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NYC Press Day: Reader Questions for Panache

Last week, I posted that I'd be visiting Panache and Eveden headquarters in New York City. Almost all of my meetings begin with the greatest question: what feedback have you received from your readers? So, to stay up to speed on what y'all are into, I called for questions, comments, and requests on my Facebook page and Twitter account. Here's what you guys had to say for Panache and their answers:

"Please make Jasmine in BASIC colors!"

Panache is delighted with the Jasmine and excited about the reaction from bloggers, customers, and boutique owners. Since bestsellers don't come around that often, I'd bet you $1,000,000 that they're already cooking up more styles for this range. In the meantime, the new Dahlia is based on the Jasmine, arrives in mid August and will be available in black and beige. 

"Tell Panache that the Jasmine is the best bra ever and to never ever stop making it. Also, Cleo styles up to a K cup could help some ladies out."

Currently, it feels as if Cleo's focused on remodeling it's old standards and offering basic versions of their popular fashion. The Neve plunge is their Jude 2.0, the Marcie's grown tremendously, and the Maddie has basic components now too. But as far as my contact knows, there aren't any K cup Cleos on the way. I think Superbra is trying to turn their Ks into sexier, lighter styles. One of the Tango Accenti's main selling points was it's sheer upper panel and seductive vibe.

"Cleo Marcie in black please, please!!! And some unusual lingerie colors for the Cleo range such as green, yellow or brown!"  

I'm sooooo with you on this one. The Neon Orange Lucy and the grey Lori were far and away my favorites from Cleo for Autumn/Winter 2013 and they're also the least conventional bras in the lineup. GOOD NEWS: Word on the street says there might be a Marcie in yellow...Don't quote me on this because it might get cut before the next Curve, but wouldn't that be cool!?

"Marcie as a basic black bra from Cleo, and more 28s from Superbra. Their new styles are lovely, but they're releasing so few in 28s."

Do you know who brands love to listen to? Buyers at Curve. Do you know who they also love to hear from? Us. If both groups say the same thing, things get done. Apparently, we speak as one because everyone has asked for a black Marcie. Like the Jasmine for Panache, the Marcie has been a solid hit for Cleo and since they bestowed their first babydoll on the range, I'd say they've noticed. It's also one of those bras that you can't screw up. Just as you can't make the Princess ugly, the Marcie will look adorable in almost every colorway. I'd be shocked if they didn't put this out in continuity colors soon.


  1. Welp, time to start pestering Panache about 28 bands for the Jasmine (and Idina, because it's great as well).

    Thanks for the question/answer session :) I really hope Marcie comes out in yellow as you think it might, would definitely buy!

  2. You and me both, Windie. I would buy any pretty bra in yellow and the Marcie would be a contender. I contacted my Panache rep about any internal rumors or confirmations of size extensions, but she said she didn't know of any and would get back to me. :(

    But if we voice it, our desires will be heard!!! Now all we need is a megaphone and tickets to England. ;)

    1. We should form a team of people to just constantly leave messages on their facebook wall about expanding their size range. One every day for the next few months ;)

    2. I like where your head's at -- what I think would be even better is if the full bust bloggers came together and made a list of their important, realistic, and most popular demands. We could all post it on the same day and ask readers for their help. Cool? Weird?

      If we moved as one unit, tagged them in publicizing social media posts, and called for more support that would probably get their attention. :D

      I'm spitballing here.

  3. Man, I missed out! I should have had you ask them to make the Ariza in a plunge! That one was perfect for me except the sky high wires... :(

  4. OMG, Marcie in yellow would rock my world! I have it already in red and turquoise which I LOVE and I can't wait to have it in pink and hopefully yellow ;)

  5. There's also another new style coming out that looks close to the Jasmine called the Envy too. I'm interested in trying both of them to see how they fit because the Jasmine truly is a fabulous bra. In fact, color choices aside, I was really impressed with the way the Sueperbra line has overhauled their basic offerings for fall, and I'd like to see Cleo follow suit. The fashion is great, but sometimes you need a flesh-tone bra!

  6. I just saw this :smashesheadagainstthedesk:
    No one asked for more hooks on Cleo bras??
    I'm gonna cry now :(

    1. Hey, hey! It's going to be okay, there's always a next time...I see Panache again in early August, your request for more hooks will be my first question. :)

    2. You are my hero <3
      Could you ask about stretch lace too? :) I'd love a Cleo version of Jasmine ^^


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