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NYC Press Event: Fantasie

Behind the scenes: Eveden NYC's Wall of Bras (Fauve on the left, Fantasie on the right)
For Autumn/Winter 2013, Panache Superbra and Fantasie had a lot in common. In the past, both brands leaned in the "mumsy" direction while refusing to sacrifice a terrific fit. They were both conservative and reliable collections that sometimes left me a little drowsy. But both companies have rolled out strong, interesting designs for this season and there's an undeniable freshness in their approach. Panache has focused on designing new basics in the wake of their success with the Jasmine and continued popularity with the Andorra, while Fantasie has transformed many of their basics into sexy fashion.

August Arrivals
Susanna in "Purple" 
Amanda in Storm
Jana in Graphite
The bras above -- the Amanda, Jana, and Susanna -- will be one of the first groups to arrive in August. Purple was a HUGE trend at Curve and I enjoyed Fantasie's spin on it. The Amanda in "Storm" plays on two trends at once with it's strong flowers. This flavor of dramatic, almost abrasive flowers could be seen at Cleo (Ellis), Curvy Kate (Rosie), Panache (Fern and Floris), Freya (Flourish), Empreinte (Rose), Parfait (Odette), etc. Get your big girl pants on, these blossoms are here to rock.

Melissa in Black (September) *New Basic
What Surprised Me: the Melissa. Let's be real now, the consumer and catalog images of the bra above are terrible. It photographed really poorly so the Melissa was not a Fantasie style I was enthused to see in person. I usually hate black and pink combinations too. But when the model strode out in the whole 3 piece set, it was striking. Nice job catching me off guard, Melissa.

Rachel in Black (November)
The One that Left Me Undecided: the Rachel. I like florals way, way more than the average woman and I love kooky novelty prints. The black lace through the top cup is intricate, stripped, and reveals it's own subtle flower pattern, but...Is this ugly? Is it genius? I've been swinging back and forth.

The Martina in Bronze (October)
What I'm Obsessed With: the Martina. The Martina looks like antique lingerie, from the personal collection of a famous courtesan, that's been burnt to a crisp and resurrected like a phoenix. I love to whine about the frightening redundancy and creative sluggishness in full bust designs, but this line proves me wrong. It doesn't belong in this era of black lace overlay and beige foam, it feels like someone's vision and that, ladies and gentlemen, is one reason I keep writing.

Elodie in Teal (October)

Rebecca Nouveau in Ivory (December)

Freya Gem in Rouge (top--July), Fantasie Vivienne in Red (November)
Fantasie went with an English Garden theme for it's sweet and polite Spring/Summer 2013 collection and in a few months, we'll have these steamy lines.

If you could pick the next direction or theme for Fantasie, what would it be? Where would you like the company to go next?


  1. Your description of the Martina is genius!

  2. Oooh I love the Jana. I'd love to get my paws on that. Everything else I could take or leave (unless offered them free of charge, in which case I'd definitely take!). Unfortunately, I don't like purple. And of course we know this is all hypothetical anyway as I don't buy expensive lingerie xD

  3. Wow, I'm not into any of these! They look very old ladyish to me. I guess that's more money for me to spend elsewhere!


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