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Pepperberry Spring Collection Launches

Blah, Mondays are the roughest. Waking up to new collections, full bust news, or generally pretty things is the best though. In my Facebook feed this morning, I saw the announcement that the Pepperberry Spring range had been put up. Like their new lingerie offerings, I was impressed! I loved their use of bows, the small polka dot prints, and most especially, the kooky 50's styling! While there's a lot there I'd pass on, there were several pieces I've already fallen for. Here are my top picks:

Stitch Detail Belted Mac 
Broderie Button Detail Top
Cross Front Spot Top
Chiffon Sleeve Ponti Dress


  1. So cute! I love all of these. I need to stop reading so many full bust blogs because I lust over clothing that isn't even close to being made for me :)

  2. Haha, please don't! I'm publishing a post this week on non-full bust bras that I wished came in the full bust size range. I bet you'll have an awesome time gloating then! ;)

  3. I want that green coat passionately, and I love the ponti dress with the bow! I appreciate a good 3/4 sleeve; Pepperberry's sleeves are usually way too short for me. I thought they did a nice job again with this collection, and the uptick in quality is fantastic. Sure, there are some styles I don't care for, but I'm sure there are ladies out there who, for some reason, do not want to dress like me, and they will be very happy :) I may have placed an order this morning, and if it comes in time I'll show off at Curve!

    1. YES. Trenches are in my top 5 "things that impossible to find for my boobs" list. A few years ago, I thought I found one that looked chic and then saw a picture of myself on FB wearing it and considered burning it. I've been a little obsessed with ponti lately too - it's just SO comfortable!

      I can't imagine how difficult it must be for Pepperberry to create a collection for an already niche market that will appear to different ages and nationalities. With this Spring collection, I'd give them a thumbs up.

      You better show off at Curve! I rely on you as my Pepperberry model since I've been a chicken about ordering from them. :)

    2. I bought the navy trench from the fall/winter, and while I'm now kicking myself because I think I'd like the green more, it's still blown my mind. I usually avoid double-breasted things like the plague, on account of having boobs and shoulders a-plenty, but I really, really like it. Having something that FITS, instead of just, you know, fastening, has kind of changed my life. Recommended!


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