanish, feels inspired by the country and many of the eccentric, colorful fabrics she uses are imported from there. She also attended art school, studying operatic singing, and this dynamic background seems to strengthen her singular style. Her lingerie has it's own timeless atmosphere, as if it's floating above the passing trends with breezy confidence. While she may employ techniques we've seen before (i.e., lace overlay on a black base), she's been one of the only designers embracing emerald green; daring to turn out a Tartan bra during the summer market; or interpreting the explosive fowl craze with big, primary colored feathers. Even when the designs touch on familiar patterns -- floral, polka dots, birds -- they seem entirely set apart from the artistic perspective of the larger, homogeneous taste of the moment.

Fabric of the Esperanza

Presently, Mrs. Matczak designs with two concentrations -- she focuses on youthful, playful pieces, as well as sophisticated, exclusive ones. The two directions might be split or defined in the future, but for right now, she prefers to present the collection as a whole. Looking far into the future, the Matczaks would like to expand their lingerie business, with additional brands devoted to seductive nightwear and soft foundation garments (slips, camisoles).

Clockwise from the top: Iris, Selene, Geisha, Nadine, Carmen, Jennifer, Paradise (last two unidentified)

From the top: Selene, Gina, Tosca 

Jennifer ~ One bra fitter told me that this was a bestselling style for their boutique. 

Someone said, in reference to Comexim, that they "don't have many shapes, but the styles they do make are lovely". It's absolutely true, the brand's primary focus has been on their padded plunges, with a high or low customizable element. Their full and soft bras, which seem to belong to an older collection, do not receive the same attention. The bikinis represent the cheerful and eclectic Comexim focus, but seem oddly overlooked by fans of the brand. I don't see any harm in this specialized technique and it's an oft used professional approach. You'd never ask an award winning baker, who has perfected a recipe for lemon cake, to make muffins and scones! I'd much rather have a superlative piece of lemon cake -- or the best padded plunge! -- than a smorgasbord of mediocre baked goods. Wouldn't you?

Size range: The smallest band is a 60, with the broadest at 95. The smallest cup is a C, the largest is an N.

Company approved personalized fit: 65H.

Claims to fame: Signature plunge shape. Rare fabrics. Warm and authentic customer service.

Aesthetic: Multi-dimensional -- one dash minimal and quiet, yet boldly flirtatious. On the other hand, you couldn't call it controversial, but there are pieces that stand out in a crowd and will be impossible to accurately date in 2050.

Availability: Comexim offers international ordering through their website and if you're in Warsaw as a resident or traveller, Dopasowana and Sophie Marel are fantastic stock lists.


  1. I LOVE Comexim, cannot wait until that gorgeous white and red one comes out! I also have noticed the bikinis are strangely overlooked... If I were to buy a full bust bikini it's probably the first place I'd go! The only thing I wish could be different is their size range - I'm already at the end of it at a 60N, and it's very possible I could grow more :(


    2. Sorry, that was not my most mature comment. Just got a little excited. I too am in love with Comexim. Thanks for posting this, Miss Underpinnings!

  2. I love, love their designs. And I'd buy one in a heartbeat, if I thought it would work for me. Sadly with my dimensions and breast tissue being 'difficult' (as fitters in have told me, with frowns) I don't think I could risk buying online. A trip to Warsaw one day?

  3. You mentioned they'd like to start making slips. I've been thinking of asking you to do a post on the slip and why it's become obsolete. It's time for the slip to make a comeback! There are many dresses look better with slipd. Slips can be so cool and sexy! Why is it so hard to find them? There are some shaper slips available, but I'm hoping that kind of support undergarment goes out of style soon--they're not attractive without clothing and with clothing most of us can spot them from a mile away. They make women look like sausages--not a look I'm interested in. Plus, some people just don't need that kind of "slimming." Miss Underpinnings, it's time to start a slip revival!

  4. I would love to try Comexim,but am a bit scared to.I should start reading as many reviews as I can get my hands on to try to figure out what would work for me.

  5. Are Comexim's wires really narrow? I love their styles but I need wide wires.

  6. I thought you should know that has used your review of Comexim to make it seem like you praise the customer service of Wellfitting.


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