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Lingerie Expedition: All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Coming your way very, very soon...
When I was planning this trip, I had a clear schedule and idea of how I'd like it to go down on Miss Underpinnings. I wanted to post as I go, introducing or providing information to you guys as I received it myself. Riiiight. I would actually love to do that because my gut reactions are fierce creatures who dwell in a fiery pit and like to come out to make mischief. (Come visit me at Curve NY sometime, it's not awkward at all when I loudly burst out, "That bra sucked!" in a brand's booth. Manners? No. Foot in mouth? Yes.) Even though that was my plan and I'd prefer that method, I realized quickly that it wasn't going to work. The companies I'm meeting with are following my posts and keeping track of your questions. I'll bring up a reader comment and they already know what I'm going to say! 

It's a lovely gesture, a huge compliment and it makes the interview element comfortable and quick. I also want to get as impartial a presentation as I can. If I write here, "Oh-I-love-such-and-such", I wouldn't want to go to a meeting and hear the strengths a particular brand has in that area. Each brand I've met with so far has their own personality, philosophy, and perception of the market around them. I don't know what I was expecting exactly, but I'm truly fascinated by the varied, unique approaches these manufacturers have. I think you will be too.

Speaking of your (excellent!) questions, there's been good news and ambiguous responses. I've heard a few "Oh yes, that will be coming soon!" and a couple "We're planning it for next season". Essentially, I believe they know what we want and are trying to get it to us. Sometimes, there are obstacles that we aren't privy to and I hope that's where I can come in and help a little. Three months ago, I didn't know this world existed but I think it's a wonderful one and see no reason why it shouldn't be included in ours. I know I'm still teasing, but all will be revealed soon! Get ready.

I'm a little obsessed with my hostel.
Oh! I forgot to ask. I have a lot of information and I was wondering, how would you like me to present it? I was thinking of going brand-by-brand and then, if there's particular interest, I could review a sample of something or provide more detailed photos? Or, no reviews...? Only reviews? I'm open to all and any suggestions! :)


  1. Brand by brand, with a quick review. :)

  2. brand by brand, and then more in depth :-)

  3. brand by brand and then reviews, it's nice to have brand overviews of brands that are not as well known :)


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