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Curve NY: Fantasie Autumn/Winter 2013

Rebecca in Navy
Fantasie is on fire! During the current Spring season, they have a sweet and pretty English garden theme. It would be the brand all of my favorite Jane Austen characters would wear...if they were full busted and, you know, real. They put an image of the Delilah bra on their catalog cover and I was instantly in love. It was a collection with a design focus, their bras were nicely dissimilar enough that I wanted each one, and it felt as as if the brand had found it's stride. It was a confident and energetic collection. I'm happy to report that their success with Spring/Summer 2013 has flowed into the new Autumn/Winter. It's by no means a continuation of their previous theme, in fact it couldn't be more different. But in terms of general output, ye gods! Check it out: 

Susanna in Purple
We've only seen this in black and petal before so the bolder contrast feels edgy.
I saw a lot of purple during Curve to the extent that if I saw another purple bra, I was going to beg them to take it away! And I'm a purple fan! But the Susanna above stood out as an example of purple-done-right. In fact, this touches on a key element of Fantasie's creative powerhouse -- whoever is in charge decided to take their (sometimes boring!) continuity bras and give them a fashion twist that was fresh. Even to the point that they don't even seem like the same line -- let alone the same bra! The colorways above and below are smokin' hot and sophisticated, three words I wasn't expecting to use in a post about Fantasie.

Melissa in Black
The Melissa is so breathtaking that when the model strolled through the booth, everyone stopped what they were doing and stared (I'm not kidding -- Look at the ladies walking by!). This bra has this wonderful texture and polka dot pattern through the cup. The stitching through the band, top cup, and straps reminded me of Fauve. All around, an A+.  

Vivienne in Red

If I'm not mistaken, the Vivienne has been around for awhile. I've always skipped over it when I flipped through the Fantasie catalog. No longer! The Vivienne in red looks like a completely new bra.

Elodie in Teal
If you're a Fantasie fan, you probably already know about the Elodie and like the Vivienne, it had started to be a line I was bored with. The punchy contrast has amped up the drama on this relatively quiet set and you really get a sense of the Austrian embroidery which has gotten a bit lost on the basic colorways. 

Nicola in Ember

Fleur in Porcelain
If there's anything the Eveden reps were jazzed about, it was the contour bras from Fantasie. I've heard enthusiastic recommendations before but they really feel as if they've hit a home run with the Rebecca. When I last met with my Eveden contact, she told me she knew of several boutiques that couldn't keep it in stock and were placing orders for it every week. The Rebecca is a spacer cup, meaning it's lightweight while simultaneously seam free, and features pleasantly subtle geometric patterns throughout the band and bottom options.

While I haven't tried it myself, I think this level of excitement is definitely something to look out for if you're trying Fantasie for the first time or you're opening a new shop and are looking to stock the brand. Companies only foam at the mouth like this when they've gotten something really, really right. (Only kidding -- they weren't actually foaming!) 
Rebecca Nouveau in Ivory
Can we pause for a minute and talk about how gorgeous the Rebecca Nouveau is? As some of you have noticed, I'm not "into" moulded cups as much as I'm devoted to cut & sew bras. But this!? I've seen a few monochrome bras floating around in the full bust lingerie sphere and this is definitely one of the prettiest. (Side note: See that blogger's hand reaching for the bra? Haha. Yup, that's how gorgeous this bra is -- we were trying to get our filthy mitts on it!!)

Jana in Graphite
Again, Fantasie is pumped about their moulded cup options and the Jana is most certainly part of that party. The beige and black versions will be out in May and the fashion Graphite colorway debuts during the Autumn/Winter season. And there will be a strapless.

The A/W 13 fashion for Rebecca is Navy.
Mr. Underpinnings and I took a billion photos of the Rebecca in Storm and not one of them turned out well! Haha, it must've been my excitement. Of course, I go gaga over floral prints but I'm also looking forward to trying this shape. The Melissa and the Rebecca are both plunge bras and since the fuller balconies don't tend to love me back, I'm guessing this cut would be a great alternative.

Amanda in Storm
Visually, the Rachel is a little nuts and that's why I love her. Take note of the sheer lace top cup - the details are amazing!

Rachel in Black

Here's the deal: You might see lingerie coverage for this season that tries to sell "metallics" as a hot trend. No real problem there, except that most of the "metallics" I saw amounted to this strange glittery embroidery. By the fall, who knows I might be into that but I was a bit disappointed by this slight tackiness in the moment. The Martina is the exception to the rule. This bra is mysterious, otherworldly and convincingly looks like an antique. I could've written a whole post on this bra alone. Wisely, Fantasie put it on the cover of their catalog.

Martina in Bronze

Now I'm really looking forward to hearing your input! Are you a Fantasie diehard that love their "old standards? Are you feeling the French seduction that is pulsing through this collection? Would you say that the designs have gotten noticeably stronger lately?

Please tell me I'm not alone in terms of their balcony bras! Has anyone else experienced fit difficulties with that type of bra from them?


  1. I'm crazy for Rebecca! But the holes I have to jump through to alter it are annoying (since I need a good 4 inches off the band to get the right fit). Regardless, I'm excited for the Navy colour and Rebecca Nouveau! I'm also really digging Fleur and Susanna in purple.

