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NYC Press Day: Freya

Totally Tartan Padded Half Cup (July)
 Last week at my press appointment, I experienced my typical reaction to Freya  -- a combination of "Argh!" and "Ohmygod I want that!" -- but then something shifted. I did something totally out of character: I fought for bras I wanted to see from Freya!! On Miss Underpinnings, I have no problem articulating what I want, but in meetings, I'm too busy taking pictures, absorbing information, and I'll admit, I get a little shy. So, what changed? Well, I know I could not have done it without you guys. Your questions fill me with confidence and make me realize, hey it's okay to ask for things you'd like to buy! It might seem obvious, but it's taken me more than a year and a half to get to this point. I'm sending a big thank you your way. So, now I'm asking everyone in the comments -- if you could design a new Freya bra, what would it be?

Flourish Padded Longline (November)

Deco Hatty in "Viola" (August)

Deco Honey in "Jade" (November)
Deco Charm (September) ***The sample sent was missing it's charm.
Piper in "Cornflower" (September)

My top swim picks: The Cha Cha Halter (white), Padded Sweetheart (red), & Calamity (twilight)

The Gem in "Rouge" (July)

What I Loved: The Fan-Tastic. Easily one of my favorite bras from Curve, this line is genius. It's not a floral print, uses a rare combination of unpopular colors, and it'll come out in the long awaited 28" bands and G+ cups. Mind. Exploded. (Oh yeah, there's the updated size range in padded half cups: 28-38 D-G, 28-36 GG, and 30-36 H. Woohoo!!)

Fan-Tastic in "Noir" (October)
What I'm Excited About: The Marvel. I feel like we haven't seen a new shape from Freya in years so this bra, with multiple vertical seams, got my attention. It's meant to offer stellar lift from the bottom and serve as Freya's roundest shape yet. While the beige and black basics are cute, I think this construction has amazing fashion potential.

Marvel in Black (September), Planned as a continuity 

What I'm Uneasy With: the Decos. The Deco Hatty and Spotlight were the top two bestsellers from Curve. From a business point of view, this product is a guaranteed winner and the company dreams of releasing one Deco per month. I'm still cautious. Beyond the Deco, Freya has amazing strengths as a brand. I would like to see the company commit as deeply to their brave designs, groundbreaking concepts, and size extensions, as they do to their smooth and sensible powerhouse.

What I Requested: the Freya Cupcake. Huit's popular line, the Cupcake, is simple, stylish and charming. Elomi came out with their version, the Rita, recently and it already has two basics and an eye catching fuschia colorway. The bras are design sisters and they've proved themselves in the markets they target. I suspect the Cupcake/Rita would adapt perfectly on a Freya base and it would blend beautifully with the collection as a whole. It feels like a Freya bra already: fun to wear, a little quirky, fashionable, energetic. Ms. Quintana, my Eveden pal, suggested it on the Marvel frame and I thought she was GENIUS.

Elomi Rita in "Poppy" (September)
Huit Cupcake Boyshort
Side Notes

The Ballet Pink Patsy will be the first half cup with the new size range so the Totally Tartan and SS 13 fashion Patsies will run with the old sizes.

One of the Freya's Active bras, the Underwired Sport's style #4002, will now go up to a K-cup in AW 13.

There was a line featured in the catalog, the Aztec, which has been dropped.

If you'd like to see the entire collection, Stanikomania puts up fantastic photographs on Flickr and A Sophisticated Pair recently published all the season's details.

I know we've discussed the Freya Autumn/Winter 2013 collection in some detail already. Many of you said you were happy to see the Deco babies and others shared that they gravitated to one or two, but didn't need the rest. Most everyone disagreed with my assessment of the Patsy in the Ballerina shade, yet there were a few enthusiastic fans of the Fan-Tastic. ;)

This time around, let's have fun --- And of course, if anyone needs specific information on the range, I'd be happy to get all detective on this lingerie.

If you were talking to the company, what would you say their strengths are? Weaknesses? Or, those "needs room for improvement" bits?

If you could design a bra from Freya, what would it look like? What appearance would it create or how would it fit? 


  1. Most people would just mention cutesy stuff like different colors/patterns, but I have a wish of a more technical nature. I wish that Freya (and all the sister brands) would narrow up the placement of the shoulder straps--it's highly unlikely that a person with a 32 back has shoulders the same width as a person with a 34 back, and definitely not the same as a 36 back, yet the placements are so close they might as well be the same. Why???

    If I could design a bra for Freya, it would be a sexy, deep plunging, pushup; even for those of us with the bigger (GG+) cup sizes. Just because I have a larger cup size doesn't mean that I don't want the girls pushed up and together! And I really want a true plunge! And while I'm dreaming, it would fit those of us with a barrel/egg shaped chest (with close set straps). ;-)

    1. Wow, good point about the shoulder straps. I'd never thought of it like that, I've just looked at my Freya bras and thought, "My, what big straps!".

      A true plunge with a deep cut and push up vaaaa voom? That sounds pretty saucy, but after seeing my boobs in the Samanta plunges, I'm right there with ya.

    2. I may or may not have shown that picture of you in the Samanta plunges to my husband and said "See! THAT'S what I want MY boobs to look like!" To which he may or may not have agreed that it would be amazing... ;-)

    3. That CRACKS me up...When I was on my trip in Poland, the translator was a really nice dude and he totally saw me in a bra. At first, I was blushing and trying to maintain my cool but then I realized how many people saw/see me in a bra and I realized, riiiiight this is just a normal day on the job. Bizarre, but true.


  2. I'd love to see the deco done non-plunge in a balconette - I dream of being able to wear a deco without my boobs ending up half spilling out toward the center!

    1. Ohhhhhh! Abbi, that sounds great. I get spill scares too. ;)

    2. Maybe extending the Deco half-cup size range could help with that? I'd love a Deco molded non-plunge bra.

    3. Faustineli, I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if the 28" band & G+ half cups are popular enough the Deco 1/2 will get a similar size extension. For some reason, that's a bra I ALWAYS forget about. Thanks for reminding me!!

  3. I'm excited about the Marvel too (although I do wish they had done it in a fashion color) because it is a real departure from their usual unpadded designs. I'm hoping it will be like a Freya-fied version of the Jasmine or a Cleo bras!

    1. They deserve credit -- I've felt the #1 complaint I've seen is the shape factor. As the Polish ladies said, it's the "duck mouth" that keeps women away from soft Freya styles. If this is as round as it looks, I'll be very, very happy.

  4. I wish they'd put a wider band of elastic on the bottom of their longlines so they'd stop flipping up on me. It's annoying.

    But I do love a lot of their designs. I wish every once in awhile they'd throw something a little more tomboyish or rock and roll our way.

  5. This is isn't really that creative, but I would absolutely LOVE a Moulded Deco-shaped plunge bikini with any type of cute print or in a few solid colors with some embellishments. Instead of being bra-like, this would have a halter neck. The halter tie would be a very stiff material. Thin Spandex on most bikinis is too stretchy and pulls down on the poor wearer's neck :(. And while we're dreaming, this bikini would go up to a K cup and come in 24 and 26 bands sizes.

    Freya has gone a little deco crazy with all these prints and the shapewear line. Would it really be that hard to expand the size range? Oh, and I LOVE all of these longlines, Freya should really expand that size range too!

  6. Oh, and 3-hooks on the deco would be amazing!


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