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Curve NY: Fauve Autumn/Winter 2013

Fauve has been the collection buzzing in the back of my mind for a long time. I love their stuff, but I hadn't seen it reviewed, covered, or out and about in my favorite lingerie stores so I let it alone. I devoted myself to Frey-Frey and never looked back...until now! Haha no, Freya will always be my first love. Fauve has a strong collection for Autumn/Winter 2013 and it was the brand that really spoke to me from the Eveden family this time around.

Fauve Bronte in "Spice" (S/S 2013 & due out in April) Gutsy, no?
To back up a bit, I did preview the Fauve Spring/Summer 2013 collection late last year and I was impressed then too. It looked like someone had taken the reins and went in a very, uh, experimental direction. My mom would call this "ballsy" and I'd agree with that assessment. For instance, this high end brand's first longline is bright orange. Even if you hate everything about the Bronte and that color, you've got to applaud their courage. Their daring paid off -- Eveden employees were gushing about how well the Bronte had sold and their plans to unroll two new colorways within the A/W '13 collection. And LOOK AT THIS:

Bronte Longline Bra in "Silver" (Continuity in A/W 2013)
When I last spoke to my contact at Eveden, she was most excited about the Chloe. It was November at the time and it's finally started to pop up now. Currently, it's available as mink as a continuity and a rich teal. The black will appear soon alongside an "electric blue" fashion. I think it's a great move for Fauve. It's a light wearable texture, it's sexy and sophisticated, and the entire collection is energized by this new ballast. Plus, tattoo prints are the hottest.

Chloe Balcony Bra in "Electric Blue"
Directly before going to my Eveden appointment, I was whining to some fellow bloggers about he dearth of vertical seam SHEER demi bras on the market. I cannot comprehend why these bras are so scarce! Chantelle and Aubade make these shapes, but only ever up to a European F. Panache's Masquerade puts out exactly one (the Orla) as does Bravissimo's own brand (the Mademoiselle - and it's not sheer!). I was delighted with Fauve's versions in the meeting and when I got home, I realized that the size range is D-F on every one of them.

Delphine Vertical Seam Bra in "Ivory" (Continuity color in A/W 2013) I WANT THIS IN MY SIZE.

The truly bizarre part of this entire phenomenon is, if I wanted to find a PADDED half cup in my size, I'd have a wide selection from ---

Bravissmo: Paradiso Plum, Moulin Rose
Masquerade: Antoinette, Rhea, Arquette (Spring/Summer 13) and Angie, Rhea, Antoinette for F/W
Curvy Kate: Entice & lingering Showgirl styles Tease Me and Tempt Me
Parfait: any of the "Balconet" styles
Ewa Michalak: the CHP, CH, and HP styles
Freya: the padded Half-Cups
and Fauve themselves: all their Padded Half Cups extend to a G

What's going on, love monkeys?! (I'm referring to the aforementioned brands when I say "love monkeys" - not you guys!) I'm not saying Fauve is bad and wrong -- or any of these brands are! -- for not making exactly what I want. I'm simply trying to point out that there's a hole in the market for a product while there's an over abundance of another. Just sayin'.

Delphine Full Cup Bra in "Poppy" (This is available up to a G - not exactly the same look though...)
I know y'all aren't here to read my ridiculous complaints so let's get back to the oggling, shall we?
Anatasia Vertical Seam Bra in Black (Continuity - up to an F cup)

Anatasia Full Cup Bra in Black (Continuity - GG & H cups available)

What do you think of the Fauve collection for Autumn/Winter? Do you feel as if the brand has gotten stronger in the past few seasons? Like me, are you desperate for a sheer half cup or content with the ultra-supportive padded models?

**There are two additional lines, the Veronique (the very top photo) and the Agnes, which I chose not to write about here. They'll reappear in a trend forecast post I'm working on. :)


  1. My Eveden event ran over and I left before getting to see the whole collection (or Elomi or Huit) in person, but I think they're headed in a great direction! The pale blue Bronte longline is to die for. I have to say I found the orange to be frankly bizarre, and was super surprised to hear that it had been a hit, but overall I think the embroidery is getting more sophisticated, and I love that they're playing with multiple shapes of bra per range.

    1. Darn, that's a shame. I made them show Caro the Huit before we did the F/F/F so I saw a lotta Huit, but stupidly didn't take any photos.

      My lady (Nicole?) said the pale Bronte was leading in the sales scale. I can't believe it's a "basic" for them.

      The orange longline? I don't think I'd buy it, but I'll give them props. Fauve is killing it.

  2. Simply gorgeous! We might be bringing Fauve into the store for the customer who wants to splurge on an upscale lingerie set. They have some of the most sophisticated and ornate designs!

    1. Count me in! Their stuff is getting better & better. I'll drive down to NC for the double whammy of Erica genius and Fauve. :)

  3. I *Want* the Bronte so badly.


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