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May 2013


Lazurite (Fashion)

I have the utmost respect for businesses that show humility in the face of their mistakes, adapt to necessary solutions, and handle change gracefully. During my meeting with Mr. Hanczka, Corin's general manager, he openly admitted that his company has gone through these moments of growth and needed to reinvent itself to succeed. Other companies should take note, Mr. Hanczka's tactic has worked out wonderfully. Corin was well stocked at every lingerie boutique I visited, with one storeowner clarifying that Corin was one of the top brands in the nation. When I tried their products on, Corin proved to be one of the most reliable producers, with successful fits throughout varying shapes or styles.

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Mr. Underpinnings Column, WHAT?!?

Hey world of full-bust females,

It's Mr. Underpinnings. It's been quite a while since we've talked, how are you? My lady has come up with the idea of having me post semi-regulary on our little blog. I told her I would love to, but didn't know how you would feel... what would I even talk about? Is there room for an educated male perspective in the forum of women's lingerie and fashion?

So we have decided to leave it to you...

Would you blog readers out there be interested in reading more posts by me? If so, what sort of topics would you like me to cover? I'm open to anything :)


Comexim began production in 2004, after Anna and Krzysztof Matczak noticed a gap in the lingerie market for small band and large cup bras. Eager to fulfill this demand, they hired a professional construction expert and created their company with the intention to make their clients' wishes come true. They are absolutely committed to customer satisfaction; as Anna said, she's "happiest when her clients are happy". When asked about her design perspective, she was similarly inclusive and replied that her vision of design develops alongside her clients so it may be the best possible match for each party.

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Why I Like Taking My Clothes Off for the Internet, or On Modesty

There are a lot of things I regret doing and I'm sure there are only bundles of more embarrassing, character devaluing delights in my future, but one thing I'm not ashamed of is taking pictures of myself in my underwear and publishing them on the Internet. Deep down, I can hear a culturally attuned voice inside going, What are you doing, you crazy slut!?. And I'm sure most of you are thinking "Good God!" and wondering who raised me to be such a heathen. I'm sure the person who raised me is thinking the exact same thing and calculating how fast she can take me out of the will. Sorry, Mom.

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Ewa Michalak

Riding on the bus to Lodz to meet Ewa Michalak, I broke out in a cold sweat. I had been anticipating this moment since I scheduled the interview and in the days before, I had found a frightening void of resource information and was left feeling utterly unprepared. I knew Ms. Michalak was an enigmatic figure, but I had not realized how thoroughly modern and entrepreneurial her story is. She taught herself to sew, raised through the industry ranks on her own merit, and her independent label thrives through the international reach of the Internet. In her own country, her brand is considered a small player while abroad, her products are discussed endlessly on social media, enthusiastically reviewed by bloggers, and purchased with the utmost consumer anticipation. I am enormously grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting Ewa and I am delighted to finally share this peek behind the curtain with you.

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DD+ Outfit: Look Who Got Herself to the Tailor

After I blogged about pencil skirts last week (Your suggestions were wonderful, BTW!), I realized I'd done something about the situation and I'd forgotten to write about it. Before I went to Poland, I paid a visit to the tailor and got a slew of skirts taken in at the waist. So, tailors! A girl's best friend? Not exactly - some of the skirts came back better, but not as tucked as I'd like. Others worked really well and I took them on my trip. But then again, I have a very basic understanding of the profession so maybe it would be technically impossible to nip it as much as I'd like. I have to get my hips in it, after all! What's your take on tailoring? Are you a veteran or novice tailoree like me?

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Ewa Michalak Spring Collection Preview

It's been killing me to have these on my laptop and not share them with everybody. I promised myself I'd present the Polish lingerie companies in the order I saw them so I've had these photographs since March. Some of the bras down below you might've already seen - the S Pty┼Ť, S Iwette, and S Lolitka are now available on the Ewa Michalak website. Hopefully, y'all still appreciate my real life (read: untrained) images. Just a little underpinnings fun to kick off the weekend!

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DD+ Outfit: Wide Belts, What Would I Do Without You?

I'm sure you already know about the power of chunky belts, they're constantly touted as a "solution accessory" for curvy or hourglass figures. With some of my dresses, I couldn't live without them. Either a dress was sold with one that was too large or cheaply made, or it's a swingy style without waist definition and no belt at all. However, I feel they're a bit harder than anyone lets on. Georgina, of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, wears them brilliantly so I'm taking a page out of her book with this outfit post.

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Ewa Michalak Workshop Tour

When I stepped off the bus in Lodz to meet with Ewa Michalak, her son Dominik kindly met me and accompanied me to the studio. Lodz, Dominik quickly volunteered, is not the most beautiful city in Poland. By this point in the trip, I had briefly visited three major cities: Warsaw, the modern and wealthy capital; Krackow, a historic center of education and culture; and Poznan, what a native described as "just a regular city where people live and work". In comparison, Lodz enjoyed it's golden age during the Industrial Revolution and like the manufacturing cities in Northern England, it focused it's attentions on commerce and production, rather than arts or politics. Today, it's a center for Polish full bust lingerie, with Comexim, Kris Line, Corin and Ewa Michalak all situated in the city or surrounding area. Down a narrow alleyway, Dominik drove us to a rather nondescript office building. Ewa Michalak's atelier is situated on one of the upper floors, hiding away the lingerie magic happening inside.

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