    I actually get a fantastic fit in the cups from their balcony bras (every one I've tried, at least). I wish these bras came in a 28 terribly, as they really jive with my shape and are some of the most comfortable bras I've experienced.

    I absolutely agree that their designs have gotten stronger recently. They never really stood out to me from a design perspective until recently. This is a really great collection :)

    1. Oh good, it's wonderful to hear from a real-life Rebecca fan rather than all the theoretical ones I hear about! I'm right there with you on the bands. Every time I try on Fantasie or Fauve, I'm crossing my fingers and muttering "pleasegodletitruntight!".

      You've got to tell me more about the fit and how it's jiving. I've always thought in the back of my mind that are boobs are similar...but maybe it's just our taste! I love everything you review. :)

      I know, I considered Fantasie a "mumsy" collection until recently. It seemed like a "safe" brand to turn to for full busted women.

    2. We definitely have similar taste. Style-wise I've always loved Miss Underpinnings ;)

      Fantasie's balcony bras fit how I wish Freya's would fit me. Lately I can't fit Freya's unlined bras. 28FFs are baggy, but I double over 28Fs. Fantasie's 30F balcony bras, however, just lift and round out my shape perfectly. I have a couple pictures up on my blog of the unlined smoothing bra if you'd like to see exactly the shape I'm talking about :) Though I know that bra's kinda weird given its lack of seems, but I found the susanna to fit quite similarly (just higher at the sides).

      I find Fantasie's bras to be a toned down version of Ewa Michalak in terms of shape on me. They give me a lot of lift and round me out, but its much more natural looking.

      Here's a link to the pictures of the smoothing bra:

    3. Wow, I'm sorry. I probably should've checked out your blog before writing that! Duh. But I'm really happy to hear that their fitting you like that because I've been having a similar problem. I'm bouncing between a 28G/28GG and a 30FF might be the solution.

      I also like that look too - lift, rounded and natural.

      I'm stalking your reviews ASAP.

    4. Oh that's fine! Aha. I'll get a review of Rebecca as well a the Fantasie Susanna basque in petal up pretty soon, so stay tuned ;)

      I find the cups in Fantasie bras to be just about perfect once the band is shortened. Hope they work well for you too!

  2. Very exciting! Do you by any chance know the size range on their new bras?

    The Melissa looks amazing but at least in the picture, it looks pretty similar to the design on the Elodie. Do they also have a similar fit I wonder?

    1. Hey June, definitely! I'm also going to add the company's descriptions of their shapes. Here goes:

      Fleur - U/W Bra with Side support: 30-40 D-FF and 30-38 G-H * the Amanda has this this shape and size range too. The Amanda's second style is an U/W Plunge bra 30-38 C-G. * The Rachel's plunge is the same.

      Melissa - U/W Plunge Bra with side support: 30-40 D-G and 30-38 GG.

      Elodie - U/W Bra with side support: 30-40 DD-F, 30-40 FF & G, 30-38 GG-J.

      Martina - U/w Bra w/ side support: 30-42 DD-F, 30-40 FF & G, 30-38 GG & H.

      I think the only difference between the Melissa and the Elodie is that the Melissa is a plunge.

      Hope this helps! :)

  3. I too think the brand has improved notably - weirdly as the Freya offerings decline. It's like the good fit and cute fabrics are moving from one to the other. I also think the brand is less matronly than it was. I got the Samantha strapless a while ago and the fit is spectacular, it's very sexy AND unpadded (I hate padding as much as I hate "ultra round" shape since it never fits). Most recently I got a Helena (in beige, as a basic since the Fantasie smoothing balconette - my go-to for YEARS - isn't fitting so well anymore). It's got a lovely shape, if a bit on the wide side (my preference is a narrow shape that projects the breasts forward in a pointed or semi-pointed way). I don't think I'd get it again, but I'm wearing it.

    1. K.Line, we're in total agreement. As Fantasie has shined, Freya's been stuck on the dimmer switch. I'm not sure I could articulate it, but something's missing that's definitely been found at Fantasie.

      I own the Helena too! I found it to be super comfortable for being about the house and all, but it was wide for me as well.

  4. I tried the Rebecca when I could fit a GG. It gave me a very east west look and I found it unsupportive. Not a fan.

    1. Hmmm, Bizzy. This makes me very curious about what the fit is like. Usually when a bra is popular like this, it tends to fit everyone similarly. Thanks for letting me know, this is a new perspective.

  5. I am not happy with the fit of the Rebecca either. Got it in a 36GG and it gives me too much of a flat rounded shape, really moving the breast tissue to the sides even though it has an inside sling which in theory should prevent that. I find it comfy more than anything so it may just become a 'home bra'.

  6. I may be adding the Rebecca in navy to my fall buying list! Everything looks gorgeous, and I've heard great things about the Susanna bra.

    1. You should - navy is one of my all time favorite colors and the design translated well!

      Hmmm, that gives me hope. I'm itching to get myself into the Susanna collection. :)

  7. I love the Fantasie Rebecca. It is my go to everyday bra. I feel that it does not minimize me but gives me a nice rounded kinda wide appearance. I like it though because most of my other bras bring me forward and this gives me some nice side boob. Do you have any other recommendations for any other bras that would give me this same fit? My only bad thing to say about the Rebecca is that the gore is too high for me as I have close set breasts.

  8. Susanna is HOT!!!!! I love a woman with curves.


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