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Ewa Bien

Driada (Bra style B230)
Ewa Bien began under unique circumstances and advanced to it's current position with confidence, energy, and incomparable design direction. After graduating with a degree in ecological biology, the eponymous founder could not find a job in her field. She began designing children's clothing and then, women's swimwear and simple lingerie for straight size busts. Ten years ago, the company realized the full bust niche market was expanding and began adapting their designs for DD+ women. Let's take a look at this spark plug:

Pares in Blue (Bra style B150)

The process -- from small cups to full bust construction -- was gradual. The brand had a strong reputation for a different size profile and they extended cautiously, concluding their initial efforts with an F cup. Their focus has changed dramatically since those days; Mrs. Bien and her daughter, Joanna, estimated that 80% of their sales came from full bust merchandise. In response to extensive customer feedback, they are aggressively pursuing a size extension plan for the future. The next collection, Autumn/Winter 2013, will feature 80G, 80H, and 75J. Their longterm goal is K-cup production and a presence in the plus size arena, with 90 and 95 bands.   

Pares in Coral (Bra style B130)
Over lunch, it was obvious that Mrs. Bien enjoys her work tremendously. She's an expressive and effusive woman, the type of person who makes you laugh more by simply being in their presence. For the interview, I planned to ask her about her design vision or artistic process. Her lingerie certainly feels as if it originates from an individualistic perspective and consequentially, it belongs to a planet all it's own. Joanna, the company's sale manager, wholeheartedly agreed. She said she cannot watch her mother design because it scares her to much. The colors, fabrics, and details that Ewa combines shouldn't make sense and could easily be labelled ugly, but the end product is arresting.

Kirke (Bra style B111)
Even after I pressed her, Mrs. Bien couldn't articulate her artistic voice. She told me that she attends one Paris exposition each year and tries to absorb the upcoming trends. This information sparks her creativity and she returns home with a renewed vision. In retrospect, I should not have expected such a definitive answer to my question, I suppose it's like asking a chef for their special recipe. Both professions rely on personal intuition and instinct. But I also think the lines reflect her receptive and self-assured manner, with a dash of mischief thrown in.

Amelia (Bra style B230)
Tetyda (Bra style 130)
Eria (Bra style B111) 
Pandora (Bra style 130)
Kalinka (Bra style B130)
**Ewa Bien is on the look out for passionate American distributors and friendly retailers. If you're interested in partnering with the company or would like to know more about this opportunity, you can email Joanna directly at

Size range: Smallest band is a 60 and the largest is 85. The fullest cup is a K and the smallest is an A. *Select availability by style.

Company approved personalized fit: 65G.

Founded: Ewa Bien created her apparel company in the late 1980s.

Claims to fame: Uniquely attune to the needs and requests of their customers. Committed to popping fashion and bold directions.

Aesthetic: Unconventional, striking, and playful lingerie for lasses who still like to jump rope, pink haired trendsetters, and anyone who wants to be an extra in the "Thrift Shop" video.

Availability: International orders can be placed at, although shipping will be calculated individually.


  1. This is my kind of brand! How in the earth can yellow be that sexy?

    1. I know, I KNOW! When I was first flipping through the catalog, I thought, "Oh wow, that's a lot of color" but the more I looked, the more I liked it.

  2. I love them all! Especially the Coral Pares. :D

    1. Slique, that's great! The Coral Pares was one of the bras that Ewa Bien gave me a sample of so you'll see a more detailed review here soon. :)

    2. Ah wheeeeeeee can't wait!

  3. And how do their wires run? Narrow like all the rest? (It's my biggest problem with Polish brands - I love how they look, but I need wider wires.)

    1. Actually...Ewa Bien ran the widest, I think. I'll review the samples I was given soon so you can get a better idea. I'll try to include one image as a collage too, so the wire width on each bra is highlighted. :)

  4. I need the Kirke in yellow and black. So pretty.

  5. Fabulous post as always. For the cup sizes you listed, are those EU, UK, or the brand's own? I am different sizes in UK brands, Ewa Michalak, and Comexim, and I don't want to get my hopes up if I'm thinking in the wrong sizing.

    1. Hey Miss S.! Yes, technically those sizes are European, but as you said, each brand has their own measuring/cutting system. In Poland, Comexim has a particular reputation for this and Ewa Michalak does include doubles (FF, etc.) but they don't correspond with many standard British sizes. I'd say, if you want to find your "best estimate" size in one of these brands, it's wise to contact them and ask them for help. Joanna Bien even asked me for pictures of my favorite bras so they could eyeball my size. All the brands I met with were accommodating and warm when it came to this stuff.

  6. Here a question from Germany
    Did you try the Ewa Bien swimwear range?
    I am so in love with her one piece suits, but unsure about which size to order.
    Would love to read a fuller bust swimwear Post from you!
    ...maybe also polish brands included? ;)


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