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Guys, I have exciting news! I've secured an interview with Ewa Michalak during my time in Poland. Since we might have a bit of trouble understanding one another, a spokesperson for the company has asked me to prepare my questions ahead of time. I definitely know what I'd like to ask her, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to inquire about her background, brand, or vision of the future. To represent everyone's best interests and get to the bottom of that mysterious company, I'd love to ask her some of your questions! I know y'all are curious so lay it on me:

What would you like to ask Ewa?


  1. SO jealous! Please tell her thank you for making padded bra sizes in such a wide range of sizes!

    As for questions:
    - Does she sell a lot of bras in the non-returnable sizes (such as very small bands or large cups)?
    - Do they have an intention of expanding beyond Poland so that their bras can be sold in store abroad?
    - Would they ever consider making other pieces of lingerie like nighties/basques etc?
    - What's her favorite piece of their current collection?
    - Does she have any clue how big of a difference she's made in so many women's lives who just can't find bras in certain sizes and/or Ewa Michalak bras are the only ones who suit their shape?

  2. Great questions from June, here are some of mine :)

    - Why is she mainly focusing on the padded bras?
    - What is the shape/style/size that she had most trouble developing? (and why)
    - Did she ever give up on a bra project and concluded it just can't be done?
    - For how long and in what ways does she test a bra before releasing it?
    - Her view on longlines - I read she finds them unflattering?
    - Does she know women are altering her bras, mainly the strap position, what she makes of this and is she doing something to resolve the too far apart problem?
    - What sizes and bras does she herself wear? And does she personally wear any bras that are not of her own making? :)

  3. Ditto the questions June said!

    -why did she start making bras? Especially the "extreme" sizes?
    -are there any intentions of making other styles beside the PL available up to M cup?
    -Where does she get her inspiration from?

  4. Also so jealous!!

    - What new shapes and styles are currently in the works?
    - Will they ever consider adding 28 bands to the normal production runs, so they don't have to be special ordered?
    - What is their most popular bra?
    - How many different countries have they shipped to since opening?

  5. This is awesome! I second June's question about basques and babydolls, and also whether she would like to expand her swimsuit line in the future. I'm also curious if she has any plans on growing the brand to the point that she would allow retailers to stock her bras? Thank you for opening up the interview to your readers as well!

  6. How do you determine whether a bra should be made in one size or another? I remember seeing what appeared to be a 3DM on a larger bust and it looked very good, but it was ruled unsupportive for large busts.

  7. How do you determine whether a bra is good for larger sizes?

  8. =) oooooooooooh this is exciting!
    (I'm Ejay from Dimpsey Bra Fit)

    Q1. What are your best selling size ranges? (i.e 30-34 bands, B-F cups for instance)

    Q2. Any chance of a future swimwear line?


    I was so sad I missed out on their email-only bikinis from last year, and no other brand works for me. I would love to hear what she has in mind for that part of the market!

  10. will she ever make a guide indicating which of her bras is best for which breast shape (pendulous, shallow, empty etc?)

  11. Does she plan on expanding the size range of the new S styles??? ((past a JJ cup in a 32 band)).

  12. I second(third?) the swimwear questions, the 28 band-off-special-order, and why she moved the larger cup sizes to special order only? Also, why are plunges seeming to disappear?

  13. Great idea!

    On the design process: Where does her inspiration come from? Does she first have an idea and then look for fabrics and accessories to fulfill it, or does she first find a fabric that she loves and then design a bra around it?

    On the manufacturing process: In the past she's had to change or discontinue styles because she's run out of fabric. How does she decide how much fabric to purchase, particularly of the unique patterns? What kind of quality assurance processes do they have to assure that bras match their design, that band lengths are consistent, and that sizes in general are consistent? How do they find their seamstresses and how do they train them?

    On the marketing: unlike most brands, who reveal their entire collection months before the first bra is released, Ewa reveals her bras gradually, as each one is launched (with previews on Facebook sometimes). Is this a deliberate marketing strategy, made possible by the fact that she's independent and doesn't have to rely on orders from retailers before large production runs, or is it necessitated by the bras being designed gradually, and being ready only close to their release date?

    And a general question- how does she explain her international success, did it surprise her, which countries was she most surprised to see orders from?

    Enjoy your trip!

  14. "Will you ever sell your bras through third-party websites, like most other bra manufacturers?"

  15. Ditto to the questions about selling the bras through other websites (figleaves for example - my go to because of the easy US returns). I'd love to try EM but the cost of returning any bras that don't fit is a huge turn off.

  16. I defitinely ditto the questions regarding the pl, will she manufacture any plunge styles soon? I was saddened the new promotion for the s style bras pushed the plunge styles out of focus seemingly. Fortunately I was able to order the new lolitka on special order in pl.


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