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Lingerie Fashion Week: Parfait Runway Show

Parfait - Camilla in Black/Beige
 It's that time again! The bi-yearly market period for lingerie -- Curve Expo -- will begin officially tomorrow at 9:00 am. However, festivities kicked off yesterday, when the inaugural Lingerie Fashion Week opened its doors. Mr. Underpinnings and I took the train down to the city this morning and were able to see the last show. To my delight, we got a front row view of the Autumn/Winter 2013 Parfait collection. We tried to take some pictures to share the loveliness (it's harder than it looks!) so after the break, my review of the presentation below and a sneak peak at the new fashion items:

My persuasion towards new lines or colorways might be a bit traditional. If a parent company owns several brands, I typically enjoy when those collections "speak to one another." They don't have to get matchy-matchy on me, but I lile to see some continuity of vision across companies. I'll admit, Parfait and Affinitas do a superb job at this and have succeeded this time around. The confident purples and mauve-y pinks were gorgeous across the spectrum from A-G cups.

Celine - Black/White
*Affinitas - Charlize in Cream Tan
Parfait's strengths have always been in their daring ventures. Like Gossard, they're unafraid to design an unabashedly retro set (i.e., the Charlotte). They're also capable of leading the full bust market with items we haven't seen or are barely available in an "extended" size range. The Honey babydoll must've been a ridiculously profitable success, since major companies like Freya and Cleo by Panache are swiftly creating competitive versions. Wisely, they've been building on that success with more underwired tops and nightwear. My favorite addition to that area is their new Odette range. Within Odette, there's a wonderful babydoll. The floral-noir match isn't reinventing the wheel, but the entire line is, well, pretty. It's a charming set. (Oops! We didn't get a good shot of the Odette. When we're at the Expo show tomorrow, we'll get a better picture. Promise.)

Celine - Purple/White
My second favorite release was definitely the Celine. Arriving in purple-white and black-white, the polka dots are as adorable as snuggling kittens. Purple, and other jewel tones, emerge in the later season (as opposed to the Spring/Summer lines) and it's a color that flatters most anybody.

Charlotte - Dusty Rose
 I'm pumped that the Charlotte is getting a new colorway too. I've heard nothing but good things about the set and own one I adore. However, the red-black and the peach-black were starting to feel stale. This dusty rose color -- which was introduced by the brand with the Danielle -- is gorgeous. Speaking of the Danielle, it's coming back for Autumn! And the dusty rose version is turning into a continuity line which is great. It gives me time to secure the $$$ to buy the darn thing.

Danielle - Imperial Purple/Grey Lilac
Unfortunately, there was a bad apple within the collection. The Nina, an all over lace line, felt redundant for this market. Many, many brands produce similarly floral laced bras and for a company that excels at offering new things, it was a disappointment. With the show itself, my compatriots and I felt that the models were... an interesting choice. Some of the models didn't fit the bras they were modeling. This isn't exactly a surprise since many retailer shots of lingerie models suffer from the same indiscretion (*cough, ASOS, cough*). But pictures and models are what give customers a sense of how a product fits and lets them imagine it on their bodies. So, if a bra doesn't look "right" on a model or website, why would we be inclined to buy it? Additionally, full busted women are becoming accustomed to seeing their (general) body type in the media. Curvy Kate and Freya do a stellar job representing confident and relatable images. To see a D-G bra on a woman who doesn't fit the cups, there's a bit of a disconnection between the company and the customer. As a customer, the first thing I'd like to feel is: "Oh that would look so good on me!" and is quickly followed with, "Huh, I'd like to buy that." If I see it on a body that doesn't look like mine or the lingerie isn't flattering, I have a harder time imagining how cute/sexy/supported I could be in the product.

Nina - Imperial Purple (Err, I'm not sure this fits?)
Celine Underwire Camisole (Hmmm...noticing a pattern?)

So, your turn! How do you feel about the new offerings from Parfait? Do you love purple? And, images of models -- what's your two cents?

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